[Ffmpeg-devel-irc] ffmpeg.log.20160204

burek burek021 at gmail.com
Fri Feb 5 02:05:01 CET 2016

[05:01:46 CET] <explodes> What are the negative consequences of seeking with AVSEEK_FLAG_ANY? (seeks to non-keyframes) Can video or audio become scrambled?
[05:04:40 CET] <explodes> My experience so far is yes, you can get scrambled frames.
[05:06:15 CET] <explodes> I guess a keyframe is a frame where audio and video are fully rendered?
[05:06:22 CET] <explodes> Whereas a non-keyframe is more of a delta
[05:06:34 CET] <explodes> [[ obviously I don't know too much :) ]]
[07:48:28 CET] <squ> where are vp9 presets
[10:38:30 CET] <atomnuker> 2
[10:38:47 CET] <spaam_> 3
[10:40:26 CET] <waressearcher2> vier
[15:33:42 CET] <d-fens_> hi, what would be the best filter to create a "rumble/shake/quake" effect in ffmpeg? can i somehow use a fake video stabilisation input and invert the stabilizer this way?
[15:33:55 CET] <waressearcher2> d-fens_: hallo und herzlich willkommen
[15:34:36 CET] <d-fens_> or semi randomly move position, scale and rotation?
[16:00:54 CET] <J_Darnley> Randomly move scale and/or crop is probably how I would do it.
[16:01:07 CET] <J_Darnley> (and that is exactly how I did do it in Avisynth)
[16:01:56 CET] <J_Darnley> d-fens_ ^
[16:02:27 CET] <d-fens_> but what filter does allow moving the image ?
[16:02:36 CET] <d-fens_> i just found crop and so on
[16:03:27 CET] <J_Darnley> Yeah, crop some off some random amount then scale back to the size you want.
[16:04:16 CET] <d-fens_> like https://youtu.be/A74a_yZU9sU?t=2s
[16:05:08 CET] <J_Darnley> I'm not watching a video but I think I know what you mean.
[16:05:19 CET] <J_Darnley> Ad you do that by cropping.
[16:07:50 CET] <d-fens_> but then the image gets a little bigger/smaller?
[16:08:14 CET] <d-fens_> it be more like camera shake
[16:08:20 CET] <J_Darnley> Is ffmpeg supposed to create content to the left and right out of thin air?
[16:10:02 CET] <d-fens_> like the video stabilizer expand the image part nearby
[16:11:12 CET] <d-fens_> so cropping is the only way to move the image (apart from using the overlayfilter)
[17:07:49 CET] <Ccdc_DuckZ> hi, I'm configuring ffmpeg with these switches: --disable-gpl --disable-nonfree --disable-version3 --disable-all --disable-everything --disable-static --enable-shared --disable-small --enable-runtime-cpudetect --disable-gray --enable-avcodec --enable-pthreads --enable-avformat --enable-muxer=gif --enable-encoder=gif --enable-filter=color --prefix=$HOME/apps/ffmpeg
[17:08:59 CET] <Ccdc_DuckZ> but like this only libavutil is being built - I only need to create an animated gif from my code, can you help me figuring out the correct command line please?
[17:10:51 CET] <c_14> --enable-avformat --enable-avcodec
[17:11:02 CET] <c_14> Those should get enabled automatically though
[17:11:07 CET] <c_14> afaik
[17:12:05 CET] <Ccdc_DuckZ> they are in my command already
[17:15:00 CET] <c_14> derp, can't read apparently
[17:16:26 CET] <furq> Ccdc_DuckZ: do you have some reason to not just use giflib
[17:17:53 CET] <Ccdc_DuckZ> furq: that would be my second choice if I fail with ffmpeg, but I thought it might come in handy if in the future we decide to add exporting to mpg or something
[17:19:03 CET] <c_14> Ccdc_DuckZ: it builds them here
[17:19:06 CET] <c_14> With your exact commandline
[17:19:58 CET] <Ccdc_DuckZ> c_14: you just did make && make install?
[17:20:05 CET] <c_14> yep
[17:20:37 CET] <c_14> https://pb.c-14.de/t/kng.shfnwF
[17:20:46 CET] <Ccdc_DuckZ> hmm I just retried and noticed this from make install: "make: *** No rule to make target `libavutil/libavutil.pc', needed by `install-libavutil-pkgconfig'. Stop."
