[Ffmpeg-cvslog] Solaris 10 compile problems

The Wanderer inverseparadox
Fri Feb 17 23:50:47 CET 2006

CJ Keist wrote:

> Hello,
> First time on this list.  I'm trying to compile ffmpeg  (libavcodec)
> on Solaris 10, for VLC. I am using the cvs latest checkout per the
> web page instructions.

You are on the wrong mailing list. This list is for automated CVS commit
messages and replies to those messaged, ONLY. Compiling questions (which
do not include patches for the build system) generally belong on
ffmpeg-user; if you honestly feel that the question is too technical for
a user list, then it goes to ffmpeg-devel. NO ONE should EVER start a
thread on a -cvslog mailing list by hand; threads should be started only
by the automatic "this change has been committed" mailer.

       The Wanderer

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