[FFmpeg-cvslog] Merge remote-tracking branch 'qatar/master'

Michael Niedermayer git at videolan.org
Tue Feb 28 03:53:27 CET 2012

ffmpeg | branch: master | Michael Niedermayer <michaelni at gmx.at> | Tue Feb 28 03:38:58 2012 +0100| [e3822886ebb3ae97bdae9be264d891f1d35c960b] | committer: Michael Niedermayer

Merge remote-tracking branch 'qatar/master'

* qatar/master:
  avcodec_default_reget_buffer(): fix compilation in DEBUG mode
  fate: Overhaul WavPack coverage
  h264: fix mmxext chroma deblock to use correct TC values.
  flvdec: Remove the now redundant check for known broken metadata creator
  flvdec: Validate index entries added from metadata while reading
  rtsp: Handle requests from server to client
  movenc: use timestamps instead of frame_size for samples-per-packet
  movenc: use the first cluster duration as the tfhd default duration
  movenc: factorize calculation of cluster duration into a separate function
  doc/APIchanges: fill in missing dates and hashes.
  lavc: reorder AVCodecContext fields.
  lavc: reorder AVFrame fields.


Merged-by: Michael Niedermayer <michaelni at gmx.at>

> http://git.videolan.org/gitweb.cgi/ffmpeg.git/?a=commit;h=e3822886ebb3ae97bdae9be264d891f1d35c960b

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