[Ffmpeg-devel-irc] ffmpeg.log.20170113

burek burek021 at gmail.com
Sat Jan 14 03:05:01 EET 2017

[00:00:06 CET] <BtbN> you should make sure the channel count and bitrate matches
[00:01:16 CET] <karchnu> it seems counter intuitive to me not to have the same behavior between the two invocations given the two same arguments
[00:01:45 CET] <BtbN> the first invocation uses the bitrate and channel count from the input file.
[00:01:50 CET] <BtbN> Second one uses ffmpeg defaults.
[00:03:00 CET] <BtbN> Why are you even doing that? Why not just run one ffmpeg process for that?
[00:03:53 CET] <karchnu> ack, so the parameters are (i) the channel count, (ii) the codec pcm_s16le and (iii) the file format s16le
[00:04:31 CET] <BtbN> and the rate, -ar
[00:05:18 CET] <karchnu> BtbN: I said it at 13:53:22 (I c/c it for you)
[00:05:30 CET] <karchnu> BtbN: and the rate, ack, thx :)
[00:28:44 CET] <karchnu> (it works, thanks BtbN ;)) now I would like to see the spectrum of the two audio files, is there a simple viewer you recommend?
[00:36:12 CET] <llogan> karchnu: showspectrum(pic) filter(s)
[00:42:28 CET] <karchnu> llogan: thanks, I didn't know ffmpeg was able to produce this. Impressive.
[00:59:20 CET] <llogan> karchnu: it has several visualization filters. some examples here: http://video.stackexchange.com/a/9697/1760
[01:04:39 CET] <alexspeller> I have a webm file that has multiple different resolutions in it (it's a screen capture of a window that changes dimensions). Is there any way to "normalize" the dimensions and output a video of a constant resolution, having e.g. black borders around the video when the resolutions change?
[01:04:40 CET] <alexspeller> https://www.dropbox.com/s/ptueirabmmht0fr/4be7fdb7-d7e9-41b4-ba26-e20a3eeb6026.webm?dl=0
[01:08:38 CET] <alexspeller> if you play the video in google chrome, how that looks is what I'd like to output. Tried messing around with scaleing, setsar and setdar parameters but I can't figure out how to get output that's not just distorted
[01:11:39 CET] <Sashmo> does anyone have a suggestion on how to use filter complex and MAP to encode video 3 times, but encode audio once, and then combine that with the 3 video?
[01:13:49 CET] <llogan> Sashmo: use the tee muxer. http://ffmpeg.org/ffmpeg-formats.html#tee
[01:14:18 CET] <llogan> https://trac.ffmpeg.org/wiki/Creating%20multiple%20outputs#Teepseudo-muxer
[01:15:51 CET] <Sashmo> thanks llogan but thats not it...  in my command I need to split the video 3 times, for 3 different resolutions, but encode that audio once, and then tie them together, the tee filter only does desinations after I have encoded something, I ideally I want to encode the audio and map that output to be used as an input in the same command, tee wont do that
[01:16:23 CET] <llogan> your question was unclear
[01:17:01 CET] <llogan> and i still don't get what you're trying to do
[01:19:45 CET] <Sashmo> one source... split the source 3 times, take the video only... I use filter complex to resize the video, and create 3 new MAPed output, i.e. vout0 vout1 vout3, that gives me 3 maps that I can encode to 3 seperate outputs, BUT I dont want to waste CPU cycles encoding the audio 3 times for the same bitrate, becuase I am keeping the same audio rate each time, so why encode it one addtional time in each mapped output, encode it once, and then copy it
[01:19:46 CET] <Sashmo>  to my mapped output..... make sense?
[01:21:44 CET] <llogan> that's what my second link does
[01:22:14 CET] <llogan> alexspeller: "scale='min(1280,iw)':min'(692,ih)':force_original_aspect_ratio=decrease:eval=frame,pad=1280:692:(ow-iw)/2:(oh-ih)/2"
[01:23:02 CET] <alexspeller> llogan: awesome, thanks!
[01:23:29 CET] <llogan> why does the webm change width and height like that?
[01:25:22 CET] <alexspeller> It's a screenshare of a window over webrtc from chrome
[01:25:40 CET] <alexspeller> llogan: the window changed dimensions whilst being screenschared
[01:25:58 CET] <llogan> and the PTS is probably screwy
[01:26:42 CET] <alexspeller> yes, without manually specifying a framerate ffmpeg things it's 1k FPS :)
[01:27:10 CET] <llogan> i've seen a few similar files like this. more webrtc stuff from chrome.
[01:27:19 CET] <alexspeller> I'm using opentok, and these are the videos I'm getting back. I have no idea if this is unprocessed from what Chrome sent over webrtc, or if there's been additional processing by opentok service first
[01:27:40 CET] <llogan> hmm, i think the others i've seen were made by this same opentok
[01:28:09 CET] <alexspeller> The audio is also not properly decoded by libopus, so I'm transcoding the audio with vlc first
[01:28:14 CET] <alexspeller> which seems to work.
[01:28:20 CET] <alexspeller> It's a big mess :(
[01:28:38 CET] <llogan> can you not decode it properly with ffmpeg's native opus decoder?
[01:29:40 CET] <alexspeller> the native opus decoder causes lots of short audio dropouts. libopus causes audio to be off by ~15 seconds and a few long dropouts
[01:29:43 CET] <Sashmo> llogan: I sort of see what you are saying but where do I put any video encoding parameters for each video I resized?
[01:30:01 CET] <alexspeller> (on similar videos, the sample I provided has no audio as it's a screenshare)
[01:30:24 CET] <llogan> Sashmo: you can use a stream specifier for each option. -maxrate:v:0, etc.
[01:30:55 CET] <Sashmo> llogan: but where do I put it? just after the maps?
[01:31:00 CET] <llogan> sure
[01:31:41 CET] <llogan> yes, it can get tricky dealing with the maps, the stream specifiers, and the tee select option
[01:39:29 CET] <kam187> hey guys
[01:39:57 CET] <kam187> I'm reading data from a socket into a buffer then doing av_interleaved_write_frame.  with the pkt.data pointing to inside that buffer
[01:40:02 CET] <Sashmo> llogan: and what if I have commands after my -f like mpeg flags and stuff, how does that carry in select output and format output ?
[01:40:04 CET] <kam187> do I need to be making a copy instead?
