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Fri Jan 20 02:05:03 CET 2012

[01:12] <Compn> http://cryptome.org/
[01:12] <Compn> cryptic
[01:14] <kierank> <FONT COLOR="#ff0000"><BIG><BIG><BIG><BIG><BIG><BIG><B>NO</B></BIG></BIG></BIG></BIG></BIG></BIG></FONT>
[01:14] <kierank> HAHA
[01:18] <funman> win 29
[01:24] <Compn> am i missing the joke ?
[01:25] <Compn> kierank
[01:25] <kierank> no, just a lot of BIG for some reason
[01:35] <CIA-31> ffmpeg: 03Anton Khirnov 07master * rbbf0023bb6 10ffmpeg/doc/RELEASE_NOTES: RELEASE_NOTES: mention hiding private symbols in shared builds.
[01:35] <CIA-31> ffmpeg: 03Anton Khirnov 07master * r26f71ef48c 10ffmpeg/doc/RELEASE_NOTES: RELEASE_NOTES: mention some notable API changes in 0.8
[01:35] <CIA-31> ffmpeg: 03Donald Ovcharov 07master * rac84f2edd4 10ffmpeg/libavcodec/error_resilience.c: 
[01:35] <CIA-31> ffmpeg: error_resilience: K&R formatting cosmetics
[01:35] <CIA-31> ffmpeg: Signed-off-by: Diego Biurrun <diego at biurrun.de>
[01:35] <CIA-31> ffmpeg: 03Alex Converse 07master * rd7420e0ac9 10ffmpeg/libavformat/mov.c: mov: Remove dead stores for spherical coordinates for channel position.
[01:35] <CIA-31> ffmpeg: 03Anton Khirnov 07master * rf97cb45156 10ffmpeg/libavformat/avformat.h: 
[01:35] <CIA-31> ffmpeg: lavf: fix and extend av_interleaved_write_frame() doxy.
[01:35] <CIA-31> ffmpeg: Specify that lavf is responsible for freeing the data.
[01:35] <CIA-31> ffmpeg: 03Anton Khirnov 07master * raa2e4bb058 10ffmpeg/libavformat/utils.c: 
[01:35] <CIA-31> ffmpeg: lavf: free packets for muxers implementing interleave_packet().
[01:35] <CIA-31> ffmpeg: Fixes a memleak.
[01:35] <CIA-31> ffmpeg: 03Gaurav Narula 07master * rb481bbc32a 10ffmpeg/tests/ (audiogen.c base64.c rotozoom.c tiny_psnr.c videogen.c): tests: K&R formatting cosmetics for test programs
[01:35] <CIA-31> ffmpeg: 03Michael Niedermayer 07master * rc130428ab5 10ffmpeg/: (log message trimmed)
[01:35] <CIA-31> ffmpeg: Merge remote-tracking branch 'qatar/master'
[01:35] <CIA-31> ffmpeg: * qatar/master:
[01:35] <CIA-31> ffmpeg:  avprobe, cmdutils: K&R formatting cosmetics
[01:39] <ubitux> saste: thanks for your reviews (and thanks for the L trick... :))
[01:41] <saste> ubitux: np :)
[01:48] <ubitux> arh i want to continue the subtitles stuff but i have too much stuff in progress :(
[01:48] <ubitux> (not only for ffmpeg unfortunately... :'(
[03:38] <xxthink> does ffmpeg support http streaming output?
[03:39] <durandal_1707> xxthink: ffmpeg -protocols
[03:40] <xxthink> durandal_1707: great!
[03:41] <xxthink> but I can't output it 
[03:41] <xxthink> ./ffmpeg -i mmsh:// -vcodec libx264 -preset fast -g 60 -vb 500000 -strict experimental -acodec aac -ab 64000 -ar 44100 -ac 2 -f flv
[03:41] <xxthink> [tcp @ 0x1c25fbe0] TCP connection to failed: Connection refused
[03:41] <durandal_1707> there is ffserver
[03:42] <durandal_1707> but it is in bad shape
[03:42] <xxthink> durandal_1707: I should set up ffserver?