[17:21:08 CET] <c_14> make distclean and try again
[17:21:51 CET] <Ccdc_DuckZ> does it make any difference if I'm building out of source?
[17:22:22 CET] <c_14> You mean an out-of-tree build?
[17:22:29 CET] <Ccdc_DuckZ> yes
[17:23:03 CET] <c_14> They should be identical to in-tree builds, but there've been some problems with it in the past. If you can try an in-tree build.
[17:29:49 CET] <Ccdc_DuckZ> nope :/ http://pastebin.com/0zrw8brz
[17:30:01 CET] <Ccdc_DuckZ> I tried twice as you can see
[17:30:42 CET] <cortexman> any tips for targetting the maximum file size youtube supports? which is 128GB
[17:33:33 CET] <c_14> Set the bitrate to 128GB/length
[17:33:52 CET] <c_14> Ccdc_DuckZ: if you make distclean you have to run configure again
[17:34:46 CET] <Ccdc_DuckZ> c_14: yes I did, although I had already tried with rm -rf before asking here
[17:35:06 CET] <Ccdc_DuckZ> I'm re-downloading the source, maybe something's wrong with it
[17:35:13 CET] <Ccdc_DuckZ> is release-2.8 ok?
[17:35:32 CET] <c_14> Should be fine
[17:37:24 CET] <cortexman> c_14 i am converting a whack of images (~500k) into a video
[17:37:55 CET] <cortexman> i essentially want the framerate to be as fast as possible and plan to rely on youtube functionality to slow it down during playback if needed
[17:38:26 CET] <cortexman> c_14 are you suggesting i can force ffmpeg to use a particular bitrate
[17:38:32 CET] <c_14> yes
[17:39:09 CET] <cortexman> ffmpeg will compress each image so as to try to fit overall?
[17:39:15 CET] <cortexman> without skipping frames..
[17:39:16 CET] <Ccdc_DuckZ> still nothing... maybe I should try to fix this? "make: *** No rule to make target `libavutil/libavutil.pc', needed by `install-libavutil-pkgconfig'. Stop."
[17:40:03 CET] <furq> cortexman: i don't think youtube will slow it down to make it hit 60fps, it'll just drop frames
[17:40:10 CET] <furq> unless there's some fancy new feature i'm not aware of
[17:41:11 CET] <cortexman> i was just talking about the .25x feature
[17:41:16 CET] <cortexman> but you're right, i shouldn't do faster than 60fps
[17:41:23 CET] <furq> yeah that'll just run at 15fps
[17:42:34 CET] <furq> you shouldn't hit the duration limit with 500k frames at 60fps anyway
[17:43:11 CET] <Ccdc_DuckZ> uhm known problem? https://lists.ffmpeg.org/pipermail/ffmpeg-devel/2013-November/150941.html
[17:44:53 CET] <furq> cortexman: if you target 128GB then the bitrate will be about 122mbps, which seems a touch excessive
[17:44:55 CET] <J_Darnley> cortexman: What the heck are you doing?  You should be encoding the video as you want the end users to see it.
[17:45:12 CET] <cortexman> i am, but they may want to slow it down to see each frame for longer
[17:45:12 CET] <furq> yeah what he said
[17:45:50 CET] <furq> just encode it as you would any other video
[17:45:54 CET] <J_Darnley> That sounds like it is the responsibility of the player.
[17:46:05 CET] <furq> there's nothing you can do to help people view frames for longer short of dropping the framerate or duplicating frames
[17:46:09 CET] <cortexman> it looks cool at different speeds
[17:46:27 CET] <cortexman> i thought the youtube .25x feature would show frames for longer....
[17:46:42 CET] <furq> well yeah but it'll do the same thing regardless of how you encode the video
[17:46:53 CET] <J_Darnley> It sounds like it should but that also sounds like a feature of the *player*.
[17:48:41 CET] <cortexman> i also want to hit the maximum size youtube supports
[17:48:46 CET] <furq> why
[17:48:58 CET] <furq> youtube is going to reencode it to 5mbit at most
[17:49:01 CET] <cortexman> so it looks good on ginormous monitors
[17:49:10 CET] <cortexman> oh?
[17:49:23 CET] <cortexman> that's a good constraint to know. is there documentation of that that you know of?
