[FFmpeg-cvslog] In retry_transfer_wrapper, do not check url_interrupt_cb,

Nicolas George nicolas.george
Fri Mar 4 09:27:24 CET 2011

Le quartidi 14 vent?se, an CCXIX, Martin Storsj? a ?crit?:
> Sorry, I can't work on this at the time, I'm going away over the weekend.
> Nicolas, it won't break normal full runs. But if you're transcoding a long 
> file and abort it halfway by pressing 'q', it should still write a clean 
> file trailer. (Some formats are more readable if totally aborted, some 
> less. Try writing mp4/mov for instance.) I guess url_interrupt_cb() didn't 
> interrupt the raw file protocols before, so we should at least move the 
> url_interrupt_cb() check a bit down so it won't hurt those ones, but still 
> be checked for the network ones when they return EAGAIN.

I will look into it when I have a decent working environment (hopefully end
of day).


  Nicolas George

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