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Thu Jan 12 02:05:02 CET 2012

[00:00] <mgeary> so, i've been given a h264 video, which i realize isn't a good intermediary format (though it's a great final delivery format). I need to make some smaller versions of this video that will then be encoded for web delivery. What is a good codec to use to keep as much quality as possible, given that i'm already dealing with a compressed source file?
[00:00] <mgeary> in other words, what format should i use if my objective is preserving quality, not having an acceptable end-user experience?
[00:00] <newl> webm is my favorite of the month
[00:00] <mgeary> s/format/codec(s)
[00:01] <mgeary> mmm. i'm dealing with some non-*nix people on the receiving end of this, i don't know if they'll have the ability to convert webm. Any other suggestions?
[00:01] <newl> get ffmpeg.exe :)
[00:02] <relaxed> mgeary: {h264/aac}.mp4 served via flashplayer
[00:02] <newl> relaxed: that was last months favorite
[00:02] <mgeary> relaxed: but h264 is a rather lossy format, no? One that is optimized for playback, not necessarily retention of quality. I would have thought something like a high-quality motionJPEG...
[00:05] <relaxed> 1) h264 is the best lossy codec 2) you're not servering lossless video over the web 3) the alternatives are {theroa/vorbis}.ogv and {vpx/vorbis} via html5.
[00:05] <darkstarbyte> h.264 is very good lossy also
[00:05] <mgeary> this isn't for web delivery. This is for delivery to someone else who will encode what i give them into several derivatives
[00:05] <JEEB> something lossless then
[00:05] <mgeary> i'm looking for an archival format, not a delivery format
[00:06] <mgeary> right. such as?
[00:06] <JEEB> be it lossless H.264, ffvhuff or ffv1
[00:06] <relaxed> oh, "encoded for web delivery" confused me.
[00:06] <darkstarbyte> I was not here for the whole thing, but vp8 is great for animation
[00:06] <mgeary> okay, so "-vcodec libx264 -vpre lossless_fast" is really lossless?
[00:07] <JEEB> -vcodec libx264 -crf 0 is lossless :V
[00:07] <JEEB> (with 8bit H.264)
[00:07] <mgeary> ok, thanks
[00:07] <JEEB> if you have a >8bit build of libx264, then you need to set qp to zeor
[00:07] <JEEB> *zero
[00:07] <JEEB> (as crf values go below zero with >8bit)
[00:07] <JEEB> but I'm pretty sure you'll only be dealing with 8bit
[00:07] <JEEB> thus -crf 0 is fine
[00:08] <mgeary> also, does anyone here have experience compiling from git on OS X? my previous attempt worked fine, but with the latest code i'm getting this: http://dpaste.com/685584/. i did a pull of x264 and re-compiled and installed that with no problems, but i still get this error from ffmpeg
[00:08] <darkstarbyte> I use Linux, but the command line is very similar
[00:09] <darkstarbyte> If you have git installed then
[00:09] <mgeary> right. i know how to do it, but i don't know how to deal with this particular error
[00:09] <mgeary> if i leave out x264, it compiles fine
[00:09] <relaxed> make distclean
[00:09] <darkstarbyte> I know how to compile x264, but I am not sure how to install it on macosx
[00:09] <relaxed> then try again
[00:10] <mgeary> did "make clean", but i'll try "make distclean" and try again
[00:11] <mgeary> "./configure --enable-libmp3lame --enable-gpl --enable-libx264" works just fine
[00:14] <DrGorilla> hi
[00:18] <mgeary> nope. same error :(
[00:27] <DrGorilla> so is ffserver sutable for streaming video files yet? the documents say it has problems
[00:28] <JEEBsv> it might work, but it certainly isn't kept up nor does it have documentation
[00:28] <JEEBsv> thus I'd prolly recommend VLC for streaming in most cases
[00:29] <DrGorilla> what about vlc vs gstreamer?
