[Ffmpeg-cvslog] CVS: ffmpeg/libavcodec/i386 snowdsp_mmx.c, 1.4, 1.5

Michael Niedermayer michaelni
Tue Apr 18 12:21:23 CEST 2006


On Tue, Apr 18, 2006 at 05:52:01AM +0200, Guillaume POIRIER wrote:
> Hi,
> On 4/18/06, Guillaume Poirier CVS <gpoirier at mplayerhq.hu> wrote:
> > Update of /cvsroot/ffmpeg/ffmpeg/libavcodec/i386
> > In directory mail:/var2/tmp/cvs-serv1059/i386
> >
> > Modified Files:
> >         snowdsp_mmx.c
> > Log Message:
> > gcc-2.95 compile fix, patch by Wolfram Gloger <wmglo A dent PIS med PIS uni-muenchen PIS de>
> To be exact, gcc-2.95 doesn't compile it right, and the resulting
> binary segfaults.
> So it's more like a compiler bug work-around, but since we don't do
> compiler workarounds, let's just call it a compile fix, shall we? ;-)

well if we didnt work around gcc-asm bugs then we couldnt use gcc-asm,
every version of gcc has some bugs in relation to asm()
gcc 2.95 and later gcc 4 are least buggy, the ones in between more
buggy, so if we didnt workaround these bugs, we would have to drop
support for gcc < 4, i doubt that would make many people happy

and asm() is gcc specific code, the other workarounds we frequently
reject are in ANSI/ISO C code thats a totally different thing
not to mention most/all? ffmpeg developers use gcc while few/none?
use VC++

and a 1 line workaround in an asm simply is a differnt matter then
a 200+pages code obfuscation patch which vc++ would need


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Today you'd get arrested for mere telling someone where the library is

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