[FFmpeg-cvslog] r9284 - trunk/doc/ffmpeg-doc.texi

michael subversion
Tue Jun 12 01:37:15 CEST 2007

Author: michael
Date: Tue Jun 12 01:37:15 2007
New Revision: 9284

dont attach huge samplesto mails


Modified: trunk/doc/ffmpeg-doc.texi
--- trunk/doc/ffmpeg-doc.texi	(original)
+++ trunk/doc/ffmpeg-doc.texi	Tue Jun 12 01:37:15 2007
@@ -1708,6 +1708,8 @@ do not attach several unrelated patches 
     If the patch fixes a bug, did you provide enough information, including
     a sample, so the bug can be reproduced and the fix can be verified?
+    Note please do not attach samples >100k to mails but rather provide a
+    URL, you can upload to ftp://upload.mplayerhq.hu
     Did you provide a verbose summary about what the patch does change?

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