[01:56:58 CET] <alexspeller> llogan: I'm getting [Parsed_scale_0 @ 0x7fd385100000] Invalid size 'min(1280' with that as the scale options
[01:57:34 CET] <alexspeller> llogan: scratch that, I had a typo
[01:58:04 CET] <alexspeller> it's working perfectly, thanks so much!
[02:18:48 CET] <llogan> Sashmo: format stuff goes in the brackets. see docs for examples. http://ffmpeg.org/ffmpeg-formats.html#Examples-11
[02:24:42 CET] <llogan> alexspeller: replace the 'min(1280,iw)':min'(692,ih)' with just the desired width and height if you want it to upscale-to-fit. the min will prevent upscaling. you can see what I mean if you use a bigger size, such as 1920:1080.
[03:20:43 CET] <NapoleonWils0n> hi all
[03:21:29 CET] <NapoleonWils0n> im using -loglevel panic, is it possible to show stats while hide errors
[03:22:35 CET] <furq> -stats
[03:23:16 CET] <NapoleonWils0n> cheers mate ill try
[03:23:34 CET] <NapoleonWils0n> should that be before -v panic
[03:25:10 CET] <NapoleonWils0n> i added -stats -v panic which works
[03:25:12 CET] <NapoleonWils0n> thanks mate
[06:08:31 CET] <fusl> Trying to convert a video file to "-codec:a:0 pcm_u8 -sample_fmt u8 -ar 48000 -ab 768000" that has "Stream #0:1: Audio: dts (DTS-HD MA), 48000 Hz, 5.1(side), s16p (default)" results in "u8 (16 bit)". what does the 16 bit mean and how do i get rid of this?
[06:08:37 CET] <fusl> sorry, audio
[06:08:56 CET] <fusl> (because converting a video to audio makes total sense, right? right.)
[07:14:32 CET] <Stooges> o/ I've got a start code prefixed mode h264 stream muxed into an mkv that I need to convert to length prefixed mode. I've noticed ffmpeg has h264_mp4toannexb which does the opposite of what I need. Is there some kind of alternate to do the opposite?
[11:15:05 CET] <root-x> I have one m3u8 with some video-list inside, vid1.mp4, vid2.mp4, vid3.mp4...
[11:15:31 CET] <root-x> exist one universal player for html5?
[11:16:04 CET] <root-x> it is a camera streaming
[11:21:21 CET] <root-x> i've tested video.js or dash.js but only work in some browsers
[11:22:20 CET] <root-x> This is the globalization ;(
[11:22:58 CET] <furq> if you're doing live streaming you're pretty much stuck with hls
[11:23:13 CET] <furq> and idk how widely supported mp4 over hls is yet
[11:24:16 CET] <furq> unless you are netflix.com, in which case you can use dash
[11:24:36 CET] <furq> but i'm assuming you're not in which case you can't use dash on iOS and you probably won't ever be able to
[11:25:57 CET] <Mavrik> It's pretty much not.
[11:26:02 CET] <Mavrik> HLS means muxing into TS
[11:26:06 CET] <Mavrik> MP4 segments are used by DASH
[11:26:09 CET] <root-x> i've tested with video.js with hls plugin and only play video in a old 32 bits chrome browser
[11:26:50 CET] <root-x> not android, not ios, not firefox, not opera....
[11:26:52 CET] <furq> Mavrik: mp4 in hls is part of the spec now isn't it
[11:27:04 CET] <furq> it's very new though so i wouldn't bother with it just yet
[11:27:18 CET] <Mavrik> Didn't follow the spec all that much, but I really wouldn't bet on anyone supporting that.
[11:27:29 CET] <furq> root-x: hls.js works for me with desktop firefox and chrome
[11:27:38 CET] <furq> it's supposed to work everywhere
[11:28:03 CET] <furq> it should also work natively on iOS and android
[11:28:16 CET] <root-x> furq ok, i can test
[11:28:48 CET] <furq> youtube is using hls for live streams
[11:29:03 CET] <root-x> i think youtube is using dash
[11:29:04 CET] <furq> which should tell you pretty conclusively that there's no viable alternative
[11:29:19 CET] <furq> they use dash for vod and hls for live
[11:29:28 CET] <root-x> ok
[11:30:16 CET] <furq> they'd need to use hls for iOS support anyway so it's presumably easier to just use it for everyone
[11:30:31 CET] <furq> i guess iOS is still using http for vod
[11:36:41 CET] <root-x> ok Mavrik i can use TS if needed.
[11:43:28 CET] <klaxa> for the record: the hls spec does support fragmented mp4, not sure how many clients implement it correctly though
[11:43:39 CET] <klaxa> or implement it at all
[11:43:53 CET] <klaxa> never seen it in real life
[11:44:24 CET] <furq> yeah it's a pretty recent addition afaik
[11:45:07 CET] <klaxa> summer 2016
[11:46:03 CET] <klaxa> oh you already said that, i should learn to read :)
[11:48:48 CET] <ikevin-> <root-x> i've tested video.js or dash.js but only work in some browsers <== <video> html5 tag work fine with stream
[11:50:37 CET] <root-x> I need some more test's ikevin, my initial question was exist one universal player for html5? but the answer is: maybe?
[11:51:17 CET] <mosb3rg> are there any plans to add mpeg-dash dump support
[11:51:34 CET] <mosb3rg> alot more companies are moving forward with this option since Casting 100% supports it.
