[FFmpeg-cvslog] [ffmpeg.org]: r487 - trunk/src/legal

diego subversion
Sat Aug 7 23:37:05 CEST 2010

Author: diego
Date: Sat Aug  7 23:37:04 2010
New Revision: 487

Mention EULA translations in the license checklist.


Modified: trunk/src/legal
--- trunk/src/legal	Fri Aug  6 13:59:31 2010	(r486)
+++ trunk/src/legal	Sat Aug  7 23:37:04 2010	(r487)
@@ -71,6 +71,7 @@
 mention that you do not own FFmpeg, and where the relevant owners can be
 <li> Remove any prohibition of reverse engineering from your EULA.</li>
+<li>Apply the same changes to all translations of your EULA.</li>
 <li> Do not misspell FFmpeg (two capitals F and lowercase "mpeg").</li>
 <li> Do not rename FFmpeg dlls to some obfuscated name, but adding a suffix or
 prefix is fine (renaming "avcodec.dll" to "MyProgDec.dll" is not fine, but to

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