[Ffmpeg-devel-irc] ffmpeg.log.20160209

burek burek021 at gmail.com
Wed Feb 10 02:05:01 CET 2016

[00:41:43 CET] <derekprestegard> how do I speed up ( like 24 to 25 fps) without introducing frame duplication?
[00:41:58 CET] <derekprestegard> just setting -r 25 introduces one dupe per second, which is awful
[00:42:07 CET] <c_14> setpts
[00:42:13 CET] <derekprestegard> ok
[00:42:21 CET] <derekprestegard> saw some guides on that, was wondering if there was any other way
[00:42:22 CET] <derekprestegard> thx
[00:46:20 CET] <DHE> can't you set -r on the input to reprogram the input framerate?
[00:54:03 CET] <derekprestegard> DHE: thats what I thought, but Im seeing duplicated frames this way - strangly enough
[00:54:14 CET] <derekprestegard> still seeing them with setpts.. not sure whats happening
[01:30:56 CET] <votz> Just to confirm my understanding of the source, ffmpeg seeks (i.e. with -ss <foo>) to dts timestamps, not pts timestamps, correct?
[02:00:16 CET] <kepstin> votz: seeks are to pts
[02:00:48 CET] <votz> kepstin: Great. Thank you.
[02:01:03 CET] <kepstin> dts doesn't really make sense at all for seeking due to frame reordering...
[02:01:46 CET] <votz> On further inspection, I realize my confusion: the dts and pts values of the keyframes used to seek to are identical.
[02:01:52 CET] <kepstin> that's also the reason why seeking is normally to keyframes, since they have dts=pts
[02:02:49 CET] <kepstin> you seek to the keyframe with pts less than or equal to desired seek point. Then (in accurate seek mode) decode to the desired exact point, throwing out the extra frames.
[02:03:18 CET] <votz> Right.
[02:03:59 CET] <votz> kepstin: Thank you for your help and input.
[04:44:59 CET] <C0nundrum>  WHat's the best way to capture an m3u8 stream ?  I'm recording to a browser playable format what i use is ffmpeg -i "http://sourcemedia.com:1935/live-origin/67b88_aac/playlist.m3u8" -vcodec copy -acodec copy -bsf:a aac_adtstoasc -f mp4 "E:\capture 2-8-2016 3.25 PM.mp4"      the problem that i have is 1.ffmpeg doesn't seem to try to reconnect and i end up with alot of 30sec-1min recordings 2.
[04:45:00 CET] <C0nundrum> if it is iterrupted, the whole file is useless. 3.when playing in browser there are parts where the time keep moving but the image is still. I tried recording using  flv to avoid the broken vidoes if interupted but i end up with video and no sound.
[04:48:30 CET] <explodes> My AvFrame->pts is always something ridiculous like -9223372036854775808 and it doesn't change, I'm wondering if I need to use pkt_pts to get what I need
[04:50:26 CET] <explodes> When I decode a frame, I may or may not seek. When I do, I want to use AVSEEK_FLAG_BACKWARD when I am seeking to a previous position, and 0 (flags) when seeking forward
[04:52:44 CET] <explodes> ..let me see if pkt_pts is what I *really* want
[06:21:53 CET] <explodes_> Ok.. never mind that. -- av_seek_frame is seeking but it is often off by a couple seconds: http://pastebin.com/pvJUd0Fw
[06:23:00 CET] <explodes_> Is my av_rescale_q code just bad?
[06:24:58 CET] <pzich> explodes_: no idea what it's like from the lib side, but I know old ffmpeg CLI used to have a fast and slow seek: https://trac.ffmpeg.org/wiki/Seeking
[06:25:16 CET] <pzich> being off by a couple seconds might mean it's seeking to the nearest keyframe or something
[06:25:40 CET] <explodes_> Yea, that is what the flags I pass in are specifying, but are keyframes really up to 4 seconds apart?
[06:25:48 CET] <explodes_> It makes for kind of a crappy user experience
[06:25:54 CET] <pzich> depends on how the file is encoded
[06:26:15 CET] <pzich> if you wanted to you could put in one, but it sure would be a crappy user experience
[06:27:50 CET] <explodes_> ios seeks just fine, android is seeking oddly- so it's probably my JNI code (which I pasted)
[06:28:17 CET] <pzich> welp, hopefully someone here understands that and can see what might be wrong
[06:29:34 CET] <explodes_> :P I agree with that
[06:44:10 CET] <Bray90820> OFF TOPIC: If anyone knows the max resolution of S-Video
[06:47:52 CET] <pzich> "Also, S-Video suffers from low color resolution. NTSC S-Video color resolution is typically 120 lines horizontal (approximately 160 pixels edge-to-edge)" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/S-Video#Signal
[06:47:58 CET] <pzich> says citation needed, though
[06:48:56 CET] <pzich> I'm seeing 1024x768 http://www.highdefforum.com/flat-panel-tvs/36931-s-video-cable-what-maximum-resolution.html and http://arstechnica.com/civis/viewtopic.php?t=332338
[06:48:59 CET] <explodes_> I guess I can AVSEEK_FLAG_BACKWARD and decode frames until I'm "close enough"
[06:49:22 CET] <pzich> explodes_: if you can, you'd probably want to step back to the previous keyframe and then slow seek forward
[07:16:22 CET] <TD-Linux> Bray90820, S-Video is basically the same as NTSC, but with the chroma channel on a separate wire to prevent crosstalk
[07:17:44 CET] <Bray90820> TD-Linux: Bot what would be that  resolution
[07:18:13 CET] <TD-Linux> so 480i just like NTSC, but with higher both chroma and luma vertical lines of resolution
[07:18:31 CET] <Bray90820> Alright
[07:18:42 CET] <TD-Linux> err horizontal
[07:18:55 CET] <Bray90820> That's higher quality then Composite right?
