[FFmpeg-cvslog] commit: Add section how to find a svn changeset with git commands ( Janne Grunau )

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Sun Jan 16 19:24:29 CET 2011

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Add section how to find a svn changeset with git commands

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diff --git a/doc/git-howto.txt b/doc/git-howto.txt
index 11f9680..a457582 100644
--- a/doc/git-howto.txt
+++ b/doc/git-howto.txt
@@ -223,5 +223,16 @@ I. BASICS:
   Will push the changes to the remote repository. Omitting refspec makes git
   push update all the remote branches matching the local ones.
+13. Finding a specific svn revission
+  Since version 1.7.1 git supports ':/foo' syntax for specifying commits
+  based on a regular expression. see man gitrevisions
+    git show :/'as revision 23456'
+  will show the svn changeset r23456. With older git versions searching in
+  the git log output is the easiest option (especially if a pager with
+  search capabilities is used).
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