[Ffmpeg-cvslog] patch for simple profile level 0 by Suxen

Robert Swain robert.swain
Thu Aug 3 15:10:13 CEST 2006

Khawaja Zeeshan wrote:
> Can anyone please tell me where can i find the patch to ffmpeg for mpeg4 
> simple profile level 0 (written by Suxen)? I shall be highly obliged for 
> this favour.

I don't know where this particular patch is but I wrote some MPEG-4 profile 
stuff for XviD in MPlayer a while back if that helps you at all. It's on my todo 
list to write similar for FFmpeg MPEG-4 and I started doing it in MPlayer 
(pretty much finished it actually) but abandoned it because I thought it would 
be better to do it in FFmpeg directly. Do you need it urgently? I can't do it at 
the moment but when I have time it shouldn't take long to do.

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