[07:18:59 CET] <TD-Linux> yes it is
[07:19:14 CET] <Bray90820> Ok
[07:19:17 CET] <Bray90820> Thanks
[07:39:49 CET] <explodes_> This code uses av_read_frame to read frames until packet-> pts is within a threshold, it seems to be ok except for the fact that video frames are scrambled until the next keyframe is decoded normally: http://pastebin.com/2kLv7yU3
[07:42:20 CET] <explodes_> fixed memory leak: http://pastebin.com/hsjfZU5P
[07:44:19 CET] <explodes_> Any way to NOT get scrambled frames here?
[07:45:06 CET] <Valex> Do any of you guys know if stereoscopic 3D is still being supported?
[07:48:45 CET] <Valex> Anyone?
[07:49:29 CET] <pzich> ...in video containers in general?
[07:49:54 CET] <Valex> Yes.
[07:50:26 CET] <pzich> I haven't heard anything about them taking it away. I'd assume it'll stick around as an option at the very least.
[07:50:52 CET] <Valex> But is it still being developed?
[07:51:12 CET] <Valex> Or has the feature been left to rot?
[07:52:57 CET] <pzich> is there a feature you need added? my understanding is it basically takes two video files and says "hey, here's a left channel and a right channel of a stereoscopic video: go"
[07:55:06 CET] <Valex> That's basically what stereoscopic 3D is. But that type of method generally works on a projector or a monitor that renders the same image twice. What I'm wondering is if there's a working stable software solution that doesn't require the use of PowerDVD.
[07:56:15 CET] <Valex> In other words, I'm looking for something more than a quick and dirty hack.
[07:56:19 CET] <pzich> I don't really...I mean, it sorta all depends on what you're playing it back on and what files it understands.
[07:57:47 CET] <pzich> I think the stereoscopic 3D implementation in the MKV container format is more than a "quick an dirty hack", if whatever is playing it understands that format.
[07:59:40 CET] <Valex> But what about media that is already in 3D? For example, if I were to play Tron:Legacy in 3D, wouldn't MKV effectivly render the frames 4 times simultaneously?
[08:01:06 CET] <pzich> 4 times?
[08:02:34 CET] <Valex> Twice for the 3D encoding in the disc and twice for 3D in MKV.
[08:03:22 CET] <Valex> Unless, I'm wrong about how encoding works on 3D Disc.
[08:03:50 CET] <pzich> I have no idea how it works, it probably depends on the disc, are you talking about standard blu-ray or something else?
[08:04:09 CET] <Valex> 3D Blu-ray.
[08:04:12 CET] <pzich> most of them have some flavor of container format and a variety of video/audio/subtitle streams
[08:05:04 CET] <pzich> Valex: apparently it might be using this? http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/blu-ray-3d-3d-vision-3d-home-theater,2636-3.html
[08:05:52 CET] <pzich> I guess that way instead of having two full streams (and therefore twice the bandwidth and disc space) you have a base and dependant view
[08:06:48 CET] <pzich> if I had to guess, 3D blu-ray format is about as standard as you can get
[08:06:52 CET] <pzich> maybe check out http://www.sonycreativesoftware.com/dostudio/understanding_3d_authoring_blu-ray_3d ?
[08:12:47 CET] <Valex> I guess that makes sense. But authoring is done with having a enterprise-backed standard in mind usually involving proprietary hardware and software (i.e. not open-source solutions). Generally, what I was trying to look for was some library or application that can read and render 3D Blu-ray content.
[08:12:58 CET] <Valex> on a PC.
[08:20:57 CET] <pzich> Valex: I'm sure there are ones, I've just never used one.
[08:21:07 CET] <pzich> not sure if ffmpeg can be a part of that
[09:15:24 CET] <dorp> When it comes to transcoding duration time, x264 with preset=ultrafast and qp=0, is supposed to be much more efficient than x265?
[10:56:53 CET] <Bluez_> hi guys
[11:00:28 CET] <Bluez_> if im muxing raw h264 packets, do i still need to set gop_size and bit rate in the AVCodecContext ?
[11:19:05 CET] <database1982> hi there
[11:28:53 CET] <waressearcher2> database1982: hallo, wie geht's es dir ?
[11:34:27 CET] <database1982> hi waressearcher2
[11:34:51 CET] <database1982> you speak english ?
