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Fri Dec 14 02:05:01 CET 2012

[00:13] <Demon_Fox> Anyone able to help narrow down the bottle head with mpeg2video?
[00:13] <Demon_Fox> Not sure what it is called anymore
[00:13] <Demon_Fox> bottle neck
[00:21] <bencc1> ubitux: I'm getting infinity:Nan as the movie length
[00:21] <bencc1> under FF
[01:26] <toos3e> can ffmpeg be used to add filters to video?
[01:26] <toos3e> like black and white, sepia, etc
[01:27] <llogan> toos3e: ffmpeg has several filters and can also access frei0r filters
[01:28] <toos3e> llogan: is there a repository where i can find these filters?
[01:29] <toos3e> ahh, frei0r website
[01:29] <llogan> they are included with ffmpeg. frei0r is external library so your ffmpeg has to be compiled to support it
[01:29] <llogan> you can't just download filters or plugins and expect ffmpeg to use them
[01:30] <toos3e> i see
[01:32] <toos3e> llogan: im working with an ffmpeg static binary compiled for arm
[02:04] <kvestor83> hi
[02:04] <kvestor83> can anybody tell me good command for hardcoding subs with xvid on avi
[02:04] <kvestor83> 1 pass
[02:07] <llogan> kvestor83: https://ffmpeg.org/trac/ffmpeg/wiki/How%20to%20burn%20subtitles%20into%20the%20video
[02:07] <kvestor83> can anybody tell me good command for hardcoding subs with xvid on avi
[02:07] <kvestor83> tytyty
[02:07] <llogan> for "xvid" add "-c:v mpeg4" as an output option
[02:08] <kvestor83> can it work in mcoder
[02:09] <llogan> i don't know. this is #ffmpeg.
[02:10] <kvestor83> ok ty
[02:15] <an3k> llogan i finally solved my problem but got another one. windows command line does not like linefeed or tabulator so i cannot paste that XML code i need into the mp4 container. do you have any ideas how to solve that?
[02:16] <llogan> an3k: no, sorry. i don't use windows.
[02:16] <an3k> i dont like replacing linefeeds with \r\n manually but afaik there is no other - easier - solution
[02:16] <an3k> yeah but same on linux. LF and tabs are not supported in console :(
[04:12] <gp5st> hello. is there a way to modify the copyright and original? bits in the mp3 header using ffmpeg (or another program?)
[04:19] <gp5st> i was thinking of storing small amounts of data in the frame headers and thought those 2 fields would be useful (I assume they're not really used?)
[04:49] <frogs> anyone can compile latest repository? i get a failure as a result of the last commits to libavcodec/x86/h264_deblock.asm
[04:59] <frogs> libavcodec/x86/h264_deblock.asm:771: error (SETUP_STACK_POINTER:2) cannot reference symbol `HAVE_ALIGNED_STACK' in preprocessor
[04:59] <frogs> i am using yasm-1.2.0
[05:22] <kode54> huh
[05:22] <kode54> mp4 doesn't support any subtitle formats
[05:23] <kode54> (Apple happily stuffs c608 format subtitles into mp4)
[06:28] <edgy> Hi, I launched ffserver in a remote host and in my laptop ffmpeg seems to stop before transcoding: http://pastebin.ca/2293084
[06:31] <edgy> netstat on the server shows it's listening on 8090 and a connection to my client is ESTABLISHED
[06:44] <edgy> any hint how I can troubleshoot?
[07:42] <HaMiD-> hi
[07:57] <eli___> hello
[12:27] <Mavrik> ugh, resampling DVB subtitles in pain in the ass
[14:03] <edgy> Hi, can someone help me why ffmpeg stop at this point: http://pastebin.ca/2293165
[14:04] <edgy> I just want to send a stream to a remote ffserver
[14:05] <edgy> I followed Mavrik article and it works when when the ffserver and ffmpeg on the same machine but when I used the remote IP it's not working
[14:11] <edgy> I am not sure how to troubleshoot but I noticed on the server the feed1.ffm file is always 4.0K, is this normal
[14:18] <wieshka> hey guys - have you figured out how to get normal input from Blackmagic Decklink cards (any, i have all kind in stock) to FFMPEG?
[14:19] <zap0> they have an API ?
[14:22] <cvandonderen_> Hi, I was wondering if it is still possible in some way to get the frame size sing ffprobe? This was possible back in 2010 and I am digging around in the code, but that functionality seems to have been removed at some point
[14:24] <zap0> sing?