[03:43] <durandal_1707> ffserver does streaming stuff
[03:43] <xxthink> ok
[04:13] <xxthink> durandal_1707: it says av_interleaved_write_frame(): Connection reset by peer
[04:14] <durandal_1707> not enough information provided
[04:16] <xxthink> I use ffmpeg and ffserver to transcode and stream a stream on the fly
[04:16] <xxthink> the ffmpeg server is run
[04:16] <xxthink> when I use
[04:17] <xxthink> ./ffmpeg -i mmsh:/ -vcodec libx264 -preset fast -g 60 -vb 500000 -strict experimental -acodec aac -ab 64000 -ar 44100 -ac 2 -f flv
[04:17] <xxthink> it says: av_interleaved_write_frame(): Connection reset by peer
[04:18] <durandal_1707> cant you actualy transcode that mmsh it file?
[04:18] <xxthink> http://pastebin.com/vFUJD8zn
[04:18] <xxthink> this is the whole log
[04:19] <xxthink> yes, I can transcode it to file
[04:20] <durandal_1707> and can you stream such transcoded file?
[04:20] <xxthink> sorry, I don't know how to stream this file
[04:20] <xxthink> I can save this flv file.
[04:21] <xxthink> do you need my ffserver config?
[04:21] <durandal_1707> ffserver can be configured to stream from the file no?
[04:22] <xxthink> let me first google how to stream it
[04:24] <funman> win 29
[04:26] <xxthink> durandal_1707: 
[04:26] <xxthink>  ffmpeg -i x.flv -s qcif -acodec copy -vcodec copy -f flv
[04:26] <xxthink> I use this command to stream this flv
[04:26] <xxthink> the same error occur
[04:26] <xxthink> av_interleaved_write_frame(): Connection reset by peer
[04:27] <durandal_1707> perhaps it is problem with flv, try another container, and what version are you using?
[04:28] <xxthink> ffmpeg version N-35986-g0edf7eb
[04:29] <xxthink> almost the latest version
[04:30] <xxthink> mp4, mpegts have the same problem
[04:31] <durandal_1707> is there some conf for ffserver which is guaranted to work?
[04:32] <durandal_1707> maybe it is regression, in which case you would need to bisect for relevant commit
[04:33] <xxthink> old version of ffmpeg is ok?
[04:34] <durandal_1707> old version of ff* and libav*
[04:37] <xxthink> 0.7.1 is ok
[04:44] <xxthink> but only mpegts format
[08:59] <CIA-31> ffmpeg: 03Michael Niedermayer 07master * r1ce8377c78 10ffmpeg/libavcodec/wmalosslessdec.c: 
[08:59] <CIA-31> ffmpeg: wmalossless: Fix incompatoble pointer type warnings
[08:59] <CIA-31> ffmpeg: Signed-off-by: Michael Niedermayer <michaelni at gmx.at>
[09:16] <piece3> Hiya, my ffmpeg version is 0.8.7 (updated from fedora repo), was ticket #285 closed out by this version, as I'm getting a similar error
[12:53] <Compn> At the Association for Computing Machinery’s Symposium on Discrete Algorithms (SODA) this week, a group of MIT researchers will present a new algorithm that, in a large range of practically important cases, improves on the fast Fourier transform. Under some circumstances, the improvement can be dramatic — a tenfold increase in speed. 
[12:53] <Compn> ten fold! :P
[12:53] <Compn> http://web.mit.edu/newsoffice/2012/faster-fourier-transforms-0118.html
[12:55] <av500> yes, in case you only have a few frequencies in the spectrum
[12:56] <av500> if you know the freqs, you can do http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Goertzel_algorithm anyway
[17:11] <ubitux> michaelni: nice the -fasan box
[17:12] <ubitux> are you the one who added the mingw32 boxes btw?