[11:35:45 CET] <waressearcher2> manchmal
[11:37:56 CET] <database1982> waressearcher2, es geht mir gut (google translated) ^^
[11:39:07 CET] <database1982> Ich erlebe ein Problem mit mp4 Decodierung mit libav
[11:40:53 CET] <database1982> av_read_frame returns AVERROR_EOF when it shouldn't on some local files
[11:50:07 CET] <andrey_utkin> database1982: ensure to use latest ffmpeg first, if you run into weird behaviour
[11:56:45 CET] <database1982> andrey_utkin: I am using 2.8.6
[11:57:28 CET] <database1982> andrey_utkin, I will check ffplay if the same behavior happens
[11:58:16 CET] <database1982> andrey_utkin, maybe an option i am missing to set on format or codec
[12:10:04 CET] <IamTrying> http://i.imgur.com/TCR27zN.png - i am trying this FFmpeg ( https://trac.ffmpeg.org/wiki/DirectShow ) for BUG report in Windows. But when i type ffmpeg -f dshow -list_options true -i video="Integrated Camera" its failing what is i am missing here please?
[14:11:18 CET] <lee> hi. I am trying to stitch together a sequence of PNGs into a VP8/webm video, with transparency, but the resulting video has a black background. I'm running "ffmpeg -i zt%04d.png -c:v libvpx output.webm", full output at http://pastebin.com/8vFtwSpZ . am I missing something obvious?
[14:12:17 CET] <lee> the source PNGs are available at https://www.dropbox.com/s/zmtn759rq7dmxjd/explode-animation.7z?dl=1
[14:14:46 CET] <furq> what are you using to play the video
[14:15:03 CET] <furq> some decoders don't support vp8 alpha
[14:15:17 CET] <lee> chrome
[14:15:26 CET] <lee> but testing in VLC
[14:15:35 CET] <furq> does it work in chrome
[14:15:39 CET] <lee> no
[14:18:36 CET] <furq> are you playing it back directly in chrome or in a video tag with background: transparent;
[14:19:05 CET] <furq> the former gives a black background for me
[14:19:15 CET] <lee> I am playing it back in a video tag
[14:21:59 CET] <___dewey> Hi all, is there anyone with experience with AVSubtitle::end_display_time
[14:22:25 CET] <___dewey> its always the same value in my case, that shouldnt be the case I think
[14:23:17 CET] <___dewey>  printf("End display time: %i\n", sub.end_display_time) = End display time: 10000
[15:58:35 CET] <Bluez_> is there any helper code to decode SPS in libav?
[16:45:05 CET] <cortexman> i'm trying to get my video looking good on youtube but they keep compressing it to utter crap
[16:46:04 CET] <cortexman> ffmpeg -framerate 60 -i %d.jpg -c:v libx264 -tune stillimage -preset ultrafast vid.mp4
[16:46:08 CET] <cortexman> i'm thinking about adding -crf 0
[16:56:21 CET] <cortexman> now i am doing ffmpeg -framerate 60 -i %d.jpg -c:v libx264 -tune stillimage -preset -qp 0 -crf 0ultrafast vid.mp4
[16:56:25 CET] <cortexman> now i am doing ffmpeg -framerate 60 -i %d.jpg -c:v libx264 -tune stillimage -preset -qp 0 -crf 0 ultrafast vid.mp4
[16:56:36 CET] <cortexman> it looks like the video is going to be larger than the input images........
[16:56:49 CET] <c_14> don't set both -qp and -crf
[16:56:56 CET] <c_14> And it will (unless the source is lossless)
[16:57:18 CET] <cortexman> what would lead the video the be larger than then inputs
[16:57:22 CET] <cortexman> i need to restrict this thing to 128GB
[16:57:50 CET] <cortexman> right now it's encoding at about 3gbps
[16:58:01 CET] <cortexman> (bitrate)
[16:59:16 CET] <c_14> It's lossless
[16:59:29 CET] <c_14> lossless encodings are larger than lossy encodings
[16:59:29 CET] <cortexman> the raw images are about 128GB
[16:59:37 CET] <cortexman> it looks like the video will be larger than that
[17:00:02 CET] <cortexman> i could be wrong, it hasn't finished
[17:14:13 CET] <LeonG> YouTube's VP9 60fps encodings look less blocky than the H.264 encodings. Check if your browser is playing back the VP9 version
[17:18:02 CET] <cortexman> how can you tell
[17:18:19 CET] <furq> right click > stats for nerds
[17:19:47 CET] <cortexman> Mime Type: video/mp4; codecs="avc1.640020"
[17:20:23 CET] <cortexman> {"ns":"yt","el":"detailpage","cpn":"rIdN_vTjaRP6qSjV","docid":"lLivPYzvRPY","ver":2,"referrer":"https://www.youtube.com/my_videos?o=U","cmt":"24.055","plid":"AAUrWKyLS__zsuFW","ei":"bxG6VvaiDYifuALIuLTYBQ","fmt":"299","fs":"0","rt":"63.464","of":"M7zcFnZlImSWMAymFtyqrw","adformat":null,"content_v":null,"euri":"","subscribed":null,"lact":2,"live":null,"cl":"114145475","mos":0,"osid":"MTkxMTQ3ZGI:AOeUNAbul4CX764JMGzEwFv3Uw7OpSpV7g