[17:49:34 CET] <furq> no but you can see for yourself with youtube-dl
[17:49:48 CET] <cortexman> i see
[17:49:52 CET] <furq> idk if they target particular bitrates but 1080p videos are usually about 3.5mbps
[17:50:00 CET] <Ccdc_DuckZ> cortexman: shouldn't you be uploading to some fileserver, or maybe vimeo, if you're so concerned about quality?
[17:50:10 CET] <Ccdc_DuckZ> youtube is alwayg going to recompress
[17:50:16 CET] <furq> there's no way they'll stream 120mbps video
[17:50:25 CET] <furq> and nor should anyone ever do that
[17:51:31 CET] <bencoh> who knows, in a few years ...
[17:51:42 CET] <bencoh> (640k should be more than enough ;)
[17:51:49 CET] <furq> most of the world will still have <100mbit in a few years
[17:52:18 CET] <furq> only one major isp in britain offers >100mbit down
[17:52:35 CET] <bencoh> oh btw, 1080p at 3.5mbps is mostly crap (but quite common, agreed)
[17:52:42 CET] <Ccdc_DuckZ> cortexman: this is your friend: http://superuser.com/questions/652935/which-codec-to-avoid-recompression-in-youtube-vimeo
[17:52:44 CET] <furq> it sure is
[17:52:58 CET] <furq> youtube's hd stuff is generally pretty bad
[17:53:06 CET] <bencoh> bad is an understatement :)
[17:53:20 CET] <furq> maybe the vp9 stuff is better, it always picks h264 here for some reason
[17:53:37 CET] <furq> at least the audio quality is acceptable these days
[17:54:04 CET] <drv> the h.264 that youtube provides seems to be intentionally lower quality, the vp9 is pretty good
[17:56:09 CET] <furq> cortexman: http://sprunge.us/bfIT
[17:56:23 CET] <furq> that's a tv broadcast of a motor race
[17:56:34 CET] <furq> less than 3.5mbit for 1080p60
[17:57:07 CET] <furq> oh nvm that's 720p
[17:57:20 CET] <furq> i'm sure i already downloaded this video in 1080p. where's that format gone
[17:58:29 CET] <cortexman> i am also reading this page https://trac.ffmpeg.org/wiki/Encode/YouTube
[17:59:17 CET] <furq> "the best practice is to provide the highest quality video that is practical for you to upload."
[17:59:23 CET] <furq> you can stop reading after that
[17:59:41 CET] <cortexman> basically
[17:59:50 CET] <Ccdc_DuckZ> c_14: btw adding --enable-avutil fixed my problem, I guess the script is not picking up dependencies by itself and it won't warn you either
[17:59:56 CET] <furq> but since it's going to be reencoded, there's not much point going nuts and uploading a 128GB file
[18:00:00 CET] <Ccdc_DuckZ> I just guessed the right one
[18:00:05 CET] <furq> unless you have 1G fibre and don't care
[18:00:35 CET] <cortexman> i am working with this so far ffmpeg -framerate 60 -pattern_type glob -i '*.jpg' -c:v libx264 -b:v 5m -preset slow -tune stillimage -movflags +faststart out.mp4
[18:00:43 CET] <furq> don't use -b:v
[18:00:48 CET] <furq> use -crf
[18:01:03 CET] <cortexman> the -b:v option seems to allow me to estimate the file size
[18:01:06 CET] <furq> also you don't need to use -movflags +faststart
[18:01:16 CET] <furq> yeah it does, but do you need to?
[18:01:28 CET] <furq> you're not going to get anywhere near 128GB
[18:01:29 CET] <cortexman> there are ~500k images at 60 fps, with a bitrate of 5mbps
[18:01:38 CET] <cortexman> yeah.. easily.
[18:01:41 CET] <J_Darnley> I hope they are tiny images
[18:01:50 CET] <cortexman> they are big, like 2k x 3k
[18:01:56 CET] <J_Darnley> Because I wouldn't want to se HD at 5M ABR
[18:02:05 CET] <furq> -crf 18 is not going to spit out 120mbps video
[18:02:07 CET] <furq> not even for 4k
[18:02:21 CET] <J_Darnley> furq: that sounds like a challenge!
