[Ffmpeg-cvslog] r7275 - trunk/libavcodec/dsputil.c

The Wanderer inverseparadox
Mon Dec 11 13:24:41 CET 2006

mru wrote:

> Log:
> improved stack misalignment warning

> -                "so reporting it anywhere but to the compiler maintainers is senseless!\n");
> +                "Compiler did not align stack variables. Libavcodec has been miscompiled\n"
> +                "and may be very slow or crash. This is not a bug in libavcodec,\n"
> +                "but in the compiler. Do not report crashes to FFmpeg developers.\n");

Remaining (possibly new) errors:

"Libavcodec" instead of "libavcodec" - the name is correctly lowercase,
being at the beginning of a sentence makes no difference.

"FFmpeg developers" instead of "the FFmpeg developers" - missing
definite article.

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