[17:20:23 CET] <cortexman> ","state":"4","vm":"CAEQAA","volume":100,"c":"WEB","cver":"html5","cplayer":"UNIPLAYER","cbr":"Chrome","cbrver":"48.0.2564.103","cos":"X11","hl":"en_US","cr":"US","len":"8114.678","fexp":"3300132,3310848,3312305,3312381,9407610,9416126,9417058,9420452,9422542,9422596,9423661,9423662,9425838,9425967,9426055,9426729,9427037,9427858,9428293","afmt":"140","vct":"24.055","vd":"8114.678","vpl":"20.200-24.055,","vbu":"20.016-253.237,",
[17:20:24 CET] <cortexman> "vpa":true,"vsk":false,"ven":false,"vpr":1,"vrs":4,"vns":2,"vec":null,"vvol":1,"lct":"24.055","lsk":false,"lmf":true,"lbw":"7570669.268","lhd":"0.073","ltd":"2.433","laa":"itag=140,seg=25,range=3980815-4033604,time=250.0-253.3","lva":"itag=299,seg=49,range=67323708-68693831,time=248.3-253.3","lar":"itag=140,seg=26,range=4139750-4298317,time=260.0-270.0","lvr":"itag=299,seg=51,range=70069422-71443018,time=258.4-263.5","lvh":"r19-
[17:20:29 CET] <cortexman> --sn-qxo7sn7s","lab":"20.016-253.237,","lvb":"15.200-253.333,","ismb":18940000,"debug_videoId":"lLivPYzvRPY","gpu":"GeForce_GTX_960/PCIe/SSE2","cgr":true,"debug_playbackQuality":"hd720","debug_date":"Tue Feb 09 2016 09:19:59 GMT-0700 (MST)"}
[17:20:33 CET] <cortexman> oops
[17:21:11 CET] <cortexman> at any rate, this video looks like complete crap as compared to what i uploaded
[17:21:27 CET] <waressearcher2> nicht schlecht
[17:21:36 CET] <furq> there's not much you can do about it
[17:21:42 CET] <furq> other than use a different site
[17:21:59 CET] <cortexman> i am uploading a lossless version to see how much they f it up
[17:22:29 CET] <furq> does youtube not support mjpeg uploads
[17:23:55 CET] <cortexman> seems like they do
[17:24:23 CET] <drv> it's a video hosting site, not a "sequence of unrelated images" hosting site
[17:24:24 CET] <cortexman> i think i would need to stick it in an avi container
[17:24:30 CET] <cortexman> the images aren't unrelated.
[17:24:31 CET] <cortexman> go away
[17:24:51 CET] <cortexman> -vcodec mjpeg out.avi
[17:24:52 CET] <drv> unrelated in terms of pixels, not thematically or whatever
[17:25:32 CET] <drv> it's no surprise that it can't encode a bunch of different still images at the bitrate intended for normal videos that have highly correlated frames
[17:26:42 CET] <furq> afaik you can just mux a jpeg sequence into mkv if you want a lossless video
[17:26:57 CET] <furq> but yeah it's not going to look noticeably better
[17:27:08 CET] <cortexman> the video has major compression artifacts
[17:27:17 CET] <furq> yes it does
[17:28:34 CET] <furq> nothing you do is going to get around the fact that youtube is encoding it at far too low a bitrate
[17:29:03 CET] <cortexman> ah, 5mpbs-ish i think
[17:29:19 CET] <cortexman> i could drastically reduce the framerate
[17:30:48 CET] <furq> "youtube-dl -F yourvideourl" will show the bitrates they're using
[17:31:55 CET] <cortexman> wow, they compressed the hell out of it
[17:32:12 CET] <cortexman> that was a 77GB file
[17:32:20 CET] <cortexman> no, this one was 36GB
[17:32:41 CET] <furq> they transcode everything to roughly the same bitrate
[17:34:05 CET] <furq> dropping to 30fps will probably help a bit
[17:34:13 CET] <furq> i doubt it'll be good enough though
[17:34:31 CET] <cortexman> trying ffmpeg -framerate 30 -i %d.jpg -vcodec mjpeg  vid.avi
[17:34:40 CET] <furq> don't use -vcodec mjpeg
[17:34:50 CET] <furq> use -c copy
[17:35:39 CET] <cortexman> nice
[17:36:21 CET] <jkqxz> What do you want the visible framerate to be at the end of this process?  You could copy all of the input frames ten times - that won't significantly affect the size of your upload but would affect their bitrate calculations.
[17:36:39 CET] <cortexman> 15 - 60fps
[17:37:42 CET] <jkqxz> Then I think you are probably just doomed because of the bitrate constraints they will apply on their side.  But you could still try a 60fps video with each frame in four times.
[17:46:00 CET] <cortexman> jkqxz, can you provide some command line arguments?
[17:46:27 CET] <cortexman> furq, i am uploading a 127GB copy'd file now, we will see how it looks in 1-2 dayS
[17:48:36 CET] <cortexman> jkqxz, you can make the video up to 11 hours. there are about 480k images
[17:50:12 CET] <jkqxz> Something like "ffmpeg -framerate 15 -i %d.jpg -vf fps=fps=60 -c:v libx264 ...", I think.  (Though do make some of it and single-frame-step through the output to make sure it has acted sensibly with the frames which are the same.)
