[FFmpeg-devel] [lavfi][aalib][PATCH] lavfi: add aalib video filter.

iamtakingiteasy at eientei.org iamtakingiteasy at eientei.org
Sun Jun 29 18:53:57 CEST 2014

On 2014-06-29 19:20, iamtakingiteasy at eientei.org wrote:
> This is second iteration of review for vf_aa (ascii-art aalib video 
> filter).
> See message with subject
> * [lavfi][aalib][PATCH] lavfi: Generalization of freetype/fontconfig
> font loading.
> for dependent patch and the
> * aalib video filter patch review request
> discussion.

This one seems to be very wrong too.

The one missing thing from main loop in filter_frame() function seems to 

av_frame_copy_props(outframe, inframe);
outframe->width  = outlink->w;
outframe->height = outlink->h;

Which should bring back the framerate in ffmpeg.

Yet it is still missing something crucial, which is not noticable with 
ffplay, but making actual ffmpeg constantly increase bitrate.

I wonder, what could it be? Valgrind doesn't pokes anything suspicious, 
but something is definently leaking. In sense of bitrate.

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