[11:51:56 CET] <ikevin-> root-x, embed html5 player is universal :)
[11:53:18 CET] <kerio> root-x: <video> with a webm and a h264/aac mp4 is pretty much universal
[11:53:36 CET] <ikevin-> ogg streams (vorbis + theora) work fine without any js in ie/chrome/ff/safari (desktop and mobile)
[11:53:38 CET] <kerio> for streaming, it's slightly more complicated
[11:53:48 CET] <kerio> ikevin-: wtf no they don't
[11:53:54 CET] <kerio> safari can't webm
[11:54:01 CET] <kerio> can it? :o
[11:54:13 CET] <ikevin-> webm and mp4 are not working on all browser, so ogg yes
[11:54:22 CET] <furq> mp4 works everywhere
[11:54:33 CET] <furq> pretty sure theora doesn't
[11:54:45 CET] <furq> or vorbis for that matter
[11:54:54 CET] <kerio> i very strongly doubt safari can do theora or vorbis
[11:55:00 CET] <furq> http://caniuse.com/#feat=ogv
[11:55:01 CET] <furq> it can't
[11:55:14 CET] <furq> edge does webm but not theora
[11:55:30 CET] <ikevin-> oh sorry, you'r right, that's webm and mp4 that are supported by all
[11:55:37 CET] <ikevin-> https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/HTML/Supported_media_formats
[11:55:39 CET] <furq> webm isn't supported on safari
[11:55:48 CET] <furq> http://caniuse.com/#feat=webm
[11:55:57 CET] <kerio> safari wants h264/aac
[11:55:58 CET] <ikevin-> there are a "browser compatibility" in the bottom
[11:56:02 CET] <furq> http://caniuse.com/#feat=mpeg4
[11:56:09 CET] <furq> this is the closest you're going to get to universal
[11:56:46 CET] <furq> even ie9 supports it
[11:56:55 CET] <kerio> ikevin-: they can write what they want and you can read what you want but my latest safari on latest macos can't play webm
[11:57:10 CET] <furq> yeah caniuse is the most trustworthy source for that
[11:57:34 CET] <Threads> can i ask why is ffmpeg with -ss moreish frameaccurate with a timecode like 224 than say 00:01:55
[11:57:48 CET] <ikevin-> kerio, safari seem's support only : VP8 and Vorbis in WebM
[11:58:17 CET] <furq> what
[11:58:26 CET] <kerio> that... also goes against my direct experience
[11:58:43 CET] <furq> safari doesn't support vorbis
[11:58:46 CET] <furq> idk where mozilla are getting that information
[12:00:21 CET] <ikevin-> furq, it support vorbis if quicktime support it (mozilla say with xiphqt)
[12:01:06 CET] <kerio> hah
[12:01:17 CET] <kerio> afaik they stopped supporting quicktime extensions
[12:01:28 CET] <kerio> somewhere around quicktime player... 9?
[12:01:45 CET] <kerio> idk if it's just for the player tho
[12:01:53 CET] <kerio> but i still strongly doubt it
[12:02:25 CET] <kerio> ikevin-: the userbase for that is probably smaller than the amount of xiph developers with a mac
[12:08:18 CET] <furq> yeah it doesn't count if you're relying on nonstandard extensions
[12:08:35 CET] <root-x> Thanks a lot for ansuers, go to test transcript the camera streaming to Hls and next play with hls.js .... or i can create the manifest file and Webm files with ffmpeg and play with dash.js
[12:08:57 CET] <furq> by that standard i could say that firefox supports ffv1 and wavpack through the vlc extension
[12:09:31 CET] <furq> root-x: if you're using hls for iOS support then webm is no use to you
[12:10:46 CET] <root-x> ok
[12:11:11 CET] <root-x> ogg?
[12:11:27 CET] <furq> h264/aac in mpegts over hls is the only thing that works everywhere
[12:29:52 CET] <ikevin-> furq, h264/aac in mpegts container seems not working on some browser
[12:30:21 CET] <ikevin-> i use it (without hls) and it not working on chrome and firefox
[12:31:43 CET] <furq> well yeah mpegts isn't supported in most browsers
[12:31:48 CET] <furq> hls.js remuxes it to mp4 fragments
[12:32:02 CET] <ikevin-> good to know that !
[12:39:37 CET] <faLUCE>  Hello. I need to add an encoding function to a non-blocking main loop of a program. Is x264_encoder_encode non blocking?
[12:41:53 CET] <DHE> it will block if it's busy doing CPU work
[12:43:02 CET] <faLUCE> DHE: I want to avoid threads
[12:43:27 CET] <faLUCE> does ffmpeg uses threads when calling x264 ?
[12:43:29 CET] <DHE> sorry, but x264 encoding is a CPU-intensive process
[12:43:40 CET] <DHE> no it doesn't, except that x264 does support threads internally
[12:44:18 CET] <faLUCE> DHE: then ffmpeg loops with a non blocking encode() function of x264, right?
[12:44:43 CET] <DHE> no, x264 is blocking. I imagine most of the time is spent in there
[12:45:52 CET] <faLUCE> DHE: then, if you have for example two simoultaneuous x264 encoders, ffmpeg waits the frame  of the first encoder is completed and then encodes the second frame?
[12:45:59 CET] <faLUCE> DHE: then, if you have for example two simoultaneuous x264 encoders, ffmpeg waits the frame  of the first encoder is completed and then encodes the second encoder's frame?
[12:47:46 CET] <DHE> yeah
[12:48:14 CET] <DHE> x264 encoding is complicated though. it may buffer frames internally
[12:49:02 CET] <faLUCE> DHE: do you know what vlc does, for multiencoding? Does it use threads?
[12:49:11 CET] <DHE> no idea
[12:50:38 CET] <faLUCE> DHE: thanks
[12:52:32 CET] <faLUCE> DHE: but I don't understand if x264 blocks until the frame is complet or until it encodes a slice
[13:09:37 CET] <kerio> furq: what about fragmented mp4 in hls
[13:11:03 CET] <faLUCE> kerio: does ffmpeg fragment frames in h264 live?
[13:11:26 CET] <kerio> idk if ffmpeg hls does mp4
[13:11:30 CET] <kerio> it's a new thing i think
[13:17:10 CET] <root-x> Not hls, i do this with segment in ffmpeg and create a m3u8 plain text file
[13:17:44 CET] <root-x> -segment_format mp4 -an "video-%03d.mp4"
[13:18:13 CET] <root-x> segment format not needed if the ouput is mp4 but for show
[13:22:38 CET] <ikevin-> doing a test and hls with h264/aac in mpegts work fine using hls.js :)
[13:24:48 CET] <root-x> i tested with video.js and his addond videojs-contrib-hls.js, work fine
[13:25:22 CET] <ikevin-> is there an online tester for video.js?