[14:29] <cvandonderen_> zap0: *using
[14:30] <cvandonderen_> or maybe I should calculate it myself? i want to do something similar to http://forums.creativecow.net/readpost/291/81 (sorry about the ads, I just found it using Google)
[14:30] <zap0> what can you see when you   ffprobe file.ext
[14:30] <edgy> Mavrik: hi, can you please look at http://pastebin.ca/2293165 and see if you can spot what's wrong?
[14:31] <cvandonderen_> zap0: that just gives a summary, I want to know exactly how big specific frames are
[14:32] <edgy> I am  now getting Invalid data found when processing input
[14:32] <zap0> cvandonderen_, why would they change size?
[14:33] <cvandonderen_> zap0: because of VBR, I want to know how much the difference is between the "biggest" and "smallest" frame in bytes
[14:33] <cvandonderen_> is
[14:35] <zap0> there is no "frame" in an encoded datastream.    frames are constructed at runtime.
[14:40] <cvandonderen_> zap0: but why does ffprobe -show_frames then give me frames back? Then it should also be able to know how big a frame is, right?
[14:40] <cvandonderen_> or am I misunderstanding the concept of -show_frames?
[14:41] <zap0> you are misunderstanding what a "frame" is.    a frame doesn't exist until its constructed from a data stream.    by the time its constructed, you know the size of it, cause its  wxhxbpp
[14:41] <zap0> w x h x bpp
[14:43] <zap0> define a frame?      without saying its size.    you can't.
[14:46] <cvandonderen_> zap0: ah, but what is variable in VBR then, the packets? since you can see that the bitrate fluctuates when encoding
[14:47] <mpfundstein> i think it is the bytes used per frame right? in CBR the fill it with zeros and in VBR not
[14:48] <zap0> its often the amount of quantization
[14:51] <mpfundstein> is it that
[14:51] <mpfundstein> the higher the bitrate, the smaller the quantization factor?
[14:51] <mpfundstein> so , the less information you loose?
[14:53] <edgy> zap0: is there a relation between VideoSize and VideoBitRate?
[14:54] <zap0> i am not wikipedia.
[14:54] <edgy> zap0: I am sorry
[14:55] <edgy> if someone can help me and wants me to pay, I have no problem on that
[14:59] <saste> cvandonderen_: currently ffprobe doesn't show the compressed size of the frame
[15:00] <saste> that's maybe the only feature which was not ported from the old ffprobe
[15:00] <saste> please file a feature request on trac if you need that feature
[15:01] <cvandonderen_> saste: no, I know, I am almost getting there, I only need to know how to get the current packet of an AVFrame, but that seems to be hard
[15:01] <cvandonderen_> saste: ok, will do :-)
[15:01] <saste> cvandonderen_, it is possible, but it is a bit awkward
[15:02] <saste> you need to correlate the frame pkt_pts (which should be unique) with the corresponding packet, and get the size
[15:02] <cvandonderen_> saste: but where is the list of packets then? or does it work differenly from an array?
[15:02] <saste> cvandonderen_, -show_packets
[15:03] <cvandonderen_> saste: ah, not do it in code, but just run both show_frames and show_packets and do it manually afterwards
[15:04] <saste> yes you can do that with a bit of scripting, but having the compressed frame size in the frame would be helpful
[15:38] <Zeeflo> hey guys. does ffmpeg have a similar options -nosub if you want to encode a movie without the subtitles (from a mkv)
[15:41] <ubitux> -sn
[15:42] <Zeeflo> ok
[15:42] <Zeeflo> thanks
[15:43] <Zeeflo> can I add that option but also include ass subtitles?
[15:43] <Zeeflo> external ass subtitles
[15:45] <Zeeflo> or, if there is softsubs in the mkv, can i encode it with a specific subtitle track?
[15:50] <relaxed> yes, in that case don't use -sn, -map the specific streams you want.
[15:51] <relaxed> There are examples in the man page.
[15:58] <Zeeflo> i understand it like this.. If i want to map stream 1 (video) and stream 2 (audio) and stream 3 (subtitle) i will do like this:
[15:58] <Zeeflo> -map 1 -map 2 -map 3
[15:58] <Zeeflo> is that correctly understood?
[16:19] <Zeeflo> anyone?
