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Wed Feb 11 02:05:01 CET 2015

[00:03] <Seb_Sob> ok thanks
[00:09] <Seb_Sob> if i use rotate i get a portrait output .. even if i say -s 640x360 (which is landscape)
[00:09] <Seb_Sob> input is landscape btw
[00:16] <techtopia> rotate with transpose
[00:16] <techtopia> crop back to 16:9 res
[00:16] <techtopia> output to waht ever size with -s
[00:17] <techtopia> you will have to crop most of the image and it will look terrible though
[00:18] <Seb_Sob> hmm
[00:18] <Seb_Sob> look i have a landscape image in 16:9, but i accually just want to rotate it and resize it so that it fit in the center
[00:19] <c_14> What was wrong with transpose?
[00:19] <Seb_Sob> transpose makes the video portrait
[00:19] <Seb_Sob> i don't wont to crop :s
[00:19] <c_14> Didn't you want the picture to be portrait?
[00:20] <Seb_Sob> nop it must stay landscape
[00:20] <c_14> Then how do you want to rotate it?
[00:21] <c_14> Let's say you have a 9:16 picture of a tree, the tree is growing up.
[00:21] <c_14> What do you want as the result?
[00:21] <Seb_Sob> i will show u
[00:23] <Seb_Sob> look: http://i.gyazo.com/26588c1b8d1c6d66035ad5c007828e7f.png
[00:24] <c_14> And you want the height to stay 720?
[00:24] <Seb_Sob> yeah
[00:24] <c_14> transpose,pad,scale or transpose,scale,pad or scale,transpose,pad though pad,transpose,scale and pad,scale,transpose are also valid
[00:26] <Seb_Sob> accually i should first rotate, than scale it 1/2 and then pad back to landscape?
[00:26] <c_14> That should work fine
[10:30] <YaMoonSun> Is it possible for me to encode to libvpx with more than one core? It's so slow.
[10:37] <relaxed> YaMoonSun: did you try using -threads ?
[10:38] <YaMoonSun> I'm not familiar with how to do so. Just type -thread 4 to use whole quad-core?
[10:38] <_randomdude> i find it uses all cores without doing -threads
[10:38] <_randomdude> i get 100% on cpu
[10:39] <YaMoonSun> When encoding webm?
[10:40] <relaxed> YaMoonSun: which version are you using?
[10:40] <relaxed> run htop to see if it's using multiple threads
[10:41] <YaMoonSun> I feel kind of like a nub atm, one moment
[10:42] <YaMoonSun> 2014-12-24 git-3a2bed1 version
[10:43] <YaMoonSun> Just downloaded the newest one, going to configure it really fast.
[11:18] <sheldor> Hi I'm trying ffmpeg -i in.mov out.webm but I get " No decoder for stream #0:1, filtering impossible"
[11:19] <sheldor> I even can't play the video with mpv
[11:21] <YaMoonSun> Try putting quotes around the input filename
[11:22] <sheldor> fflogger: http://pastie.org/9934567
[11:22] <sheldor> YaMoonSun: Still the same
[11:23] <YaMoonSun> Says no such pastie exists
[11:24] <durandal_1707> sheldor: 2 tracks have unsupported codec
[11:25] <durandal_1707> you could report bug on bug tracker
[11:28] <durandal_1707> sheldor: could you upload recording.mov somewhere?
[11:51] <sheldor> durandal_1707: https://men-enquetes.orion.education.fr/efivol/telech.php?tg=ZBvmWcoA6X104447&login=Efv9EI
[12:00] <YaMoonSun> Is there a reason I can't copy libx264 into a .mkv? =/
[12:04] <_randomdude> you can
[12:05] <durandal_1707> sheldor: i see this is just h264 with another fourcc=rv64 could you open bug report here http://ffmpeg.org/bugreports.html ?
[12:05] <Mavrik> Why would you copy a library into a video file? O.o
[12:06] <_randomdude> ffmpeg -i input.whatever -c:v  libx264 -acodec copy output.mkv
[12:07] <YaMoonSun> http://pastebin.com/pHPkZjMu
[12:09] <YaMoonSun> Keeps telling me there's no output file specified
[12:10] <hans_s> YaMoonSun: you're missing a value for the -c:a:1 parameter
[12:11] <YaMoonSun> I guess there was a torrent in the output directory with the same name, and it couldn't overwrite it.
[13:12] <anshul__> I am trying to compile ffplay  on arm board
[13:12] <anshul__> but SDL library are not detetected by configure command
[13:17] <anshul__> inside configure i tried echo the return value of pkg-config it was correct, but still it does not find the SDL
[13:39] <samf88> Hi all, anyone know the best way of getting VP9 support in ffmpeg?  I'm useless at building from source code so a pre-existing build would be wonderful or directions on how to patch libvpx
[13:42] <klaxa> samf88, maybe your distribution already has ffmpeg with libvpx and libvpx maybe already has vp9, what distribution are you on? maybe compiling from source is the easiest way after all
[13:42] <samf88> I am on N-58099-g9244a68.  I have VP8 support but apparently not VP9
[13:58] <termos> When trying to mux into smoothstreaming format both audio and video the stream plays back at about twice the speed of what it should. Any ideas about this?