[13:26:39 CET] <furq> kerio: what about it
[13:27:08 CET] <kerio> isn't it almost universally better than mpegts-in-hls
[13:27:17 CET] <furq> it is if you don't mind not being able to play it
[13:27:35 CET] <furq> i have no idea if hls.js supports it and i have no idea about mobile support
[13:27:50 CET] <furq> but it's almost certain that less-than-bleeding-edge android won't support it
[13:28:41 CET] <root-x> yes, i tested mpegts and ok. but mp4 not
[13:29:23 CET] <furq> i'd prefer to use mp4 because then you don't get that feeling of needing a shower that you get when you remux ts to fmp4 in javascript
[13:30:01 CET] <furq> but it's probably not going to be viable for a while yet
[13:30:38 CET] <furq> what i'd really like is for desktop browsers to support mpegts, but that's obviously never going to happen
[13:30:42 CET] <furq> that would be far too convenient
[13:31:06 CET] <kerio> why did we end up with this weird-ass video fragments over http GET thing
[13:31:26 CET] <furq> i don't know if you've noticed, but computers are shit
[13:31:40 CET] <furq> also everything else in the world
[13:32:46 CET] <furq> i think nominally the reason is firewall-busting, but i expect the actual reason is so that you don't have to get browser makers to implement any new features into their houses of cards
[13:35:57 CET] <Phidelux> hi i am looking for advanced ip camera stream (ACS) header support for ffmpeg 3.2.2
[13:36:25 CET] <Phidelux> is there any unofficial patch for 3.x?
[18:43:52 CET] <Sypher_IT> Hello guys
[18:44:59 CET] <Diag> hello
[18:45:11 CET] <Sypher_IT> I'm out of my depth here, so my question can maybe be stupid; however here it goes. I've got a huge library of video files (don't we all..) and for space saving purposes, I would like to convert them all to HEVC. Is there a way to tell ffmpeg to simply 'read the input file, and convert it to havoc without losing quality or adding it'?
[18:45:33 CET] <Diag> Sypher_IT: you mean like auto quality?
[18:45:48 CET] <Sypher_IT> Like, I give him a 500kbps bitrate, and he will keep that bitrate but in hevee compression.
[18:46:02 CET] <ps-auxw> Sypher_IT: If you set it so you don't lose quality, you will gain size.
[18:46:13 CET] <Diag> well if the input file is 500kbps and the output file is 500kbps
[18:46:18 CET] <Sypher_IT> Alright
[18:46:28 CET] <Sypher_IT> i see the error, so, same bitrate, better quality ?
[18:46:35 CET] <ps-auxw> If you keep the size/bitrate you will lose quality. If you reduce size/bitrate you will lose quality.
[18:46:35 CET] <Diag> yes
[18:46:48 CET] <Sypher_IT> So theoretically, same quality equals to lower bitrate in the HEVC format
[18:46:49 CET] <klaxa> note: you cannnot magically add quality to a video
[18:46:52 CET] <ps-auxw> Reencoding your file will not make the quality better ofc.
[18:46:57 CET] <Sypher_IT> klaxa, that I understand
[18:46:58 CET] <paolo_>  Hello. I need to add an encoding function to a non-blocking main loop of a program. Is x264_encoder_encode() non blocking or does it  block until the frame is complete?
[18:47:00 CET] <Diag> yes
[18:47:06 CET] <Sypher_IT> So, my question is
[18:47:10 CET] <Sypher_IT> Since I've got a lot of different formats
[18:47:30 CET] <Sypher_IT> i basically want to understand if its possible to use the same line for every input file
[18:47:40 CET] <Diag> well
[18:47:44 CET] <Sypher_IT> Telling him to leave the audio alone, and while maintaining the SAME quality convert it to HEVC
[18:47:45 CET] <Diag> are they the same resolution?
[18:47:50 CET] <Sypher_IT> Nope, diff resolution
[18:47:55 CET] <Sypher_IT> Raging from 575p to 4k
[18:47:57 CET] <Diag> you wont get a /same/ quality as theinput option
[18:48:26 CET] <Diag> that would require algorithms to determine the quality of the file beforehand
[18:48:38 CET] <Sypher_IT> Alright
[18:48:42 CET] <Sypher_IT> So it's not possible?
[18:48:48 CET] <Diag> your best bet would be to sort them by resolution, find a quality level that works at that resolution
[18:48:52 CET] <klaxa> and even then, different codecs put different emphasis on what information to retain and what to throw away
[18:48:54 CET] <Diag> and then do that set
[18:49:04 CET] <Sypher_IT> hmm alright
[18:49:14 CET] <klaxa> and ever re-encode with try to keep the artifacts generated by previous encodings
[18:49:15 CET] <ps-auxw> If you compress from some lossless source to some old format and to HEVC at the same quality, the HEVC will be smaller. If you compress at the same bitrate, the HEVC will look better. If you recompress the lossy other version with HEVC, you can make it small but you lose quality on top of the quality you already lost.
[18:49:18 CET] <alexspeller> Sypher_IT: no matter what your settings, you're going to lose quality here
[18:49:25 CET] <Sypher_IT> I can however use ffmpeg to check the 'media info' of a file ?
[18:49:30 CET] <Sypher_IT> alexspeller, why? :(
[18:49:38 CET] <klaxa> you can use ffprobe and parse that
[18:49:41 CET] <alexspeller> because encoding from one lossy format to another loses quality
[18:49:48 CET] <klaxa> you will need some scripting anyway
[18:50:00 CET] <alexspeller> even if you double the bitrate, the resulting file will be lower quality than the original
[18:50:11 CET] <alexspeller> probably not that perceptable though
[18:50:17 CET] <Sypher_IT> alexspeller, alright, understand your point and agree to it, can we agree that there's a point to which the loss of quality won't be noticed ?
[18:50:20 CET] <ps-auxw> Encoding from anything to a lossy format loses quality. If you chain lossy formats, you keep losing more and more. HEVC just loses a bit less than other lossy formats.
[18:50:27 CET] <Diag> Sypher_IT: the quality loss will be minimal
[18:50:31 CET] <Sypher_IT> Alright
[18:50:32 CET] <Diag> but its still gonna be there
[18:50:34 CET] <Sypher_IT> So that point aside
[18:50:49 CET] <Diag> basically youre trying to encode something thats already been encoded
[18:50:54 CET] <Sypher_IT> yes
[18:50:59 CET] <Sypher_IT> What I'd want is simply a conversion
[18:51:02 CET] <Diag> so it tries to encode the blockiness of the old format
[18:51:05 CET] <klaxa> i would suggest doing some test encodes and judge for yourself if you are okay with the perceived quality loss
[18:51:05 CET] <Diag> theres no such thing
[18:51:08 CET] <Sypher_IT> "Simple" only in my mind, I understand that behind the scenes there's a lot going on
[18:51:11 CET] <Sypher_IT> Hence my presence here :)
[18:51:26 CET] <Sypher_IT> Diag, I understand your point
[18:51:29 CET] <ps-auxw> Diag: Depends on the bitrate. If you are doing looow bitrate DivX ;-) -> looow bitrate HEVC it's probably getting a lot more terrible because the artefacts don't match well.
