[FFmpeg-cvslog] r16177 - trunk/doc/issue_tracker.txt

diego subversion
Wed Dec 17 00:45:27 CET 2008

Author: diego
Date: Wed Dec 17 00:45:26 2008
New Revision: 16177

Roundup now works from a ffmpeg.org domain as well, so prefer that.


Modified: trunk/doc/issue_tracker.txt
--- trunk/doc/issue_tracker.txt	(original)
+++ trunk/doc/issue_tracker.txt	Wed Dec 17 00:45:26 2008
@@ -15,9 +15,10 @@ be properly added to the respective issu
 The subscription URL for the ffmpeg-issues list is:
 The URL of the webinterface of the tracker is:
 Note the URLs in this document are obfuscated, you must append the top level
-domain of Hungary to the tracker, and of Italy to the mailing list.
+domain for non-profit organizations to the tracker, and of Italy to the
+mailing list.
 Email Interface:

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