[FFmpeg-devel] [RFC/PATCH]Allow to use ancient bash to make version.h

Derek Buitenhuis derek.buitenhuis at gmail.com
Sun Jun 22 13:54:24 CEST 2014

On 6/22/2014 12:13 PM, Michael Niedermayer wrote:
> can someone setup a fate client to test with that shell ?

Sean has run Solaris fate clients for quite a long time without hitting
such a bug. I would ask if they're even running a supported version
of Solaris (Carl testing a random port of an old version of that shell
is not the same as what's on the OS is not the same thing).

I can ask Sean (he is the Solaris guru) for his opinion when he is around,
but I can pretty much guarantee it wont be "hack around bugs in a shell".

- Derek

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