[18:51:40 CET] <Sypher_IT> well, I'm worried about size
[18:51:41 CET] <klaxa> quality really is subjective, so it really depends on what you perceive and judge as "good enough"
[18:51:42 CET] <Sypher_IT> I've only got 10TB
[18:51:43 CET] <Diag> ps-auxw: well yeah
[18:51:52 CET] <Sypher_IT> And its up to 90% so ... I either gotta delete stuff
[18:51:54 CET] <Sypher_IT> Or encode stuff
[18:51:55 CET] <Sypher_IT> :D
[18:52:01 CET] <Diag> Sypher_IT: is the video encoded already?
[18:52:03 CET] <ps-auxw> Get more disks.
[18:52:12 CET] <Diag> and if so what is it
[18:52:14 CET] <Sypher_IT> Ps-auxw wife won't allow
[18:52:17 CET] <klaxa> keep in mind that HEVC encoders are quite slow still
[18:52:20 CET] <Sypher_IT> Have you seen the price of disks lately? :-)
[18:52:28 CET] <Sypher_IT> klaxa, uhm I hope the cpu can handle that
[18:52:28 CET] <Diag> yeah i mean youre gonna be cranking it for quiiiiiiiiiiiiite some time
[18:52:33 CET] <Sypher_IT> well
[18:52:51 CET] <klaxa> if the cpu is a raspberry, have fun finishing your first encode in 2020 :P
[18:52:54 CET] <Diag> if you want good compression/quality, even h264 isnt ""fast""
[18:52:54 CET] <Sypher_IT> i've got a xeon 1280v2 if I remember correctly
[18:53:00 CET] <Sypher_IT> So I should be pretty good
[18:53:16 CET] <Sypher_IT> I'll finish in 2017 but it will encode faster than I can ... uh ... download new holiday videos
[18:53:22 CET] <Sypher_IT> So :-)
[18:53:31 CET] <klaxa> >Launch Date 	Q2'12
[18:53:34 CET] <klaxa> mmmh
[18:53:41 CET] <klaxa> quite old
[18:53:44 CET] <Diag> looks like a modified first gen i7
[18:53:44 CET] <Sypher_IT> klaxa, man, don't spit on my cpu :-D
[18:53:56 CET] <ps-auxw> 2017? I wouldn't be so sure, if you try to encode 10T worth of video with x265...
[18:54:02 CET] <ps-auxw> Might take a few more years. ;)
[18:54:04 CET] <Diag> yeah dont do 265
[18:54:07 CET] <Diag> lol
[18:54:19 CET] <klaxa> Sypher_IT: just stating facts ;)
[18:54:19 CET] <Sypher_IT> seriously, on passmark its 9783
[18:54:27 CET] <Diag> it takes 10x as long for like 10-30% filesize difference on a good day
[18:54:27 CET] <Sypher_IT> Should be good enough
[18:54:33 CET] <Sypher_IT> Diag, yeah?
[18:54:35 CET] <Sypher_IT> dammit.
[18:54:39 CET] <Diag> do 264
[18:54:44 CET] <Diag> its still fairly good
[18:54:46 CET] <Sypher_IT> eh, most of it its 264
[18:54:50 CET] <Sypher_IT> Let me check on plexpy
[18:54:52 CET] <Diag> ha
[18:54:58 CET] <klaxa> like i said, the most sensible option i see is to do some short test encodes and extrapolate from there and judge for yourself
[18:55:04 CET] <Diag> well i mean, pirated movies are usually compressed pretty well
[18:55:07 CET] <Diag> wait did i say that
[18:55:15 CET] <klaxa> depends on the competence of the encoder
[18:55:34 CET] <Sypher_IT> Diag :-)
[18:55:40 CET] <Sypher_IT> Oh, you mind reader you ...
[18:55:41 CET] <Sypher_IT> :-)
[18:55:55 CET] <Diag> Sypher_IT: you could always use 264 on a slower setting
[18:56:02 CET] <Diag> and youll encode at 10fps
[18:56:04 CET] <Sypher_IT> All jokes aside, a single library its about 1tb worth of 264.
[18:56:08 CET] <Diag> and save 10% space
[18:56:16 CET] <Sypher_IT> Compressed in 265 I should be looking at ... 850gb ?
[18:56:21 CET] <Diag> maybe
[18:56:24 CET] <Diag> it depends on the content
[18:56:27 CET] <Diag> quality
[18:56:34 CET] <Diag> resolution
[18:56:45 CET] <Sypher_IT> Alright
[18:56:45 CET] <klaxa> on paper h265 reduces bitrate by half, but that sounds more like a real world result
[18:56:49 CET] <ps-auxw> You can be looking at whatever size you want, as long as you are willing to suffer a certain loss of quality.
[18:56:54 CET] <Sypher_IT> So basically, I'm getting a 'don't do it man!' From the whole channel, yeah?
[18:56:58 CET] <Diag> eh
[18:57:01 CET] <Diag> like i said
[18:57:02 CET] <Diag> typically
[18:57:07 CET] <Diag> theyre pretty compressed to begin with
[18:57:12 CET] <Diag> i wouldnt waste time
[18:57:20 CET] <Diag> it will take weeks
[18:57:25 CET] <ps-auxw> You can do it, but you should have realistic expectations of what you can get out of it.
[18:57:29 CET] <microchip_> Sypher_IT: you need an AVX2 capable CPU for x265 to get some "acceptable" encoding speed
[18:57:30 CET] <Diag> ^
[18:57:31 CET] <ps-auxw> Just try some stuff and see what you get.
