[FFmpeg-cvslog] doc/filters: fix several errors/typos

Paul B Mahol git at videolan.org
Fri Nov 27 22:11:25 EET 2020

ffmpeg | branch: master | Paul B Mahol <onemda at gmail.com> | Fri Nov 27 21:08:35 2020 +0100| [ecc47e91e3420816b6af0a083fa0b2f9f21e0755] | committer: Paul B Mahol

doc/filters: fix several errors/typos

> http://git.videolan.org/gitweb.cgi/ffmpeg.git/?a=commit;h=ecc47e91e3420816b6af0a083fa0b2f9f21e0755

 doc/filters.texi | 8 ++++----
 1 file changed, 4 insertions(+), 4 deletions(-)

diff --git a/doc/filters.texi b/doc/filters.texi
index f8cc68def1..a3d344d558 100644
--- a/doc/filters.texi
+++ b/doc/filters.texi
@@ -523,7 +523,7 @@ The filter accepts the following options:
 Set split frequencies. Those must be positive and increasing.
 @item order
-Set filter order. Availabe values are:
+Set filter order. Available values are:
 @table @samp
 @item 2nd
@@ -554,13 +554,13 @@ ffmpeg -i in.flac -filter_complex 'acrossover=split=1500[LOW][HIGH]' -map '[LOW]
 Same as above, but with higher filter order:
-ffmpeg -i in.flac -filter_complex 'acrossover=split=1500:order=4th[LOW][HIGH]' -map '[LOW]' low.wav -map '[HIGH]' high.wav
+ffmpeg -i in.flac -filter_complex 'acrossover=split=1500:order=8th[LOW][HIGH]' -map '[LOW]' low.wav -map '[HIGH]' high.wav
 @end example
 Same as above, but also with additional middle band (frequencies between 1500 and 8000):
-ffmpeg -i in.flac -filter_complex 'acrossover=split=1500 8000:order=4th[LOW][MID][HIGH]' -map '[LOW]' low.wav -map '[MID]' mid.wav -map '[HIGH]' high.wav
+ffmpeg -i in.flac -filter_complex 'acrossover=split=1500 8000:order=8th[LOW][MID][HIGH]' -map '[LOW]' low.wav -map '[MID]' mid.wav -map '[HIGH]' high.wav
 @end example
 @end itemize
@@ -6801,7 +6801,7 @@ Alternatively can be set to @code{s} serial.
 Parallel can be faster then serial, while other way around is never true.
 Parallel will abort early on first change being greater then thresholds, while serial
-will continue processing other side of frames if they are equal or bellow thresholds.
+will continue processing other side of frames if they are equal or below thresholds.
 @end table
 @subsection Commands

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