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opus_celt.c File Reference
#include <stdint.h>
#include "opus_celt.h"
#include "opus_pvq.h"
#include "opustab.h"

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#define NORMC(bits)   ((bits) << (f->channels - 1) << f->size >> 2)


void ff_celt_quant_bands (CeltFrame *f, OpusRangeCoder *rc)
void ff_celt_bitalloc (CeltFrame *f, OpusRangeCoder *rc, int encode)

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#define NORMC (   bits)    ((bits) << (f->channels - 1) << f->size >> 2)

Definition at line 135 of file opus_celt.c.

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◆ ff_celt_quant_bands()

void ff_celt_quant_bands ( CeltFrame f,
OpusRangeCoder rc 

Definition at line 28 of file opus_celt.c.

Referenced by celt_encode_frame(), and ff_celt_decode_frame().

◆ ff_celt_bitalloc()

void ff_celt_bitalloc ( CeltFrame f,
OpusRangeCoder rc,
int  encode 

Definition at line 137 of file opus_celt.c.

Referenced by bands_dist(), celt_encode_frame(), and ff_celt_decode_frame().