[FFmpeg-cvslog] r16055 - trunk/libpostproc/postprocess.c

diego subversion
Thu Dec 11 17:44:22 CET 2008

Author: diego
Date: Thu Dec 11 17:44:22 2008
New Revision: 16055

Do not set COMPILE_C if AltiVec is enabled without runtime CPU detection.
Gets rid of the following warning:
postprocess_template.c:3271: warning: ?postProcess_C? defined but not used


Modified: trunk/libpostproc/postprocess.c
--- trunk/libpostproc/postprocess.c	(original)
+++ trunk/libpostproc/postprocess.c	Thu Dec 11 17:44:22 2008
@@ -557,7 +557,7 @@ static av_always_inline void do_a_debloc
 //Note: we have C, MMX, MMX2, 3DNOW version there is no 3DNOW+MMX2 one
 //Plain C versions
-#if !defined (HAVE_MMX) || defined (RUNTIME_CPUDETECT)
+#if !(defined (HAVE_MMX) || defined (HAVE_ALTIVEC)) || defined (RUNTIME_CPUDETECT)
 #define COMPILE_C

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