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zlib_wrapper.h File Reference
#include <zlib.h>

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Data Structures

struct  FFZStream


int ff_inflate_init (FFZStream *zstream, void *logctx)
 Wrapper around inflateInit(). More...
void ff_inflate_end (FFZStream *zstream)
 Wrapper around inflateEnd(). More...
int ff_deflate_init (FFZStream *zstream, int level, void *logctx)
 Wrapper around deflateInit(). More...
void ff_deflate_end (FFZStream *zstream)
 Wrapper around deflateEnd(). More...

Function Documentation

◆ ff_inflate_init()

int ff_inflate_init ( FFZStream zstream,
void *  logctx 

Wrapper around inflateInit().

It initializes the fields that zlib requires to be initialized before inflateInit(). In case of error it also returns an error message to the provided logctx; in any case, it sets zstream->inited to indicate whether inflateInit() succeeded.

Returns 0 on success or a negative error code on failure

Referenced by decode_init(), decode_zbuf(), flashsv_decode_init(), lscr_decode_init(), png_dec_init(), and zerocodec_decode_init().

◆ ff_inflate_end()

void ff_inflate_end ( FFZStream zstream)

Wrapper around inflateEnd().

It calls inflateEnd() iff zstream->inited is set and resets zstream->inited. It is therefore safe to be called even if ff_inflate_init() has never been called on it (or errored out) provided that the FFZStream (or just FFZStream.inited) has been zeroed.

Referenced by decode_close(), decode_end(), decode_zbuf(), flashsv_decode_end(), lscr_decode_close(), png_dec_end(), and zerocodec_decode_close().

◆ ff_deflate_init()

int ff_deflate_init ( FFZStream zstream,
int  level,
void *  logctx 

Wrapper around deflateInit().

It works analogously to ff_inflate_init().

Referenced by encode_init(), flashsv2_encode_init(), and png_enc_init().

◆ ff_deflate_end()

void ff_deflate_end ( FFZStream zstream)

Wrapper around deflateEnd().

It works analogously to ff_inflate_end().

Referenced by cleanup(), encode_end(), and png_enc_close().