[17:12] <michaelni> yes
[17:14] <ubitux> ok :)
[17:43] <CIA-31> ffmpeg: 03Javier Cabezas 07master * r1406d9ddc6 10ffmpeg/libavcodec/dnxhddec.c: 
[17:43] <CIA-31> ffmpeg: DNxHD: frame multithreading
[17:43] <CIA-31> ffmpeg: Signed-off-by: Javier Cabezas <jcabgz at gmail.com>
[17:43] <CIA-31> ffmpeg: Signed-off-by: Michael Niedermayer <michaelni at gmx.at>
[17:43] <CIA-31> ffmpeg: 03ami_stuff 07master * ref9623f670 10ffmpeg/libavformat/riff.c: 
[17:43] <CIA-31> ffmpeg: Add "S263" FourCC
[17:43] <CIA-31> ffmpeg: fixes ticket #923
[17:43] <CIA-31> ffmpeg: Signed-off-by: Michael Niedermayer <michaelni at gmx.at>
[19:41] <elupus> Hi, i have a question about avfilter_graph_parse
[19:42] <elupus> the ouput open_input_ptr and open_output_ptr the docs say should be freed. But when should they be freed? Can they be freed directly?
[19:42] <elupus> Hmm.. sorry this belongs in #ffmpeg
[19:42] <elupus> will re-state it there
[19:49] <CIA-31> ffmpeg: 03Nicolas George 07master * r4cf81d9f99 10ffmpeg/configure: libcelt: configure: check for recent version.
[22:33] <Compn> they fuckin got megaupload!
[22:33] <gnafu> D:
[22:40] <Compn> if anyone doesnt think its not a big deal... even mplayer and ffmpeg users use megaupload to upload samples!
[22:40] <Compn> and if you take one down, theres no stopping them from taking down the rest !
[22:42] <gnafu> I thought you weren't supposed to use file upload sites for samples.
[22:42] Action: gnafu ducks.
[22:42] <Tjoppen> I was about to say..
[22:42] <Tjoppen> is there some kind of news article on this?
[22:43] <Compn> http://www.justice.gov/opa/pr/2012/January/12-crm-074.html
[22:43] <gnafu> http://entertainment.slashdot.org/story/12/01/19/210201/megauploadcom-shut-down-founder-charged-with-piracy
[22:43] <ubitux> usa, laughter creator since its birth
[22:44] <Compn> five years in prison on the charge of conspiracy to commit copyright infringement
[22:45] <Compn> .....
[22:46] <Tjoppen> wow
[22:46] <Tjoppen> though I suspect you get stiffer sentences for say manslaughter. in sweden, not so much
[22:47] <ubitux> btw, once again, centralization shows its weakness again
[22:47] <Tjoppen> it's fascinating how worst practice laws rule the internet
[22:48] <Compn> theres a few results in google for '5 years for manslaughter' in usa Tjoppen
[22:48] <Compn> so drive drunk and kill a guy... 5 years.
[22:48] <Compn> conspire to commit copyright infringement .. 5 years.
[22:50] <Tjoppen> I'm alluding to the TPB guys being sentenced to far worse than what you get for manslaughter or rape (if I'm not mistaken)
[22:51] <Compn> ah
[22:51] <Compn> hows the tpb stuff going ?
[22:51] <Tjoppen> I'm actually a bit surprised megaupload wasn't taken down sooner, considering they actually host files (unlike tpb)
[22:51] <Compn> i havent heard anything about tpb
[22:51] <Tjoppen> it's on appeal
[22:51] <Compn> except that the appeal judges were all crooked
[22:52] <Compn> and in copyright lobbies
[22:52] <Tjoppen> court date is.. some time this year?
[22:52] <Tjoppen> the entire justice system is in the lobby's hands
[22:52] <Compn> what is sweden doing to fix that ?
[22:53] <Tjoppen> you're implying the goverment and the riksdag aren't in cahoots with them
[22:54] <Compn> i'm talking about its citizens :(
[22:54] <Compn> pirate party didnt get many votes :(
[22:54] <bcoudurier> michaelni, for very high bitrate
[22:54] <Tjoppen> indeed. media preferred to present the neo nazis as the underdog party
[22:54] <bcoudurier> I'm not convinced frame threading decoding is the right solution
[22:54] <bcoudurier> ex: dnxhd and avcintra
[22:54] <bcoudurier> slices work really better in my experience
[23:02] <ohsix> mediafire is pretty good gr8 too, just no reason not to use megaupload while megaupload was around
[23:04] <Compn> bcoudurier : since you are here , someone posted a patch to support something, ported from ffmbc
[23:04] <Compn> but it was originally a patch from somewhere else
[23:04] <Tjoppen> dvcprohd
[23:04] <Compn> maybe you could look at it and see if it can be lgpld easily ?