[17:51:37 CET] <cortexman> i have to use H264 instead of copying, so that the file size stays ~ the same?
[17:52:35 CET] <jkqxz> Yeah.  If you copy then it will have to be four times the size.
[17:54:53 CET] <cortexman> takes 13 hours to upload the max file size
[17:55:09 CET] <cortexman> on biz class comcast
[18:10:06 CET] <cortexman> the 77GB video i uploaded yesterday has only returned a 360p version thus far
[18:10:12 CET] <cortexman> i suppose it's still processing...
[18:10:16 CET] <cortexman> been 16 hours
[18:10:19 CET] <cortexman> since it finished uploading
[18:11:39 CET] <jkqxz> Is there some reason to believe that the result will be different to a shorter test with only a few hundred frames?
[18:12:43 CET] <cortexman> seems like a good point
[18:17:20 CET] <bencoh> how long was your 77G video?
[18:32:51 CET] <podman> If you guys had to pick just one format for video delivery over the web using HTML5 to implement and support today, would it be HLS or DASH
[18:34:42 CET] <podman> I was going with DASH, but i think iOS support might be a big enough issue to stick with HLS for now
[18:34:53 CET] <Mavrik> HLS of course.
[18:35:01 CET] <Mavrik> With flashplayer fallback for everything else.
[18:36:06 CET] <podman> Mavrik: yeah, sounds like that's probably the way to go. HLS.js for everything that supports MSE, native on iOS, flashls for everything else
[18:37:05 CET] <Mavrik> on the other hand
[18:37:11 CET] <Mavrik> you san support both with a simple nginx plugin
[18:38:25 CET] <podman> Mavrik: not really feasible, right now
[18:38:41 CET] <bencoh> you'd still need to remux (on-the-fly or offline)
[18:38:46 CET] <Mavrik> *shrug*
[18:38:54 CET] <Mavrik> You'll be losing users.
[18:39:19 CET] <podman> Our users don't really care about HLS vs Dash
[18:39:27 CET] <bencoh> is MSE/HLS.js fully supported on Android?
[18:40:55 CET] <podman> bencoh: looks pretty good on Chrome on Marshmallow at least
[18:41:37 CET] <cortexman> bencoh, 2 hrs 15 mins
[18:41:38 CET] <DHE> chrome for android played back HLS for me without any special software. That includes no javascript (direct m3u8 link). That's on Kitkat
[18:47:56 CET] <podman> so what's the best HLS segmenter these days then?
[18:54:34 CET] <DHE> umm... ffmpeg does pretty well. I would suggest changing the defaults though
[18:55:56 CET] <DHE> eg: hls_time defaults to 2 seconds. I'd pick something bigger. 4 seconds would be my minimum...
[19:13:53 CET] <bencoh> cortexman: why do you need 77G to upload a 2h15 video to youtube?
[19:14:17 CET] <cortexman> i can give you 500,000 reasons
[19:14:37 CET] <bencoh> it's not like their HD format is worth a 5mbps anyway
[19:14:54 CET] <cortexman> maybe it is
[19:14:55 CET] <furq> i assume he wants the best source possible for youtube to ruin
[19:15:11 CET] <furq> it makes sense in theory but i don't think it's going to make any actual difference
[19:15:33 CET] <bencoh> I don't either ... sadly
[19:16:46 CET] <DHE> could be 4k video, or 60fps... or both?
[19:16:59 CET] <furq> no it's 480,000 jpegs
[19:17:03 CET] <DHE> (I honestly don't know what youtube does to ruin those, but the point stands)
[19:17:26 CET] <furq> which from what i gather aren't related, so not inter-frame compressible
[19:17:27 CET] <bencoh> DHE: they just bitstarve-encode it
[19:17:35 CET] <bencoh> furq: hmm
[19:17:46 CET] <cortexman> they are related, i.e., same model wearing different outfits at the same show across 30 frames
[19:17:54 CET] <bencoh> does youtube allow 1080p at 60fps ?
[19:17:54 CET] <cortexman> same pose
[19:18:06 CET] <bencoh> (as an enduser format)
[19:18:21 CET] <cortexman> bencoh, i am trying to find that out. yesterday i angered the youtube gods by uploading a very large video, which it has so far only encoded as 360p
[19:18:33 CET] <bencoh> :]
[19:18:44 CET] <furq> i think it supports 2160p60
[19:18:52 CET] <furq> it'll probably be about 7mbps though
[19:18:58 CET] <bencoh> ha.ha. :]
[19:19:00 CET] <DHE> that's 4k... and yeah, higher bitrates will become available over time..
[19:19:08 CET] <DHE> also last I heard I thought youtube only allowed 64 GB as the max file size
[19:19:16 CET] <cortexman> the uploading guide actually says higher framerates are acceptable
[19:19:20 CET] <cortexman> ..higher than 60
[19:19:30 CET] <cortexman> and youtube has an example 8k video up
[19:19:34 CET] <bencoh> acceptable as input, but what about output?
[19:19:41 CET] <cortexman> not yet clear.
