vorbis_data.h File Reference
#include <stdint.h>
#include "libavutil/channel_layout.h"

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const float ff_vorbis_floor1_inverse_db_table [256]
const float *const ff_vorbis_vwin [8]
const uint8_t ff_vorbis_channel_layout_offsets [8][8]
const AVChannelLayout ff_vorbis_ch_layouts [9]

Variable Documentation

◆ ff_vorbis_floor1_inverse_db_table

const float ff_vorbis_floor1_inverse_db_table[256]

Definition at line 2131 of file vorbis_data.c.

Referenced by floor_fit(), render_line(), and render_line_unrolled().

◆ ff_vorbis_vwin

const float* const ff_vorbis_vwin[8]

Definition at line 2198 of file vorbis_data.c.

Referenced by dsp_init(), and vorbis_parse_id_hdr().

◆ ff_vorbis_channel_layout_offsets

const uint8_t ff_vorbis_channel_layout_offsets[8][8]

◆ ff_vorbis_ch_layouts

const AVChannelLayout ff_vorbis_ch_layouts[9]