[23:04] <michaelni> quote from slashdot: "With SOPA, they can take your site down if you link to (or, presumably, mention) megaupload.com. Think about that one for a minute."
[23:05] <michaelni> did we do that ? ;)
[23:05] <Tjoppen> let's play six degrees of megaupload
[23:05] <michaelni> bcoudurier, i agree slices are better if possible
[23:05] <ohsix> the kim dotcom guy looked like an easy target, he's been indicted for stuff before; even though it's inadmissable they can probably hang a lot on him because of it
[23:05] <durandal_1707> michaelni: grepping ffmpeg git complete history right now....
[23:07] <michaelni> htdocs/bugreports.html:<b>Furthermore movie files uploaded to services like megaupload, rapidshare or
[23:07] <durandal_1707> omg, delete that immediately do git rebase too
[23:07] <Tjoppen> better use git-filter-branch to purge from history
[23:07] <Compn> like i said, ffmpeg used megaupload 
[23:07] <ohsix> heh does git history run afoul of SOPA or PIPA? man that'd be awful
[23:08] <Compn> this is important stuff :(
[23:08] <ohsix> you must purge all of recorded online history!
[23:09] <Tjoppen> filter-branch is fairly neat. used it at work to clean some huge samples from svn history when porting to git
[23:31] <CIA-31> ffmpeg: 03Carl Eugen Hoyos 07master * rb4634a006c 10ffmpeg/libavcodec/ (targa.c version.h): Simplify targa decoding on big endian.
[23:31] <CIA-31> ffmpeg: 03Carl Eugen Hoyos 07master * r34aadeaa2c 10ffmpeg/libavcodec/targa.c: 
[23:31] <CIA-31> ffmpeg: Simplify PIX_FMT_RGB555LE selection in targa decoder.
[23:31] <CIA-31> ffmpeg: Suggested by Jean First.
[23:31] <CIA-31> ffmpeg: 03Carl Eugen Hoyos 07master * rb614c14767 10ffmpeg/libavcodec/ (pnm.c pnmdec.c version.h): 
[23:31] <CIA-31> ffmpeg: Simplify 32bit pam decoding.
[23:31] <CIA-31> ffmpeg: Reviewed-by: Paul B Mahol
[23:31] <CIA-31> ffmpeg: 03Carl Eugen Hoyos 07master * r21a1006109 10ffmpeg/libavcodec/ (sgienc.c version.h): Support encoding 16bit pixel formats to sgi.
[23:31] <CIA-31> ffmpeg: 03Carl Eugen Hoyos 07master * re209a37777 10ffmpeg/libavcodec/ (pngdec.c version.h): Simplify 32bit png decoding.
[23:31] <CIA-31> ffmpeg: 03Michael Bradshaw 07master * rde07355026 10ffmpeg/libavcodec/libopenjpegenc.c: Changed indexing in libopenjpeg to shorten lines
[23:31] <CIA-31> ffmpeg: 03Carl Eugen Hoyos 07master * rdf42dd7323 10ffmpeg/libavcodec/ (libopenjpegenc.c version.h): 
[23:31] <CIA-31> ffmpeg: Support gray8a encoding with libopenjpeg.
[23:31] <CIA-31> ffmpeg: Reviewed-by: Michael Bradshaw
[23:31] <CIA-31> ffmpeg: Reviewed-by: Paul B Mahol
[23:45] <CIA-31> ffmpeg: 03Nicolas George 07master * ra9575ffc65 10ffmpeg/cmdutils.c: cmdutils: media type to letter conversion in a separate function.
[23:45] <CIA-31> ffmpeg: 03Nicolas George 07master * rdcea7ca752 10ffmpeg/cmdutils.c: cmdutils: include type in filter list.
[23:52] <Compn> is nicholas george on irc ?
[23:52] Action: Compn always forgets nicks
[00:00] --- Fri Jan 20 2012

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