[16:39] <Zeeflo> the -sn option does not work either
[16:39] <Zeeflo> it still encodes with the first subtitle stream
[16:41] <klaxa> pastebin your input and output
[16:43] <Zeeflo> http://pastebin.ca/2293202
[16:43] <Zeeflo> im trying to only map the video and sound stream
[16:44] <klaxa> did you try: ./ffmpeg -i /home/media/blueyes-enkongeligaffaere720.mkv -sn -c:v libx264 -preset medium -crf 21 -c:a aac -strict experimental -ac 2 -b:a 192k /home/media/enkongeligaffaere.mp4
[16:44] <Zeeflo> I also noticed that the subtitles are not burned into the stream
[16:44] <klaxa> i.e. remove the -map stuff and use -sn instead
[16:44] <Zeeflo> ok
[16:44] <klaxa> that is supposed to be like that
[16:44] <klaxa> subtitle stream != burned into video stream
[16:44] <Zeeflo> not if played by a flash player
[16:45] <Zeeflo> streamed*
[16:45] <Zeeflo> if I want to burn external subtitles into the video i use this command: -vf "ass=/home/media/enkongeligaffaere.ass"
[16:46] <Zeeflo> perhaps this is not possible with soft subtitle streams in the mkv
[16:46] <klaxa> yeah extract the subtitle stream then use video filters
[16:46] <klaxa> that should work
[16:46] <Zeeflo> so, i have to 1. convert the video to an mp4 without any subtitles, and then afterwards convert it again, with hardburned subtitles..
[16:46] <klaxa> no
[16:47] <Zeeflo> then what can I do?
[16:47] <klaxa> unless you want two different files, one with softsubs, one with hardsubs
[16:47] <Zeeflo> the subtitle cannot be a stream in the mp4. it has to be burned!
[16:47] <Zeeflo> flowplayer will not handle subtitle streams within an mp4
[16:47] <klaxa> you can't really use the subtitles in the mkv for burning in ffmpeg (or at least i don't know of any way)
[16:48] <klaxa> so you extract the subtitles first, then apply the videofilter with -vf ass=some/ass-file/here.ass
[16:48] <Zeeflo> but, can I use the -vf command with the -sn command?
[16:49] <klaxa> i would think so
[16:49] <Zeeflo> first im telling ffmpeg to use an external ssa, and then i tell ffmpeg NOT to use subtitles?
[16:49] <klaxa> since -sn means excluding softsubs and -vf is applying a filter to the video stream
[16:49] <Zeeflo> ah ok
[16:49] Last message repeated 1 time(s).
[16:49] <Zeeflo> aha!!
[16:49] <Zeeflo> muahaha
[16:49] <klaxa> :)
[16:50] <Zeeflo> so then my command would be: ./ffmpeg -i /home/media/blueyes-enkongeligaffaere720.mkv -sn -vf "ass=/home/media/enkongeligaffaere.ass" -c:v libx264 -preset medium -crf 21 -c:a aac -strict experimental -ac 2 -b:a 192k /home/media/enkongeligaffaere.mp4 ?
[16:51] <ubitux> do you want to hardburn subtitles?
[16:51] <ubitux> why not mux them?
[16:51] <klaxa> because flowplayer can't into softsubs i think
[16:51] <Zeeflo> flowplayer cant handle it
[16:52] <Zeeflo> im trying the command i wrote
[16:52] <Zeeflo> i hope it works
[16:52] <Zeeflo> nope.. it doesnt
[16:53] <Zeeflo> theres still soft subtitles
[16:53] <Zeeflo> and also hardcoded subs over it hehe
[16:53] <Zeeflo> hmm
[16:53] <Zeeflo> perhaps mencoder can do the trick?
[16:54] <relaxed> The ass filter can do it. Don't ever use mencoder.
[16:55] <Zeeflo> doesnt mencoder use ffmpeg?
[16:55] <ubitux> no
[16:55] <Zeeflo> i mean. i should be able to disable any softsubtitles and at the same time add a stream
[16:56] <Zeeflo> ok..
[16:56] <ubitux> the softsub are disabled with your cmd line
[16:56] <Zeeflo> nope
[16:56] <Zeeflo> cause theyre in the mp4 file
[16:56] <Zeeflo> ok
[16:56] <relaxed> ubitux: will the ass filter ever be able to use internal ass subtitles?
[16:56] <ubitux> relaxed: -vf subtitles=...
[16:56] <ubitux> ?
