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Elaborate on the Visual C-- situation.

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 @section Visual C++ produces many errors.
-You need a C compiler (Visual C++ is not compliant to the C standard).
+Visual C++ is not compliant to the C standard and does not support
+the inline assembly used in FFmpeg.
 If you wish - for whatever weird reason - to use Visual C++ for your
 project then you can link the Visual C++ code with libav* as long as
 you compile the latter with a working C compiler. For more information, see
 the @emph{Visual C++ compatibility} section in the FFmpeg documentation.
+There have been efforts to make FFmpeg compatible with Visual C++ in the
+past. However, they have all been rejected as too intrusive, especially
+since MinGW does the job perfectly adequately. None of the core developers
+work with Visual C++ and thus this item is low priority. Should you find
+the silver bullet that solves this problem, feel free to shoot it at us.

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