[00:29] <JEEBsv> vlc
[00:29] <DrGorilla> ok
[00:30] <JEEBsv> I don't really see gstreamer as a great alternative at this point of time
[00:30] <JEEBsv> it might have become better, but that's my personal opinion on it >_>
[00:30] <DrGorilla> its complicated and im not having fun with the docs
[00:30] <JEEBsv> VLC is the thing that most people use for http/rtsp streaming and the likes
[00:31] <JEEBsv> lets you set libx264's settings nowadays nicely as well
[00:31] <JEEBsv> watching your Japanese TV tuner's stuff from 8000km away is lovely :D
[00:33] <DrGorilla> ive got an archive of video in a custom file format and i want to put a rest api with a video server on it, ive been playing with vlc, ffserver, and gstreamer and they are all kind of a pain - i need to create a custom input plugin but i would like to just use a tool to stream frames to a pipe or stdout and into a video server - id like to use php to serve the streams
[00:34] <DrGorilla> do you happen to know of any examples or something?
[00:34] <mgeary> have you looked at Red5 at all?
[00:34] <DrGorilla>  nope
[00:34] <DrGorilla> thanks i will check it out
[00:34] <mgeary> it's a replacement for the Flash Media Server. i've never used it for HTML video, but it may work for that as well
[00:35] <DrGorilla> interesting, thanks
[00:36] <DrGorilla> it looks like its flv
[00:36] <mgeary> it also does mp4
[00:36] <DrGorilla> oh ok
[00:37] <DrGorilla> let me ask you this, say i have frames already encoded in dixv, but it has custom headers - whats the best container i could put them in to enable video streaming?
[00:39] <mgeary> on that i have no experience or ideas, i'm afraid. But others here probably would
[01:18] <stopppppa> would it be possible to put a AAC Internet Radio stream into a MP4 container? with or without FFMPEG, does that make sense even?
[01:31] <newl> internet radio stream -> mp3
[01:44] <stopppppa> newl: there are streams that are aac
[01:44] <stopppppa> newl: heres one: http://icy1.abacast.com:80/eldorado-ksly-64
[01:47] <newl> stopppppa: yes - when i play it is a aac and when i dumpstream it to a mp3 file and then play that it is still an aac -
[01:47] <cbreak> of course
[01:47] <cbreak> what did you expect? :)
[01:47] <newl> i was stating that - he wants to put it into some other container
[01:48] <newl> does he want to convert it? that is a different question
[01:48] <cbreak> it sounded like he wanted to remux it
[01:48] <stopppppa> my understanding is the stream is in raw aac format
[01:49] <stopppppa> it doesn't have a container
[01:49] <stopppppa> I'd like it to have a MP4 container
[01:49] <stopppppa> on the fly conversion would be the solution, but not sure if that is possible or makes sense
[01:50] <newl> is ksly an all country all the time station?
[01:50] <stopppppa> that would be my guess
[01:51] <newl> i'll move it to my country folder then -> /dev/null
[01:52] <newl> what about piping it from an mplayer dumpstream into ffmpeg -i   *.mp4
[01:53] <stopppppa> newl: not a bad idea... but i would like to do this programmatically
[01:53] <stopppppa> its seems like ffmpeg would do the job
[01:54] <newl> does programmatically mean in a script ?  use pipes
[01:54] <stopppppa> no i mean using c code or java code
[01:54] <stopppppa> ffmpeg code would be nice
[01:54] <stopppppa> but not sure if it handles things like that, meaning infinite streams
[01:55] <newl> use exec - if you want to use fpc - let me know - that is my main reason for living - using mplayer to get internet radio streams
[01:56] <newl> i use pkill as a timer to set the 'recording' time
[01:56] <newl> sleep  and then pkill
[01:56] <stopppppa> exec? fpc? sorrry new terms to me
[01:57] <newl> there is options for mplayer and mencoder - for timing - one didn't have it when i was programming this
[01:57] <newl> exec ->  system exec for a string     exec 'mplayer ....
