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Alexander Strasser eclipse7
Thu Sep 29 00:34:04 CEST 2005


Diego Biurrun CVS wrote:
> Update of /cvsroot/ffmpeg/ffmpeg/doc
> In directory mail:/var2/tmp/cvs-serv16918/doc
> Modified Files:
> 	faq.texi ffmpeg-doc.texi 
> Log Message:
> Since there have been quite a few questions recently on how to use the
> FFmpeg libraries with Visual C++, here's a patch for the documentation
> that explains everything in (excruciating) detail.
> patch by Martin Boehme <boehme -- at -- inb -- dot -- uni-luebeck -- dot -- de>
> + at item Start the MSYS shell (file @file{msys.bat}) and type @code{link.exe}.
> +If you get a help message with the command line options of @code{link.exe},
> +this means your environment variables are set up correctly, the
> +Microsoft linker is on the path and will be used by FFmpeg to
> +create Visual-C++-compatible import libraries.

  The user should actually type lib.exe because this is what is
called from libav Makefiles and it is not always available even
if link.exe is.
  For example when using the Microsoft Visual C++ Toolkit which
is available free of charge, you won't have lib.exe.
But invoking link.exe -lib did always work good enough to replace
lib.exe (i am not sure if there really is more to it).
  Maybe i should make a patch to change the makefiles to invoke
link.exe instead of lib.exe. Martin, if you are listening does
`link.exe -lib <same options as to lib.exe>' also work for your
MSVC++ setup?

> + at item Write the source code for your application, or, for testing, just
> +copy the code from an existing sample application into the source file
> +that Visual C++ has already created for you. (Note that your source
> +filehas to have a @code{.cpp} extension; otherwise, Visual C++ won't
> +compile the FFmpeg headers correctly because in C mode, it doesn't
> +recognize the @code{inline} keyword.)  For example, you can copy
> + at file{output_example.c} from the FFmpeg distribution (but you will
> +have to make minor modifications so the code will compile under
> +C++, see below).

  I could use the M$ C compiler without problems when eliminating
the inline keyword by #defining it to nothing. Tho maybe it is not
a good idea to mention it, i dunno atm.


  Sorry, for the late review but I am burried in work over here.

  Alex (beastd)

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