[19:19:54 CET] <furq> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_fC53l3jGAc
[19:19:58 CET] <furq> that's available in 2160p60
[19:20:05 CET] <furq> amazingly it seems to be about 30mbit
[19:20:09 CET] <cortexman> 8k video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sLprVF6d7Ug
[19:20:09 CET] <bencoh> because seriously, considering their 1080p result, I wouldn't expect much of higher res/rate
[19:20:20 CET] <furq> http://sprunge.us/VZCC
[19:20:22 CET] <cortexman> i have a 4Ghz CPU and it can't play that 8k video
[19:20:28 CET] <cortexman> also a nice video card
[19:20:37 CET] <furq> 315          webm       3840x2160  DASH video 38636k , vp9, 60fps, video only, 1.24GiB
[19:20:48 CET] <bencoh> hmm
[19:21:09 CET] <furq> the x264 bitrates ;_;
[19:21:21 CET] <furq> 10mbps for 1440p h264 or 20mbps for 1440p vp9
[19:21:29 CET] <furq> why do i feel like that's intentional
[19:21:36 CET] <bencoh> :D
[19:22:34 CET] <cortexman> i should try uploading in exactly the same format they encode to...
[19:22:41 CET] <furq> that makes no difference
[19:23:14 CET] <cortexman> webm       7680x4320  DASH video 59785k , 24fps, video only, 397.69MiB
[19:23:15 CET] <bencoh> iirc dailymotion has (had?) a "original stream" player option
[19:23:18 CET] <cortexman> is that 60 mpbs?
[19:23:19 CET] <bencoh> at least for live streams
[19:23:22 CET] <furq> yes it is
[19:23:38 CET] <furq> youtube used to have an "original video" option but it's been gone since they introduced DASH
[19:23:41 CET] <furq> which makes sense i guess
[19:23:46 CET] <bencoh> indeed
[19:23:51 CET] <cortexman> how do i get that 60mpbs rate
[19:23:57 CET] <cortexman> specify 8K resolution?
[19:24:02 CET] <furq> i would have thought so
[19:24:09 CET] <bencoh> they probably dont want to mess with muxing variable GOP
[19:24:11 CET] <furq> that 4K video i linked gets 35mbps
[19:24:29 CET] <furq> 4K doesn't even show up in the options for me though
[19:24:45 CET] <furq> i only get 1080p60, which is going to look like garbage
[19:24:54 CET] <cortexman> i have the 4K option
[19:25:13 CET] <furq> i wonder if it's detecting my screen size
[19:25:25 CET] <cortexman> and 8K
[19:25:28 CET] <cortexman> it does detect your video card
[19:25:34 CET] <cortexman> i only have a 4K monitor
[19:25:44 CET] <furq> this is only 1920*1200
[19:26:11 CET] <furq> maybe it just checks for >1920 width
[19:26:19 CET] <cortexman> my computer can't play the 4K video
[19:26:49 CET] <furq> but yeah even if you manage to get 35mbit at 2160p, most people aren't even going to see the option
[19:26:58 CET] <furq> they'll be stuck on the 5mbit 1080p stream
[20:39:44 CET] <t4nk328> hello
[20:39:51 CET] <t4nk328> is anyone here to help
[20:40:09 CET] <t4nk328> i need help to install ffmpeg
[20:40:12 CET] <DeHackEd> that's not how it works. post your question, then someone will try to help. (patience required)
[20:41:01 CET] <t4nk328> i am trying to installl fffmpeg
[20:41:09 CET] <t4nk328> anyone able to help me
[20:41:44 CET] <DeHackEd> well what problem are you having?
[20:42:14 CET] <t4nk328> i am trying to install ffmpeg my linux hosting
[20:42:22 CET] <t4nk328> anyone know how to do it
[20:42:29 CET] <t4nk328> i login in ssh putty
[20:44:18 CET] <J_Darnley> ./configure && make
[20:44:19 CET] <J_Darnley> done
[20:44:48 CET] <DeHackEd> depending on your distribution it might be as simple as "apt-get install ffmpeg" or some such
[20:45:10 CET] <t4nk328> apt is it for linux or ubuntu?
[20:45:20 CET] <DeHackEd> ubuntu, debian, and derivatives
[20:45:42 CET] <t4nk328> i have linux server
[20:46:00 CET] <t4nk328> i am not that experience
[20:46:09 CET] <t4nk328> with this ffmpeg
[20:46:20 CET] <DeHackEd> well, try it. worst case it just doesn't work
[20:47:25 CET] <Mavrik> -_-
[20:48:54 CET] <t4nk328> i have ffmpeg downloaded my host
[20:49:01 CET] <t4nk328> but don't know how its work
[20:49:31 CET] <J_Darnley> What *exactly* are you trying to do?  Compile ffmpeg or run ffmpeg?
[20:49:59 CET] <t4nk328> i have video script i want to make work ffmpeg
[20:50:05 CET] <t4nk328> converting video
[20:50:25 CET] <t4nk328> i type ffmpeg sais -bash: ffmpeg: command not found
[20:56:10 CET] <J_Darnley> If you really have no idea of anything then grab a static linux build from here http://ffmpeg.org/download.html and run that.