[01:57] <newl> fpc = freepascal
[01:58] <stopppppa> cool. thanks for the input newl
[01:58] <stopppppa> still open to suggestions if anyone has any bright ideas on where to look in the FFMPEG code
[01:58] <newl> c and all languages can execute strings
[02:00] <newl> except javascript - but i saw some trick with it
[02:03] <stopppppa> newl: so technically if I had a ffmpeg binary on the system and made an exec call it could work
[02:04] <newl> sure
[02:07] <newl> http://pubs.opengroup.org/onlinepubs/009604499/functions/exec.html
[02:07] <newl> http://pubs.opengroup.org/onlinepubs/009604499/functions/system.html
[02:36] Action: newl using ffmpeg with exec also hides the actual ffmpeg code from prying non debugger eyes or people who know how to use strings .. knowledge is power
[03:27] <DrGorilla> anyone familiar with rtmpdump or live555?
[03:27] <newl> rtmpdump needs command line improvement
[03:28] <DrGorilla> i mean as a library to create a simple server with
[03:28] <newl> what does this simple server do
[03:28] <DrGorilla> serve video
[03:29] <newl> icecast?
[03:29] <newl> http
[03:30] <DrGorilla> http rtmp
[03:31] <newl> i use rtmpdump to get cspan2 - there has to be a better way to serve videos
[06:10] <Arthur_D> hi, I'm trying to re-play a glc output file with glc-play and pipe it to ffmpeg which will encode the output to a usable format. However, it fails with "pipe:: Invalid data found when processing input". Full command and output: http://pastebin.com/JcWMCwXH
[06:11] <Arthur_D> it should supposedly work; found the method here: https://qubodup.wordpress.com/2010/06/02/record-an-opengl-game-in-linux-using-glc/
[06:13] <relaxed> do you get any errors when dumping it without the pipe?
[06:13] <Arthur_D> what do you mean?
[06:13] <relaxed> -o file
[06:14] <Arthur_D> you mean ffmpeg -i supertuxkart-32700-0.glc ?
[06:15] <Arthur_D> I get the same result
[06:15] <Arthur_D> I think the problem is that glc has its own format, which can be played with glc-play, but somehow piping it to ffmpeg doesn't work
[06:16] <relaxed> glc-play /home/magne/SuperTuxKart/Videos/glc-tmp/supertuxkart-32700-0.glc -o OUTPUT.FILE -y 1
[06:16] <Arthur_D> nothing happens
[06:17] <Arthur_D> I'm not sure what glc-play actually does
[06:18] <relaxed> it doesn't output anything?
[06:18] <Arthur_D> no
[06:19] <Arthur_D> hmmm... "-y, --yuv4mpeg=NUM       save video stream NUM in yuv4mpeg format" - and the -y flag is used
[06:19] <relaxed> then we've ruled out a ffmpeg problem
[06:20] <Arthur_D> right
[07:20] <Arthur_D> ok, now I've got a real ffmpeg issue: when I record sound with it, the resulting file is choppy
[07:22] <Arthur_D> i.e. doesn't play back smoothly, and when looking at it in Audacity I can see it has gaps here and there
[07:25] <relaxed> are you piping?
[07:29] <Arthur_D> no
[07:29] <Arthur_D> but I start to audio record with ffmpeg at the same time I start recording with glc
[07:30] <Arthur_D> so perhaps there are buffer problems
[07:37] <Arthur_D> any suggestions?
[08:00] <Arthur_D> hmphf, ffmpeg -list_devices true -f openal -i dummy out.ogg as suggested in the ffmpeg man page does not even work
[08:29] <Arthur_D> sound problem the same when using rec for audio. Can increasing buffer size mitigate the problem?
[09:21] <iandriyanov> Hi all!
[09:21] <iandriyanov> Pls help me with install ffmpeg
[09:22] <iandriyanov> Me need old version (svn checkout -r13180 svn://svn.mplayerhq.hu/ffmpeg/trunk ffmpeg)
[09:23] <iandriyanov> But svn say "svn: warning: URL 'svn://svn.mplayerhq.hu/mplayer/trunk/libswscale' at revision 34540 doesn't exist"
[09:23] <iandriyanov> And ./configure say error - FAAD test failed
[09:23] <iandriyanov> What's wrong?