[18:57:34 CET] <klaxa> all i said is "do tests and decide if you want to deal with the time and quality loss for yourself"
[18:57:53 CET] <Diag> Sypher_IT: burn it all to blu rays
[18:58:04 CET] <Sypher_IT> Diag, I've got them there already
[18:58:17 CET] <Sypher_IT> Truth be told, 30% of my library its on original blu rays ... but nothing beats Plex
[18:58:20 CET] <Diag> get a 50 disc.... shoot what were they called
[18:58:29 CET] <Diag> where it goes between them all
[18:58:42 CET] <Diag> my grandpa had like an 80 or a 100 disk one
[18:58:58 CET] <Sypher_IT> Alright well, I'm gonna build a jail, get ffmpeg havoc on it and try it on a couple movies, see where I stand
[18:59:01 CET] <Sypher_IT> *hevc
[18:59:12 CET] <Sypher_IT> And time it I guess ^_^;
[18:59:18 CET] <Diag> it will be sloooooooooooooooooooow
[18:59:28 CET] <Sypher_IT> I'm looking at you, klaxa! :-D
[18:59:31 CET] <Diag> on my 2600k it was going at likt 5 fps
[18:59:32 CET] <klaxa> sssh he'll find out by himself
[18:59:35 CET] <Diag> lol
[18:59:39 CET] <Sypher_IT> Alright
[18:59:40 CET] <Diag> hey thats another thing
[18:59:43 CET] <Sypher_IT> give me 2 minutes
[18:59:46 CET] <Diag> you can sacrifice framerate :V
[18:59:46 CET] <Sypher_IT> I'll set it up right now
[19:00:23 CET] <Diag> instead of 29.997 you can do 25 and save x% of space
[19:00:33 CET] <Sypher_IT> fps?
[19:00:37 CET] <Diag> yeah
[19:00:41 CET] <Sypher_IT> Wait, isn't it copying that from source?
[19:00:46 CET] <Diag> yes
[19:00:51 CET] <Diag> unless you tell it otherwise
[19:01:01 CET] <Diag> playback speed is the same it just drops frames
[19:01:11 CET] <klaxa> how would that work without re-encoding?
[19:01:20 CET] <Diag> no that is
[19:01:23 CET] <Diag> but it wouldnt be 265
[19:01:27 CET] <Diag> he could still do 264
[19:02:11 CET] <Sypher_IT> i'm gonna try on 265
[19:02:14 CET] <klaxa> but wouldn't that make the video quite laggy?
[19:02:16 CET] <Sypher_IT> I'm testing right now from laptop
[19:02:21 CET] <klaxa> just dropping frames here and there?
[19:02:22 CET] <Sypher_IT> Wmv to 265
[19:02:24 CET] <Diag> klaxa: not really
[19:02:28 CET] <Sypher_IT> And I'll see how it is :-)
[19:02:44 CET] <Diag> im sure it has some method of doing it without it being odd because its not a multiple
[19:03:13 CET] <klaxa> like motion interpolation?
[19:03:16 CET] <Diag> i suppose
[19:03:23 CET] <Diag> dunno if ffmpeg has anything like that
[19:03:31 CET] <klaxa> but that would "magically" create in-between frames
[19:03:35 CET] <Diag> my parents tv does that and it makes old movies look goofy
[19:03:42 CET] <klaxa> there was a gsoc 2016 project for that
[19:03:49 CET] <Diag> yuck
[19:03:59 CET] <klaxa> motion interpolation in ffmpeg
[19:04:31 CET] <Diag> 30fps already looks like aft on a 120hz monitor
[19:04:38 CET] <klaxa> well for animated content i really wouldn't recommend dropping frames, for real life footage it might look okayish
[19:04:52 CET] <Diag> dunno who the genius was that was like LETS MAKE A STANDARD THATS NOT A MULTIPLE OF THE LAST STANDARD
[19:04:53 CET] <Sypher_IT> Diag, turn off the motion interpolation on the tv
[19:04:58 CET] <Sypher_IT> Soap opera effect I guess its called
[19:04:59 CET] <Diag> Sypher_IT: they like it
[19:05:04 CET] <Sypher_IT> Oh god no ...
[19:05:05 CET] <Sypher_IT> >_>
[19:05:07 CET] <Diag> lol
[19:05:08 CET] <Sypher_IT> Change grandparents
[19:05:14 CET] <Diag> smokey and the bandit at 120fps
[19:05:29 CET] <Sypher_IT> lol
[19:05:33 CET] <klaxa> <Diag> dunno who the genius was that was like LETS MAKE A STANDARD THATS NOT A MULTIPLE OF THE LAST STANDARD
[19:05:43 CET] <Diag> klaxa: 144hz monitors
[19:05:44 CET] <klaxa> you mean why there is 24/25 fps and 29.976 fps?
[19:05:46 CET] <Diag> sorry didnt finish that thought
[19:05:46 CET] <klaxa> ah
[19:05:55 CET] <Sypher_IT> Alright, jail installed, onwards to compile x265 ... for ffmpeg anyone remembers the switch off the top of their head? ^_^;
[19:05:56 CET] <klaxa> well 144 hz is a multiple of 24 :D
[19:06:01 CET] <Diag> thats retarded
[19:06:06 CET] <Diag> everything is either 30 or 60
[19:06:20 CET] <klaxa> mmmmhh i beg to differ
[19:06:21 CET] <Diag> and then theres the goddamn europeans with 50hz power
[19:06:23 CET] <klaxa> PAL is 50 hz
[19:06:30 CET] <klaxa> NTSC is 59.98 or so HZ
[19:06:37 CET] <Diag> booo
[19:06:40 CET] <klaxa> but these are artifacts of analog video
[19:06:43 CET] <Diag> pal can jump off a cliff
[19:06:55 CET] <klaxa> but PAL was "better" than NTSC
[19:07:00 CET] <Diag> higher res
[19:07:05 CET] <Diag> lower framerate
[19:07:06 CET] <klaxa> and better color coding
[19:07:11 CET] <Diag> psh
[19:07:17 CET] <Maverick|MSG> are there any options/tweaks in ffmpeg to increase the number of udp frames that are read per second?
[19:07:31 CET] <Diag> klaxa: reminds me of pal n64s
[19:07:41 CET] <klaxa> Sypher_IT: the important switch for x265 is --enable-libx265
[19:08:07 CET] <Sypher_IT> Thanks
[19:08:20 CET] <Diag> klaxa: they were like 524xsometyhing rather than 320x480 or something
[19:08:27 CET] <Sypher_IT> For now its compiling and downloading 265 ...