[18:02:38 CET] <furq> shrug
[18:02:44 CET] <furq> maybe every single frame of this video is completely different
[18:02:48 CET] <furq> in which case maybe it'll get close
[18:02:58 CET] <furq> it'll also look like absolute shit at 5mbps
[18:03:31 CET] <cortexman> i am getting 30mbps with crf 18
[18:03:44 CET] <furq> also if 2k*3k means 3000px vertical resolution then you might as well scale it now
[18:04:08 CET] <cortexman> yeah i had it at .5x earlier
[18:04:16 CET] <furq> i doubt youtube will display it with more than 2160px vertical
[18:05:49 CET] <cortexman> k this is getting me about 7mbps ffmpeg -framerate 60 -pattern_type glob -i '*.jpg' -vf scale=iw*.5:ih*.5 -c:v libx264 -crf 18 -preset slow -tune stillimage -movflags +faststart out.mp4
[18:06:04 CET] <cortexman> unfortunately i can't predict duration or filesize...
[18:06:08 CET] <furq> cortexman: -vf scale=-1:2160
[18:06:14 CET] <furq> if you want 4k on youtube
[18:06:39 CET] <furq> also how can you not predict duration
[18:07:29 CET] <furq> 500000 images / 60 fps / 60 seconds = 138 minutes
[18:07:45 CET] <cortexman> oh, the output is just how fast ffmpeg is encoding it. that was confusing me
[18:08:04 CET] Action: Ccdc_DuckZ still doesn't understand why youtube, since it will resize and recompress for sure
[18:08:14 CET] <cortexman> right.. vimeo seems good
[18:08:16 CET] <cortexman> or aws.
[18:08:22 CET] <furq> it won't resize if you're at the right size already
[18:08:37 CET] <furq> s/size/vertical resolution/
[18:09:17 CET] <furq> or rather there will be one format available which isn't resized
[18:09:17 CET] <Ccdc_DuckZ> you could upload your stuff as 16k x 9k uncompressed .bmp (if youtube supported that) and you'd still end up with the same video
[18:09:32 CET] <cortexman> vimeo only supports up to 25gb
[18:09:39 CET] <furq> 25GB should be fine
[18:09:50 CET] <Ccdc_DuckZ> furq: yes, I meant if you're out of the allowed limits
[18:11:10 CET] <furq> cortexman: 25GB would be 24mbps
[18:12:58 CET] <cortexman> at 30fps i'm getting ~50mbps
[18:15:17 CET] <cortexman> at 60fps i'm getting ~70mbps
[18:17:38 CET] <cortexman> frame=  707 fps=4.8 q=26.0 size=  100633kB time=00:00:10.65 bitrate=77407.1kbits/s
[18:17:49 CET] <kepstin> cortexman: why are you using -tune stillimage? that's designed for use if you're encoding a single standalone frame (i.e. a "still image") rather than a video.
[18:17:59 CET] <cortexman> oh yeah, i forgot to look deeper into that
[18:18:07 CET] <cortexman> they are still frames
[18:18:23 CET] <cortexman> and somewhat discontinguous, although manually aligned.
[18:18:30 CET] <kepstin> right, are you encoding 700 separate individual videos with only a single frame?
[18:18:46 CET] <cortexman> no hah.
[18:18:49 CET] <kepstin> if so you want, stillimage, if not, something else might be more appropriate :)
[18:18:58 CET] <kepstin> or it might be ok, it's unclear
[18:21:09 CET] <kepstin> I suppose if your video is actually a slideshow (i.e. the same frame is shown for a while before switching), it might be ok, but if there's motion between frames  it might reduce quality.
[18:22:19 CET] <Ccdc_DuckZ> shouldn't I have this function somewhere? http://ffmpeg.org/doxygen/0.6/avcodec_8h.html#ee15a4e6f199e1ac855e07f72ff159f7
[18:22:52 CET] <Ccdc_DuckZ> I grepped in my prefix path, there is a 3 variant but not exactly that one
[18:23:19 CET] <cortexman> -preset ultrafast seems to be working well
[18:23:19 CET] <furq> are youusing ffmpeg 0.6
[18:23:41 CET] <furq> cortexman: don't use ultrafast if you're trying to save bitrate
[18:23:48 CET] <furq> or ever, really
[18:23:53 CET] <Ccdc_DuckZ> furq: I got it from here https://codeload.github.com/FFmpeg/FFmpeg/zip/release/2.8
[18:24:01 CET] <furq> Ccdc_DuckZ: those are the docs for 0.6
[18:24:17 CET] Action: Ccdc_DuckZ facepalms
[18:24:43 CET] <Ccdc_DuckZ> furq: thanks for pointing that out
[18:25:30 CET] <Ccdc_DuckZ> I guess I'll go on tomorrow then... do you know of any example I could look at to encode as animated gif?