[09:25] <iandriyanov> Hey...anybody
[09:27] <Arthur_D> http://svn.mplayerhq.hu/ffmpeg/trunk does not appear to exist, so I guess it's not there anymore then
[09:28] <Arthur_D> try to ask their mailing list: http://svn.mplayerhq.hu/design7/mailing_lists.html
[12:05] <Ginks> Could I have someone take a look at: http://pastebin.com/HDFuTk2A  It deals with adding a -vf to an existing -vf for an overlay
[12:07] <Ginks> Oh, and in the last sentence I ment to say video, not image
[12:34] <cbreak-work> what is the general expected lifetime of data of which pointers are passed to ffmpeg?
[12:34] <cbreak-work> for example av_interleaved_write_frame()
[12:35] <cbreak-work> must the AVPacket live on, or is the data copied/encoded syncronously?
[14:15] <Milos> So I have a 320kbps mp3
[14:15] <Milos> I'm trying to convert it to 128kbps CBR
[14:15] <Milos> I use -minrate -maxrate and -b all set to 128k
[14:15] <Milos> keep saying output bitrate = 64kbps
[14:15] <Milos> why and how do I get it to do what I want
[14:23] <Mavrik> Milos, please paste your commandline and all ffmpeg output to a pastebin :)
[14:23] <Milos> Mavrik, I got it! I had to use -ab
[14:24] <Milos> which apparently stands for "audio bitrate" and not "average bitrate"
[14:24] <Mavrik> Milos, new versions prefer -b:v and -b:a
[14:24] <Milos> because apparentely the liblame stuff is not the same as typical ffmpeg switches
[14:24] <Milos> ahh ok
[14:24] <Mavrik> and "-ab" is typical for older ffmpeg versions :)
[14:57] <Milos> Mavrik, cool cool
[14:57] <Milos> Mavrik, thanks
[14:57] <Milos> btw I am using version numbeeeeer
[14:57] <Milos> 0.7.8
[14:57] <Milos> so that explains it
[14:57] <Milos> given the latest is somewhere in the 9s
[14:58] <Mavrik> yeah, repository versions are ancient
[16:21] <iOOO9> is there a plain MPEG-4 ASP encoder, or is ASP only available as XviD, DivX etc?
[16:57] <Arthur_D> I'll ask again: anyone know how to reduce stuttering when recording audio with ffmpeg? The resulting file is always choppy when I record video with glc and sound with ffmpeg of a game
[17:17] <christo_m> Hello, has anyone had success using WinFF for batch conversion of flv to mp4?
[19:07] <Freakshow> nice to see the av_log output \r fixed
[19:38] <ioni> hey guys
[19:38] <WangDangerly> hello
[19:39] <ioni> i have hard time compiling ffmpeg with debug symbols
[19:40] <ioni> vlc crashes with hardware acceleration enabled with ffmpeg git
[19:42] <ioni> it crashes in libavcodec.so.53 but that's stripped
[19:43] <ioni> yey for --disable-stripping
[19:49] <ioni> http://paste.xinu.at/7iB/
[19:49] <ioni> trace log
[19:49] <ioni> start_frame (avctx=0xac965c40, buffer=0x0, size=0) at libavcodec/vaapi_h264.c:234
[19:49] <ioni> not cool
[21:34] <iive> michaelni: take a look ioni's problem.
[21:34] <ioni> i have one more step!
[21:34] <ioni> wait for me
[21:35] <ioni> stupid laptop, is too slow
[21:35] <iive> ioni: can you reproduce the problem if you don't use threading?
[21:35] <ioni> iive, is threading enabled by default?
[21:35] <iive> #3 is frame_worker_thread and #4 is pthread...
