[FFmpeg-devel] intent of 'lsf' variable in libavformat/mp3enc.c mp3_write_xing() ?

Jason Vas Dias jason.vas.dias at synchronoss.com
Thu Jun 19 15:51:33 CEST 2014

Good day -
I am building ffmpeg, and fixing this compiler warning :

libavformat/mp3enc.c:164: warning: 'lsf' may be used uninitialized in this function

The line in question and variable declaration is :

line 127:         int bytes_needed, lsf;
line 164:        int bit_rate = 1000 * avpriv_mpa_bitrate_tab[lsf][3 - 1][bitrate_idx];

There are no uses of 'lsf' between lines 127 & 164.

I'm assuming the intent of this is :

line 164:        int bit_rate = 1000 * avpriv_mpa_bitrate_tab[ 0 ][3 - 1][bitrate_idx];
ie. the use of lsf here should be replaced by 0.

Or was 'lsf' intended to be initialized from mpah.lsf, initialized & used later on in the function ? 

The current situation is definitely a bug in waiting, as the lsf index could be initialized to any
garbage value and the avpriv_mpa_bitrate_tab bounds could be exceeded.

Sorry for this newbie question -  any responses gratefully received.

Thanks & Regards,
Jason Vas Dias

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