[19:08:33 CET] <Sypher_IT> Then I'll go to ffmpeg
[19:08:40 CET] <Diag> Sypher_IT: you could always give handbrake a shot
[19:08:41 CET] <Sypher_IT> Then prove you wrong! (klaxa!)
[19:08:43 CET] <Diag> it uses x265
[19:08:46 CET] <Sypher_IT> diag, just did
[19:08:47 CET] <Sypher_IT> Didn't like it
[19:08:51 CET] <Diag> wow
[19:08:55 CET] <klaxa> Sypher_IT: if you did, that would be great
[19:08:56 CET] <Diag> you can piss off mate
[19:08:57 CET] <Diag> lol
[19:08:58 CET] <Sypher_IT> Mainly cuz I'm ignorant and I don't understand like 80% of the options there.
[19:09:11 CET] <Diag> Sypher_IT: sounds like you suffered from EBKAM
[19:09:12 CET] <Sypher_IT> Haha :-) well, I'm honest about the reason why, doesn't that give me any points? )
[19:09:17 CET] <Diag> nah
[19:09:18 CET] <Diag> lol
[19:09:32 CET] <Sypher_IT> Diag, yeah, if you got a LART standing by, you're free to use it on me
[19:09:38 CET] <Diag> you could have asked them in their channel, literally #handbrake
[19:10:02 CET] <Diag> kik
[19:10:04 CET] <Diag> lol*
[19:10:04 CET] <Sypher_IT> Diag, seriously, I'm looking to do it in the NAS, so I won't have it there
[19:10:10 CET] <Sypher_IT> Thats why I didn't pursue down that road ;)
[19:10:13 CET] <Diag> wait what
[19:10:22 CET] <Diag> oh
[19:10:27 CET] <Diag> it has a cli?
[19:10:28 CET] <Sypher_IT> I'm gonna encode all the things from the NAS
[19:10:33 CET] <klaxa> if the encoding happens on a computer in the network, that's not even too bad
[19:10:34 CET] <Sypher_IT> Well yeah, its a freebsd
[19:10:46 CET] <klaxa> because network speeds should be fast enough in a local area network
[19:10:51 CET] <klaxa> even over wifi probably
[19:11:04 CET] <Sypher_IT> It happens directly on the disk where the media is
[19:11:06 CET] <klaxa> if you want to encode ON the NAS with the NAS's CPU
[19:11:09 CET] <Sypher_IT> Which is, here. https://i.imgur.com/d3MKq80.png
[19:11:12 CET] <klaxa> oh boy, see you again in 2050
[19:11:24 CET] <Sypher_IT> Oh again ?
[19:11:25 CET] <klaxa> crazy NAS
[19:11:27 CET] <Sypher_IT> I'll prove you wrong :D
[19:11:36 CET] <Sypher_IT> Well, its a pretty good one you'll admit
[19:11:38 CET] <klaxa> why would a NAS have such a CPU, lol
[19:11:47 CET] <Sypher_IT> Cuz I'm an idiot :D
[19:11:54 CET] <Sypher_IT> Its an HP Microserver Gen8 ...
[19:12:02 CET] <Sypher_IT> Found that cpu on the cheap (paid 300€ for it)
[19:12:13 CET] <Sypher_IT> So I slapped it in, put a big ass fan on top of it
[19:12:27 CET] <Sypher_IT> And now I've got a server that can probably encode on the fly 3-4 streams from Plex
[19:12:40 CET] <Sypher_IT> Useful when I'm going abroad and wanna watch my stuff on the hotel tv ...
[19:13:13 CET] <Sypher_IT> But since 6tb disks aren't so cheap at the moment ... I'm here :-) bothering you guys up ^_^ hope you can forgive me for that ^_^
[19:13:47 CET] <Sypher_IT> (It sure takes a helluva lot of time to 'make' x265)
[19:14:46 CET] <Diag> Sypher_IT: 300 bucks for a old xeon?
[19:14:56 CET] <fusl> Using the following code for streaming video files from a specific folder to HLS files results in out of sync audio after some hours, it gets more and more out of sync the longer the encoder ffmpeg process runs. Is there an obvious way to solve this problem? Or, is there actually a better way of handling such files than I am doing right now?
[19:14:58 CET] <Sypher_IT> Diag grrrrrrrr >:-]
[19:15:01 CET] <fusl> The "code": https://scr.meo.ws/paste/1484331263405093490.txt
[19:15:01 CET] <Diag> mufugga you could get a 2790 or whatever it is
[19:15:15 CET] <Diag> 2690*
[19:15:27 CET] <Sypher_IT> Let me check
[19:15:48 CET] <Sypher_IT> Different socket
[19:15:55 CET] <Diag> yeah 2011
[19:16:07 CET] <Diag> wait this i the wrong shit
[19:16:23 CET] <Sypher_IT> No, you're right, its 2011
[19:16:26 CET] <Diag> no
[19:16:29 CET] <Sypher_IT> But TDP 135w
[19:16:30 CET] <Sypher_IT> Mine is lower
[19:16:31 CET] <Diag> im thinking of a different one
[19:16:46 CET] <Sypher_IT> Oh well, for my socket, the one I got is the best one ;)
[19:16:51 CET] <Diag> yeah but this is 8 core 16 thread
[19:16:52 CET] <Diag> lol
[19:17:17 CET] <Sypher_IT> Can't put it on my nas, so ain't counting it ;)
[19:17:23 CET] <Diag> my brother has 2 (i thought 2690s) in a board
[19:17:24 CET] <Diag> cant remember
[19:18:11 CET] <klaxa> fusl: i don't see anything obviously wrong...
[19:18:15 CET] <Diag> ah yeeah 2690
[19:18:16 CET] <Diag> lol
[19:18:35 CET] <Diag> max turbo 3.8ghz, i think it does max 3.3 on all cores
[19:18:39 CET] <Sypher_IT> How's the encoding going on those
[19:18:48 CET] <Diag> fast
[19:19:10 CET] <Diag> we encoded some security cam footage a few weeks ago, 640x480, was encoding at 1500 fps
[19:19:47 CET] <Sypher_IT> Kvazaar or x265 ?
[19:19:52 CET] <Diag> ?
[19:20:06 CET] <Diag> it was x264
[19:20:19 CET] <Sypher_IT> https://i.imgur.com/8y1NYRr.png
[19:20:21 CET] Last message repeated 1 time(s).