[21:36] <iive> #4 is start_thread()
[21:36] <ioni> hmm
[21:37] <ioni> let me look in vlc to see if i can disable
[21:37] <ioni> i don't know how to use ffmpeg with libva for playing
[21:37] <iive> #0 shows vactx = 0, that looks kind of wrong.
[21:39] <ioni> it will be funny to be a one line change as it was last time :)
[21:49] <iive> btw, ioni , do you know if vlc uses h264_vaapi codec, or switches pix_fmt by avct->get_format() ?
[21:49] <ioni> no idea
[21:51] <ioni> c3513477bbbc0898e8fe38c4e37ac67298d76a48 is the first bad commit
[21:51] <ioni> commit c3513477bbbc0898e8fe38c4e37ac67298d76a48
[21:51] <ioni> Author: Shitiz Garg <mail at dragooon.net>
[21:51] <ioni> Date:   Sat Dec 31 03:48:53 2011 +0530
[21:51] <ioni>     cook: K&R formatting cosmetics
[21:51] <ioni> iive,
[21:51] <iive> huh?! cosmetics broke code!!
[21:52] <durandal_1707> i doubt ioni uses cook at all
[21:52] <iive> cook is audio codec, afair
[21:52] <ioni> let me try to revert that
[21:52] <durandal_1707> try reverting whole merge
[21:54] <ioni> yes
[21:54] <ioni> http://git.videolan.org/?p=ffmpeg.git;a=blobdiff_plain;f=libavcodec/cook.c;h=d2ed819b8390dfa603e021d3de9e3150249d6be6;hp=81a1aae9d173fda392353e75ede19d6147ab330e;hb=c3513477bbbc0898e8fe38c4e37ac67298d76a48;hpb=9afc025bff4e3a517105a69ec5009ac66b38f483
[21:54] <ioni> i'll revert this
[21:55] <durandal_1707> that is single commit, i doubt it will help
[21:56] <ioni> hmm
[21:56] <ioni> i failed at bisecting i guess
[21:57] <durandal_1707> revert whole merge with that commit inside
[21:57] <ioni> which one?
[21:57] <ioni> http://git.videolan.org/?p=ffmpeg.git;a=commit;h=1a6a088f7c7b164042ad16d43d05543ce1bacfa4 ?
[21:58] <durandal_1707> i see nothing bad with that one
[21:58] <durandal_1707> ioni: what is actually your problem?
[21:59] <ioni> vlc crashes when hardware acceleration is enabled
[21:59] <ioni> with git master
[21:59] <ioni> http://paste.xinu.at/7iB/
[21:59] <ioni> gdb trace
[22:00] <durandal_1707> where is merge with cook file cosmetics changes?
[22:01] <michaelni> ioni, did you try disabling threads ?
[22:01] <ioni> michaelni, i don't know how to do it
[22:01] <durandal_1707> better give whole bisecting history
[22:02] <michaelni> -threads 1 for ffmpeg, dunno how todo it in vlc
[22:02] <ioni> durandal_1707, http://paste.xinu.at/haSy/
[22:02] <ioni> michaelni, how do use ffmpeg + libva for playing?
[22:04] <michaelni> reverting the options.c part of e4e30256f87f177decf59b59e923d05ef64147df should disable therads
[22:05] <ioni> let me try
[22:11] <ioni> michaelni, yes, that's it
[22:24] <ioni> michaelni, i'll revert this in our package
[22:24] <ioni> until is fixed properly
[23:22] <ioni> michaelni, let me know if you need any more details
[23:30] <michaelni> ioni, i mailed the vaapi maintainer about the bug ...
[23:30] <ioni> on a ml or private?
[23:31] <ioni> michaelni, i want to follow the subject
[23:32] <michaelni> ioni, private :( ill reply and CC to you if you tell me your email address
[23:33] <ioni> ibiru at archlinux.org
[23:33] <michaelni> ok, moment
[23:34] <michaelni> reply sent
[23:36] <ioni> thanks
[23:37] <ioni> for now i'll push a package that disables multithread
[00:00] --- Thu Jan 12 2012

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