[16:56] <relaxed> oh, it that new?
[16:57] <ubitux> kinda :)
[16:57] <relaxed> er, is that new?
[16:57] <relaxed> ok, I'll check it out.
[16:57] <Zeeflo> http://pastebin.ca/2293206
[16:58] <Zeeflo> the result is an mp4 with a video stream, audio stream and a soft subtitle stream and a burned subtitle stream
[16:59] <Zeeflo> i used the command I pasted 40 lines up
[16:59] <ubitux> i see no subtitles stream mapped
[16:59] <ubitux> so there is no softsub
[16:59] <Zeeflo> well.. its in the mp4
[16:59] <Zeeflo> there is
[16:59] <ubitux> Zeeflo: show me a ffprobe of the mp4 then
[17:00] <Zeeflo> http://pastebin.ca/2293207
[17:01] <Zeeflo> AH ffs!
[17:01] <Zeeflo> come one!
[17:01] <Zeeflo> its my bad!
[17:01] <CalimeroTeknik> say, how can I extract the subtitles as sup files from m2ts files?
[17:01] <Zeeflo> I didnt see the srt file there
[17:01] <Zeeflo> god damnit!
[17:02] <Zeeflo> my command worked
[17:02] <Zeeflo> i just forgot to remove the srt extracted file
[17:02] <Zeeflo> sorry guys
[17:02] <ubitux> :)
[17:03] <CalimeroTeknik> ffmpeg -i 00000.m2ts -vn -an -scodec copy 0.sup ’ it doesn't know the sup container apparently
[17:03] <CalimeroTeknik> Unable to find a suitable output format for '0.sup'
[17:06] <Zeeflo> Another question
[17:06] <Zeeflo> if I am just converting an AVI, do i even need the map 0 option?
[17:07] <Zeeflo> (avi to mp4)
[17:07] <Zeeflo> is an avi built with several streams?
[17:07] <Zeeflo> isnt an AVI just 1 stream with audio etc
[17:09] <Zeeflo> ah no..
[17:09] <ubitux> CalimeroTeknik: what's "sup"?
[17:09] <Zeeflo> theres a video and a sound stream in it
[17:09] <Mavrik> Zeeflo, avi may have multiple streams
[17:09] <Mavrik> you can even have XSUB subtitles
[17:09] <Zeeflo> yea
[17:09] <Zeeflo> i just probed one
[17:09] <Mavrik> but I wouldn't count on it
[17:09] <Zeeflo> its a bluray ripped to avi
[17:10] <Zeeflo> 720p
[17:10] <Zeeflo> it has 2 streams.
[17:10] <Zeeflo> that means i have to use the -map 0 option when i convert it, right?
[17:10] <CalimeroTeknik> ubitux, the container bluray subtitles are extracted to, apparently
[17:11] <ubitux> CalimeroTeknik: do you have some doc about this?
[17:12] <Zeeflo> CalimeroTeknik is an image format
[17:12] <Zeeflo> usually used with chinese/asian subpictures
[17:13] <Zeeflo> you cant just "rip" them
[17:13] <Zeeflo> you need an OCR to do that
[17:13] <Zeeflo> cause its actual images
[17:13] <CalimeroTeknik> I know, but I can extract them as "sup" subtitles
[17:13] <Zeeflo> you cant
[17:13] <Zeeflo> its images
[17:13] <CalimeroTeknik> yes!
[17:13] <ubitux> CalimeroTeknik: some kind of vobsub format for bluray?
[17:13] <CalimeroTeknik> just as you can extract dvd subtitles as mpeg
[17:13] <Zeeflo> ubitux yes
[17:14] <CalimeroTeknik> ubitux, exactly
[17:14] <ubitux> CalimeroTeknik: there is only a .sup?