[14:16] <sheldor> durandal_1707:  I've done it https://trac.ffmpeg.org/ticket/4303#ticket (I hope I don't forget anything ? )
[15:05] <jameshowe> (might be a #ffmpeg-devel question) --enable-pic doesn't work on 2.5.3 but does work on trunk, anyone able to help me find the changes to port over?
[15:18] <c_14> jameshowe: tried a bisect?
[15:19] <jameshowe> it appears to be not just one change
[15:42] <relaxed> samf88: http://johnvansickle.com/ffmpeg/
[15:44] <relaxed> anshul__: sdl 1.2 ?
[16:41] <joeflateau> i don't seem to be able to find documentation on which scaling method is the default for the scale filter
[16:41] <joeflateau> anybody know?
[17:39] <justinX> joeflateau: you mean if it is cubic or such?
[17:53] <joeflateau> justinX: yes
[17:53] <joeflateau> i eventually found it between ffmpeg -h full and the source code
[17:53] <joeflateau> could be better documented
[17:53] <joeflateau> ffmpeg -h full says that the default is "4"
[17:53] <joeflateau> and the source says that bicubic is 4
[18:24] <samf88> relaxed, thanks for those.  Are these files supposed to work on Windows?  Having trouble executing them
[21:58] <AV_Damien> hi, i'm trying to overlay an image onto a movie, and i'd like to put some opacity on the image, but I 'don't know how to do this. Something like : ffmpeg -i aa.mov -i image.png -filter_complex 'overlay=20:20,alpha=0,5' bb.mp4
[22:00] <pzich> can you do it to the image itself?
[22:02] <AV_Damien> yes I can, but is there any way to do it programmaticaly with ffmpeg ?
[22:03] <pzich> seems like you might be able to do it with blend: https://ffmpeg.org/ffmpeg-filters.html#blend_002c-tblend
[22:19] <AV_Damien> I tried this : -filter_complex "blend=all_mode='overlay':all_opacity=0.5" but I have some errors
[22:19] <AV_Damien> [Parsed_blend_0 @ 0x7f849d000bc0] First input link top parameters (size 1280x720, SAR 1:1) do not match the corresponding second input link bottom parameters (100x62, SAR 1:1)
[22:19] <AV_Damien> [Parsed_blend_0 @ 0x7f849d000bc0] Failed to configure output pad on Parsed_blend_0
[22:44] <AV_Damien> thanks, here it is : http://pastebin.com/3aikYPz9
[23:09] <goulard> programmatically encoding video with FFmpeg, using avcodec_encode_video2 (libx264).   I keep getting variable frame rate encodings
[23:09] <goulard> I would like constant frame rate
[23:09] <goulard> I set time_base in codec context to be something like 1/30
[23:09] <goulard> any ideas?
[23:11] <pzich> https://trac.ffmpeg.org/wiki/Encode/H.264#crf ?
[23:11] <pzich> oh sorry, misread
[23:11] <pzich> constant framerate, so -r 30 or something?
[23:12] <pzich> you may get funky results if your videos aren't already that though, 24->30 is pretty weird
[23:13] <goulard> well thats from the command line right?
[23:13] <goulard> I am doing it programatically
[23:13] <goulard> I increment my pts valus by 1/30
[23:13] <pzich> ah, sorry, haven't used the lib
[23:14] <goulard> pzich: thank u
[23:31] <YaMoonSun> How do I see all the options for the libx264 codec?
[23:32] <YaMoonSun> Also, is there a way that I can convert all the files in a directory?
[23:34] <pzich> I don't know about "all", but there are plenty on http://mewiki.project357.com/wiki/X264_Settings
[23:34] <pzich> And you could write a script to run ffmpeg on each file in a directory.
[23:35] <YaMoonSun> Sounds like a pain in the arse honestly =)
[23:35] <YaMoonSun> Thanks though
[23:37] <pzich> if you're using bash, IFS=$'\n'; for INF in `ls *.mkv`; do ffmpeg -i "$INF" -vcodec ... "${INF/mkv/mp4}"; done will list all MKVs and write corresponding MP4s
[23:37] <pzich> for example
[23:41] <kepstin-laptop> with bash you should do for INF in *.mkv; do ffmpeg -i "$INF" ... ; done - then you're not uselessly using ls or having quoting issues with special characters :)
[23:47] <YaMoonSun> My lame ass is using cmd prompt
[23:47] <pzich> kepstin-laptop: good call
[23:47] <YaMoonSun> My graphics card isn't fitted into the mobo all the way so I can't boot up GNU/Linux
[23:48] <pzich> I suspect linux is running in some capacity if you're running commands
[23:49] <YaMoonSun> If so I'd be laughing at myself for setting it up unknowingly. I just copied the windows build into the C:/ directory and configured it to work with cmd.exe
[23:49] <pzich> oh
[23:50] <voip_> Hello, how to send HLS live stream to "localhost"? Than i need to pull it from other server
[00:00] --- Wed Feb 11 2015

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