[FFmpeg-devel] Intent to Implement: WebM DASH Manifest XML Muxer

Vignesh Venkatasubramanian vigneshv at google.com
Fri Jun 6 21:41:38 CEST 2014


I'm trying to implement WebM/Matroska DASH Manifest in ffmpeg. It's
going to take a bunch of WebM files as input and spit out a WebM DASH
Manifest XML file. I wanted to check what's the best way to do XML
output. I know that ffprobe can output XML, but it looks like a lot of
hardcoded XML there. Since the number of elements in WebM DASH
manifest is limited, would it be okay to hardcode the XML elements
here as well?

Also, what's the best way to implement such an interface. I'm thinking
of something along the lines of this: ffmpeg -dash_manifest 1 -i
input1.webm -dash_manifest 1 -i input2.webm -f webm_dash_manifest

I am going to modify the matroska demuxer to and add a new
webm_dash_manifest muxer. The values from the matroska demuxer will be
passed to the xml dash manifest muxer which will create the XML file
based on those values.

Is this a reasonable way to fit this use case into ffmpeg?

Comments and suggestions are welcome.

WebM DASH Manifest Spec:
WebM DASH Manifest XML Tool:


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