[FFmpeg-cvslog] r8949 - in trunk: configure libavcodec/Makefile libavcodec/wmv2.c

Diego Biurrun diego
Thu May 10 01:52:23 CEST 2007

On Thu, May 10, 2007 at 01:24:07AM +0200, Aurelien Jacobs wrote:
> To be more precise, the following config is enough to show the bug:
> ./configure --disable-decoder=msmpeg4v1 --disable-decoder=msmpeg4v2 \
>             --disable-decoder=msmpeg4v3 --disable-encoder=msmpeg4v1 \
>             --disable-encoder=msmpeg4v2 --disable-encoder=msmpeg4v3
> IOW just disable compilation of msmpeg4.o and see all the other codecs
> which depends on it failing to link.
> To fix this you may need to make compilation of mpegvideo.c optional
> (and this would require at the very least a long dependency list).

Yes, I've been investigating this myself today.  Maybe we should make
the compilation of msmeg4.c unconditional again.  Untangling the
dependencies is going to be tricky.  On the other hand it's probably
well worth it in the long run...


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