[20:57:25 CET] <t4nk328> how do i download that linux
[20:57:30 CET] <t4nk328> what command needed?
[21:00:10 CET] <J_Darnley> wget
[21:03:34 CET] <Betablocker> + download URL
[21:03:57 CET] <t4nk328> after download
[21:04:06 CET] <t4nk328> i did download ssh puty
[21:04:32 CET] <t4nk328> tar. gzip
[21:04:34 CET] <t4nk328> i download
[21:04:37 CET] <t4nk328> untar?
[21:04:41 CET] <t4nk328> unzip?
[21:04:49 CET] <t4nk328> what next command i have to use?
[21:05:15 CET] <J_Darnley> tar
[21:05:39 CET] <Betablocker> + downloaded filename
[21:05:58 CET] <Betablocker> :)
[21:06:19 CET] <DeHackEd> this is "Linux 102" material I think...
[21:06:29 CET] <Betablocker> + 10 bucks donation to ffmpeg project
[21:08:09 CET] <t4nk328> if i can install and work fine 10 dontaion
[21:08:14 CET] <t4nk328> otherwise no
[21:08:20 CET] <Betablocker> :)
[21:08:24 CET] <Betablocker> just kidding
[21:08:41 CET] <t4nk328> i have video script trying to get usr/bind/ffmpeg work
[21:09:04 CET] <t4nk328> .usr/bin/ffmpeg
[21:09:10 CET] <Betablocker> best thing about ffmpeg it is very good documented
[21:09:23 CET] <J_Darnley> pfft.  no it isn't
[21:09:54 CET] <Betablocker> you want to compile ffmpeg or what are you working on ?
[21:10:08 CET] <durandal11707> J_Darnley: what's not documented?
[21:10:09 CET] <DeHackEd> it does rather assume you know about video encoding to begin with, like what a b-frame is. but assuming you do, the documentation is fine
[21:11:01 CET] <J_Darnley> t4nk328 did you getanything out of the tar yet?
[21:11:52 CET] <J_Darnley> durandal11707: I don't know what's *not* documented
[21:12:22 CET] <furq> i don't think you need to know what a b-frame is to copy a command line off stackoverflow
[21:13:32 CET] <Betablocker> hihi
[21:13:41 CET] <t4nk328> j_darnley its just downloaded
[21:14:23 CET] <J_Darnley> then let me give a slightly better hint: tar -xf
[21:15:07 CET] <t4nk328> tar.gz i downloaded
[21:15:35 CET] <t4nk328> saved 10 mb
[21:15:51 CET] <t4nk328> x-gzip
[21:29:10 CET] <lee> anybody around who can decode the apparently dark art of creating a VP8 video that preserves the alpha from the source PNGs?
[21:31:04 CET] <relaxed> lee: did you try -pix_fmt yuva420p ?
[21:31:37 CET] <lee> pretty sure I did,  let me try again
[21:33:29 CET] <lee> yep, no dice with: ffmpeg -i zt%04d.png -c:v libvpx -pix_fmt yuva420p output.webm
[21:33:35 CET] <lee> the background continues to be solid black
[21:36:48 CET] <BtbN> what do you expect? To see the desktop behind the player?
[21:37:59 CET] <lee> I expect it to be transparent
[21:38:23 CET] <lee> and show the background of whatever is on the page where the <video> tag is
[21:38:33 CET] <furq> BtbN: http://simpl.info/videoalpha/
[21:38:47 CET] <furq> assuming you're using chrome
[21:39:34 CET] <BtbN> I'm not, no transparency there for me.
[21:39:55 CET] <kepstin> BtbN: yeah, only chrome/chromium supports it atm
[21:39:57 CET] <kepstin> I think you have to explicitly use css to set the video tag background to be transparent, it defaults to black
[21:40:35 CET] <lee> nope, that's not needed
[21:42:00 CET] <kepstin> lee: can you pastebin your ffmpeg output so we can see what's actually going on?
[21:42:40 CET] <lee> http://pastebin.com/8vFtwSpZ
[21:43:53 CET] <lee> hrm, can I demonstrate with dropbox...
[21:44:13 CET] <kepstin> lee: looks all correct, that should be a transparent video...
[21:44:39 CET] <lee> nope, damn,
[21:45:15 CET] <lee> kepstin: my video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/fb5eacclure1fq0/output.webm?dl=0 the dancer video from simpl.info/videoalpha: https://www.dropbox.com/s/kdctapgsasma5yl/dancer1.webm?dl=0
[21:46:32 CET] <lee> if you'd like to try it yourself the source PNGs are available at https://www.dropbox.com/s/zmtn759rq7dmxjd/explode-animation.7z?dl=1
[22:09:02 CET] <lee> I'm pretty sure I'm missing something obvious but I'll be buggered if I can find it
[22:21:23 CET] <relaxed> lee: try, -pix_fmt yuva420p -metadata:s:v:0  alpha_mode="1"
[22:53:16 CET] <lee> relaxed: THANK YOU!
[22:53:51 CET] <lee> how did you figure that out? intimate knowledge of ffmpeg, or RTFMing something I couldn't find?
[23:03:05 CET] <PiTutorials> Hello, how can I tell if I have the latest version of ffmpeg please.