[18:26:32 CET] <cousin_luigi> bbl
[18:27:16 CET] <Ccdc_DuckZ> I guess I'll ask again tomorrow... bye!
[18:43:32 CET] <crot> Hello all, does anyone have any knowledge of GVSP (Gige Vision Streaming Protocol)?
[19:43:51 CET] <cortexman> can i pass a list of file names in to ffmpeg in the order i want them read or do i need to rename them
[19:47:04 CET] <kuroro> is it accurate to say that when encoding multiple videos, the number of parallel ffmpeg processes shouldnt be greater than number of cores available on CPU, otherwise, there wont be any benefits in throughput
[19:48:20 CET] <dv_> difficult to say
[19:48:39 CET] <dv_> if I/O has a significant impact in a few jobs then more threads could help
[19:49:00 CET] <llogan> cortexman: can you explain in more detail?
[19:50:17 CET] <cortexman> i went ahead and put indices into the images
[19:54:12 CET] <llogan> i had a feeling you were referring to images, but was not sure
[19:55:22 CET] <cortexman> i am. i renamed them like this: 0_55d7a708ffaf5abf26397e88.jpg  to 456743_55c6517008298d8be221a647.jpg
[19:55:33 CET] <cortexman> not sure what kind of pattern to use to capture that range in order
[19:55:54 CET] <rektimus> lol i saw jpg and tried to click it
[19:55:59 CET] <kuroro> dv_: i see
[19:56:27 CET] <cortexman> this kind of pattern doesn't seem to work: img%03d.png
[19:57:55 CET] <llogan> you could try the glob pattern
[19:58:00 CET] <cortexman> i need them in order
[19:58:08 CET] <cortexman> https://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/FFMPEG_An_Intermediate_Guide/image_sequence#Filename_patterns
[19:58:14 CET] <cortexman> can i use %d-image.png ?
[19:58:29 CET] <cortexman> i can't tell whether 'image' refers to something actually in the filename, or something arbitrary like my hashes
[20:00:07 CET] <cortexman> what i need is '%d_*.jpg'
[20:00:08 CET] <kuroro> dv_: actually, i just noticed in that ffmpeg automatically uses multicores when encoding (it jumps to about 270% CPU in top).
[20:00:11 CET] <rektimus> all ffmpeg guides are intermediate
[20:00:17 CET] <rektimus> no one will ever understand its power
[20:02:31 CET] <llogan> glob pattern probably won't do what you expect because your number sequence is not zero padded.
[20:02:51 CET] <cortexman> %d does not require padding
[20:02:58 CET] <cortexman> the problem is the unique hash for every image in its filename
[20:03:11 CET] <cortexman> ffmpeg seems to expect retarded filenames like image_0.jpg only
[20:03:22 CET] <llogan> i'm not referring to sequence pattern type
[20:03:35 CET] <cortexman> yeah globbing won't work
[20:03:42 CET] <cortexman> os won't return the files in the right order
[20:04:08 CET] <llogan> then add zero padding to the number sequence in the file name then you can probably use glob
[20:04:29 CET] <cortexman> i'm thinking of using symlinks
[20:12:36 CET] <kbarry> I would like to take 2 separate audio streams, combine them into a single output, with input0 in the left ear, and input1 in the right ear
[20:12:47 CET] <kbarry> (if I cna get that working, i really hope to have more than 2)
[20:13:53 CET] <furq> kbarry: https://ffmpeg.org/ffmpeg-filters.html#amix
[20:14:34 CET] <furq> er
[20:14:41 CET] <furq> https://ffmpeg.org/ffmpeg-filters.html#amerge-1
[20:14:51 CET] <furq> i was only one away
[20:16:40 CET] <furq> https://trac.ffmpeg.org/wiki/AudioChannelManipulation#a2monostereo
[20:18:23 CET] <kbarry> furq:  I found that last page,
[20:18:30 CET] <kbarry> And I tried this syntax: ffmpeg -i input1.wav -i input2.wav -filter_complex "[0:a][1:a]amerge=inputs=2,pan=stereo|c0<c0+c1|c1<c2+c3[aout]" -map "[aout]" output.mp3
[20:18:49 CET] <kbarry> My inputs are stereo hls streams
[20:19:05 CET] <kbarry> (getting a pastebin)
[20:27:09 CET] <fikse> i have a recording of an app on my phone. i removed the audio, and now the file size is 4.1M. the total length of the recording is 15 seconds
[20:27:34 CET] <fikse> is there a way to reduce the file size dramatically without reducing the quality even further?
