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Tue Feb 6 14:16:26 CET 2007

Author: michael
Date: Tue Feb  6 14:16:25 2007
New Revision: 7851


a few words about libavutil

Added: trunk/doc/avutil.txt
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+++ trunk/doc/avutil.txt	Tue Feb  6 14:16:25 2007
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+libavutil is a small lightweight library of generally usefull functions
+it is not a library of code which is needed by both libavcodec and libavformat
+adler32.c               adler32 checksum
+aes.c                   AES encryption and decryption
+fifo.c                  resizeable first in first out buffer
+intfloat_readwrite.c    portable reading and writing of floating point values
+log.c                   "printf" with context and level
+md5.c                   MD5 Message-Digest Algorithm
+rational.c              code to perform exact calculation with rational numbers
+tree.c                  generic AVL tree
+crc.c                   generic CRC checksumming code
+integer.c               128bit integer math
+mathematics.c           greatest common divisor, integer sqrt, integer log2, ...
+mem.c                   memory allocation routines with guranteed alignment
+bswap.h                 big/little/native endian conversation code
+x86_cpu.h               a few usefull macros for unifying x86-64 and x86-32 code
+intreadwrite.h          reading and writing of unaligned big, little and native endian integers
+* Modular (few interdependancies and the possibility of disabling individual parts during ./configure)
+* Small (source and object)
+* Efficient (low cpu and memory usage)
+* Usefull (avoid useless features almost noone needs)

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