[17:14] <CalimeroTeknik> no, there is a muxed m2ts file with video, audio and subtitles
[17:14] <CalimeroTeknik> I just want to mux the subtitles out of it
[17:14] <Zeeflo> actually i think the newest standalone rc of ffmpeg does it
[17:15] <CalimeroTeknik> oh? I'll use that then, thanks
[17:15] <ubitux> CalimeroTeknik: yep right you need a raw muxer for the subs
[17:15] <CalimeroTeknik> the software for that step here is windows only apparently: http://forum.videohelp.com/threads/313620-How-to-extract-subtitles-from-a-Blu-ray-and-convert-to-srt-or-sub-idx
[17:16] <CalimeroTeknik> the step where you do m2ts containing video/audio/subs ’ sup containing subs
[17:16] <ubitux> CalimeroTeknik: maybe you could try -f mpegts as output
[17:16] <ubitux> it *might* be able to mux only the sub
[17:17] <Zeeflo> it didnt work for me
[17:17] <ubitux> not sure how compliant it will be with the .sup you're talking about
[17:17] <CalimeroTeknik> I think dvd subtitles aren't scalable, therefore it would require some kind of conversion
[17:17] <CalimeroTeknik> which I do with bdsup2sub afterwards
[17:18] <ubitux> why do you want to extract them btw?
[17:18] <CalimeroTeknik> to render usable subtitles with an idx file associated
[17:18] <ubitux> some players are able to load them?
[17:18] <CalimeroTeknik> because I already have the compressed video and want to drop that huge bluray
[17:18] <ubitux> we don't have a VobSub muxer yet, only a demuxer
[17:18] <ubitux> mmh
[17:19] <ubitux> what do you want to do with the .sup after?
[17:19] <CalimeroTeknik> use bdsup2sub on it to make an idx and mpg file scaled to my extracted video
[17:19] <ubitux> mmh
[17:20] <ubitux> if we had a vobsub muxer you could do that directly from the m2ts
[17:20] <ubitux> but we don't, yet
[17:20] <ubitux> :p
[17:20] <CalimeroTeknik> ah, hm. is there something that doesn't require windows to do m2ts ’ sup?
[17:20] <ubitux> no idea
[17:21] <ubitux> well anyway
[17:21] <ubitux> you should be able to mux pgs sub into mpegts
[17:21] <ubitux> that looks supported
[17:21] <ubitux> mmh wait maybe not
[17:22] <ubitux> ffmpeg -i 00000.m2ts -vn -an -scodec copy -f mpegts 0.sup  this should work IMO
[17:22] <CalimeroTeknik> that's what I just tried
[17:23] <CalimeroTeknik> [mpegts @ 0x24e50e0] Application provided invalid, non monotonically increasing dts to muxer in stream 0: 3702542 >= 3702542
[17:23] <ubitux> try -f mpeg maybe
[17:23] <CalimeroTeknik> same
[17:23] <ubitux> isn't this a warning?
[17:23] <CalimeroTeknik> av_interleaved_write_frame(): Invalid argument
[17:23] <CalimeroTeknik> just after that
[17:24] <CalimeroTeknik> but the real reason must be the first message
[17:24] <CalimeroTeknik> and it just exits
[17:24] <ubitux> ok, i don't know
[17:24] <ubitux> feel free to open a trac ticket
[17:24] <ubitux> if you attach the specs and every info needed to implement it, i'll have a look, eventually :)
[17:25] <CalimeroTeknik> I'm unsure about even what is at stake, yet
[17:25] <CalimeroTeknik> I think people use mencoder
[17:26] <ubitux> is mencoder able to do that?
[17:26] <CalimeroTeknik> make a sup file? I don't think so
[17:27] <CalimeroTeknik> yikes, I'm finding blog articles where the author uses windows software then mencoder on linux :x
[17:27] <ubitux> that's indeed what i think, but why were you talking about mencoder then?
[17:27] <CalimeroTeknik> one thing that's for sure is that it can hard-sub
[17:27] <CalimeroTeknik> or maybe even soft-sub directly (as integrated mpegts)
[17:28] <CalimeroTeknik> and probably from m2ts since mplayer reads that just fine
[18:16] <Diogo> hi anyone use blackmagic with ffmpeg?
[18:16] <Diogo> this works ? http://www.blackmagicdesign.com/products/h264prorecorder/
[18:17] <Diogo> "H.264 Pro Recorder" ffmpeg
[18:27] <CalimeroTeknik> oh, win, ubitux : mkvtoolnix supports m2ts and can do sup muxing!
[18:30] <CalimeroTeknik> uh, or not. but it does extract the tracks, at least
[19:42] <an3k> where can i find information about the difference between CodecID: M4V and CodecID: M4VP containers regarding tagging? Are there any differences?
[19:46] <burek> did you try google :)
[20:17] <an3k> burek: Google told me to ask in here :p
[22:13] <an3k> how can i extract all streams from a file? -raw 0 perhaps?
[00:00] --- Fri Dec 14 2012

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