[20:36:04 CET] <kbarry> furq: mind taking a look http://pastebin.com/YYLHF2UG
[20:36:19 CET] <kbarry> I tried expanding from 2 to 4, but I don't have a firm grasp on the syntax yet.
[20:36:53 CET] <kbarry> I'm trying to put input0 to BL, input1 to FL, input2 to FR, and input3 to BR.
[20:37:25 CET] <llogan> you have amerge=inputs=4, but only gave it two inputs
[20:38:20 CET] <kbarry> i see 4 inputs
[20:38:33 CET] <kbarry> tiger, horse, christopherrobin, and mexico
[20:38:55 CET] <llogan> so do i. but you only provided two inputs to amerge
[20:39:51 CET] <kbarry> lemme try that again
[20:41:35 CET] <kbarry> OK, i think I have it going,
[20:42:02 CET] <kbarry> In my syntax currently, I have -filter_complex "[0:a][1:a][2:a][3:a]amerge=inputs=4,pan=4c|c0<c0+c1|c1<c2+c3|c2<c4+c5|c3<c6+c7[aout]"
[20:42:28 CET] <kbarry> Is it possible for me to deplace the cn< with specific chanel layouts
[20:42:30 CET] <kbarry> ie, FL
[20:42:31 CET] <kbarry> FR
[20:42:33 CET] <kbarry> BL
[20:42:44 CET] <llogan> "[0:a][1:a][2:a][3:a]amerge=inputs=4,pan=quad|FL<c0+c1|FR<c2+c3|BL<c4+c5|BR<c6+c7"
[20:42:59 CET] <llogan> also see "ffmpeg -layouts" which can help with this stuff
[20:49:59 CET] <kbarry> llogan, I just understood why you used quad
[20:50:14 CET] <kbarry> can i just state how many i want to use, then use whichever I want?
[20:57:27 CET] <llogan> kbarry: probably
[20:58:15 CET] <llogan> i've encountered a limit to the number of channels in some filter(s) but i can't remember which
[21:03:11 CET] <derekprestegard> question - when processing a jpeg image sequence is it safe to assume that its full range bt709?
[21:20:14 CET] <kepstin> derekprestegard: yeah, I think so. jpeg images are normally based on sRGB, which uses bt709 primaries, and use PC (full range)
[21:21:25 CET] <kepstin> hmm. gamma might be wrong tho
[21:22:06 CET] <kepstin> bt709 is gamma 2.4, but sRGB is (close to) 2.2ish
[21:28:19 CET] <derekprestegard> kepstin: is there a way to account for that when converting to yuv420p in ffmpeg?
[21:32:12 CET] <kepstin> not sure. Are you having any specific issues with the automatic conversions that ffmpeg is doing?
[22:04:43 CET] <cortexman> how do i suppress "deprecated pixel format used, make sure you did set range correctly" errors?
[22:05:01 CET] <cortexman> also interested in suppressing "Input stream #0:0 frame changed from size:* fmt:* to size* fmt:*
[22:05:12 CET] <cortexman> i managed to suppress all errors, but it comes at the expense of not getting any status updates
[22:16:01 CET] <kepstin> cortexman: the deprecated pixel format warning is either due to a code issue inside ffmpeg or the app using it (or maybe a command-line parameter), so it should probably be fixed - but in the mean time doesn't hurt anything.
[22:16:19 CET] <cortexman> it makes it hard to see the actual status updates
[22:16:52 CET] <kepstin> it should only be printed once unless you're doing something really strange...
[22:24:47 CET] <cortexman> i am converting many images to a video
[00:00:00 CET] --- Fri Feb  5 2016

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