[23:03:27 CET] <J_Darnley> ffmpeg -versionwill tell you things
[23:03:40 CET] <J_Darnley> such as the compile date
[23:03:56 CET] <J_Darnley> and the git commit hash
[23:04:10 CET] <J_Darnley> then you could go see what has happened since then
[23:04:20 CET] <c_14> It won't tell you the compilation date anymore, just version/commit hash
[23:04:33 CET] <J_Darnley> wtf?
[23:04:34 CET] <PiTutorials> ok, so I get 'ffmpeg version N-77414-g484cc66'
[23:04:37 CET] <J_Darnley> what did that heppen?
[23:04:46 CET] <c_14> A while ago
[23:05:18 CET] <PiTutorials> is the g484cc66 the comit hash?
[23:05:27 CET] <J_Darnley> without the g, yes
[23:05:49 CET] <J_Darnley> it looks atleast 300 commits old(er than mine)
[23:05:52 CET] <PiTutorials> ok, thanks
[23:06:54 CET] <c_14> J_Darnley: https://git.videolan.org/gitweb.cgi/ffmpeg.git/?a=commit;h=103e4c58633f210d7c3203cae121ba5b5123afa6
[23:07:06 CET] <J_Darnley> gah
[23:07:30 CET] <J_Darnley> If you're going to remove something useful then replace it with something else useful.
[23:09:13 CET] <jkqxz> git hash is plenty!
[23:09:23 CET] <jkqxz> $ git log | grep -A 2 484cc66 | tail -1
[23:09:23 CET] <jkqxz> Date:   Sun Dec 20 21:31:55 2015 +0100
[23:09:54 CET] <J_Darnley> Sure, if I have a .git dir around and git installed.
[23:10:11 CET] <furq> it's fine i'm pretty sure everyone is an ffmpeg developer
[23:10:37 CET] <J_Darnley> And then is abc1234 newer than def5678?
[23:10:45 CET] <jkqxz> Well maybe not.  I guess that isn't quite right because it tells you the date on the commit, not when it actually went into the repository.
[23:12:07 CET] <J_Darnley> I want svn back with a nice linear history and a revision number.
[23:12:27 CET] <furq> i'm going to assume that was a joke before someone else has a chance to assume it wasn't
[23:12:52 CET] <J_Darnley> okay then
[23:12:59 CET] <J_Darnley> I want *** back with a nice linear history and a revision number.
[23:13:06 CET] <furq> that's better
[23:13:07 CET] <J_Darnley> I censored the swear
[23:13:47 CET] <furq> it's ok we all know you meant perforce
[23:14:55 CET] <PiTutorials> Ok, that's the date I pulled and compiled, so makes sense.  Is there an easy way to update, or do I need to pull and compile again.
[23:15:19 CET] <J_Darnley> How can you update without compiling?
[23:15:22 CET] <c_14> pulling and compiling is the easy way to update
[23:15:34 CET] <J_Darnley> You can download a pre-compiled binary I guess.
[23:16:19 CET] <PiTutorials> there is no built in update command then.
[23:16:50 CET] <J_Darnley> Only bad programs have that.
[23:17:37 CET] <J_Darnley> Such as Windows, every browser
[23:17:56 CET] <PiTutorials> thanks, just wanted to check
[23:21:21 CET] <relaxed> lee: that worked? I saw the metadata in the webm from the example website.
[23:23:56 CET] <Nosomy> How to read xvid stats pass file?
[23:24:06 CET] <Nosomy> sorry bad internet
[23:50:59 CET] <FilipeMaia> How can I use libx264 from the API without getting console output like [libx264 @ 0x7fe66c000000] using cpu capabilities: MMX2 SSE2Fast SSSE3 SSE4.2 AVX?
[23:51:58 CET] <J_Darnley> By changing the loglevel
[23:52:21 CET] <J_Darnley> set it to warning
[23:53:51 CET] <Nosomy> How to read xvid stats pass file?
[23:53:59 CET] <Nosomy> [frametype] [qp] [?] [?] [?] [FrameSize] [?]
[23:54:21 CET] <FilipeMaia> J_Darnley: thanks
[23:54:54 CET] <xbloodhound> does anyone know if ffmpeg supports amd hardware acceleration by any chance?
[23:55:15 CET] <J_Darnley> It supports a few APIs for that
[23:55:20 CET] <J_Darnley> DXVA
[23:55:23 CET] <J_Darnley> VAAPI
[23:55:26 CET] <J_Darnley> VDPAU
[23:55:39 CET] <J_Darnley> Something Apple-y
[23:56:05 CET] <J_Darnley> Nosomy: read the xvid source
[23:56:24 CET] <Nosomy> J_Darnley wheres?
[23:56:48 CET] <J_Darnley> You're the one still building libxvid by the sound of it.
[23:57:16 CET] <J_Darnley> Or if you mean "where in the source" then I have even less idea.
[23:57:44 CET] <Nosomy> hmm libxvid? let me see
[23:59:16 CET] <lee> relaxed: ahh, I don't know enough to do that, but thanks :D
[00:00:00 CET] --- Wed Feb 10 2016

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