[19:20:21 CET] <Sypher_IT> https://i.imgur.com/zwvMYNu.png
[19:20:26 CET] <Sypher_IT> Sorry for the double one
[19:20:34 CET] <Diag> waddafuck is that
[19:20:51 CET] <Diag> i need an adult!
[19:21:14 CET] <Sypher_IT> Lol
[19:21:25 CET] <Sypher_IT> Its 2 different encoders from what I can guess
[19:21:25 CET] <Diag> oh
[19:21:27 CET] <Diag> yes
[19:21:33 CET] <Diag> kavwhatever is open source
[19:21:37 CET] <Diag> something
[19:21:43 CET] <Diag> id say x265
[19:22:44 CET] <Sypher_IT> alright
[19:23:00 CET] <Sypher_IT> Here goes the make install clean ...
[19:23:06 CET] <Sypher_IT> See you in 239 years I guess
[19:23:51 CET] <Sypher_IT> Diag, that cpu how fast was it encoding 1080p ?
[19:24:01 CET] <Sypher_IT> The one your brother supposedly has? ^_^
[19:24:07 CET] <Diag> "supposedly"
[19:24:08 CET] <Diag> hmm
[19:24:16 CET] <Diag> I cant say i encoded any 1080 with it
[19:24:30 CET] <Sypher_IT> oh cmon; not any 'holiday videos' ? ;)
[19:24:39 CET] <Sypher_IT> Not even once? ^_^
[19:24:52 CET] <Diag> no he uses it for his main computer
[19:24:56 CET] <Sypher_IT> Alright
[19:24:57 CET] <Diag> i have a 6850k
[19:25:01 CET] <Sypher_IT> What's he using a xeon for? :O
[19:25:07 CET] <Diag> mostly solidworks and shit
[19:25:17 CET] <Sypher_IT> ahhh ... hum ... no still doesn't make sense ^_^
[19:25:24 CET] <Sypher_IT> Its like using a caterpillar as your main car
[19:25:28 CET] <Sypher_IT> >_>
[19:25:42 CET] <Sypher_IT> I mean, it costs a lot and its done wonderfully, but it isn't the main purpose ...
[19:25:51 CET] <Diag> well
[19:25:52 CET] <Sypher_IT> Imho at least; I'd go the normal consumer i7 route
[19:25:54 CET] <Diag> when youre doing rendering
[19:26:47 CET] <Diag> specifically rendering of large assemblies
[19:26:49 CET] <Sypher_IT> I'm not a rendering man, (as it's apparent); from my limited knowledge on the matter I've got it in my head that it's the graphics card doing the heavy lifting on that
[19:26:55 CET] <Diag> noooo
[19:26:55 CET] <Diag> lol
[19:26:59 CET] <Diag> not "rendering"
[19:27:01 CET] <Diag> rendering
[19:27:08 CET] <Sypher_IT> uhm ...
[19:27:09 CET] <Sypher_IT> ?
[19:27:14 CET] <Diag> raytraced rendering
[19:27:17 CET] <Sypher_IT> You're writing 2 times the same word.
[19:27:20 CET] <Diag> with material properties
[19:27:23 CET] <Sypher_IT> Ohhhh ok that clears it up.
[19:27:36 CET] <Sypher_IT> (It really dosnt, but it's apparent you know much more than me on the subject)
[19:27:42 CET] <Diag> lol
[19:27:43 CET] <Diag> well
[19:27:44 CET] <Sypher_IT> (So I'll just quietly nod and concede) ^_^
[19:27:51 CET] <Diag> imagine calculating a few million rays of light
[19:27:52 CET] Action: Sypher_IT quietly nods, approvingly
[19:28:04 CET] <Diag> wtf
[19:28:04 CET] <Diag> lol
[19:28:16 CET] <Sypher_IT> Whops sorry about that.
[19:28:23 CET] <Diag> * Sypher_IT has quit (Quit: This computer has gone to sleep)
[19:28:23 CET] <Diag> <Diag> wtf
[19:28:23 CET] <Diag> <Diag> lol
[19:28:33 CET] <Diag> Anyways
[19:28:33 CET] <Sypher_IT> yeah I don't understand It either
[19:28:40 CET] <Diag> so imagine calculating a few million rays of light
[19:28:45 CET] <Sypher_IT> It really *did* try to go to sleep then changed its mind in 0.3 seconds.
[19:28:47 CET] <Diag> that bounces off materials certain ways
[19:28:52 CET] <Sypher_IT> Ok, I follow
[19:28:56 CET] <Diag> bends in materials certain ways
[19:29:08 CET] <Diag> nobody has perfected that on the graphics card
[19:29:12 CET] <Diag> so it heavily relies on the cpu still
[19:29:21 CET] <Sypher_IT> I see
[19:29:23 CET] <Diag> in which case 32 threads working on rendering is much faster than 8
[19:29:29 CET] <Sypher_IT> definitely
[19:29:36 CET] <Diag> solidworks is very cpu heavy as well
[19:29:36 CET] <Sypher_IT> You'd need quite a mainboard too
[19:29:39 CET] <Diag> yes
[19:29:42 CET] <Diag> extended atx
[19:29:48 CET] <Diag> 16 slots for ram
[19:29:49 CET] <Diag> etc
[19:29:54 CET] <Sypher_IT> My mouth starts to water ...
[19:29:56 CET] <Diag> i forget what board its in, ill have to ask
[19:30:13 CET] <Diag> its a server board
[19:30:17 CET] <Diag> and i think its a pile of shit
[19:30:18 CET] <Sypher_IT> yeah for sure
[19:30:22 CET] <Diag> because its got security shit on it
[19:30:27 CET] <Sypher_IT> However, I'd like one of those big servers
[19:30:33 CET] <Sypher_IT> If they didn't use up the power of a nuclear plant
[19:30:36 CET] <Diag> and shit to see if the ventilation is working
[19:30:39 CET] <Sypher_IT> I'd buy one and fill it up with disks.
[19:30:40 CET] <Diag> it doesnt use a lot lol
[19:30:46 CET] <Diag> or you mean one of the server farms
[19:30:48 CET] <Sypher_IT> Well, NAS right now with 4 disks is under 40 watts
[19:30:58 CET] <Sypher_IT> Don't know when its encoding but, right now, it is.
[19:31:15 CET] <Sypher_IT> A tower-type probably goes over 100.
[19:31:21 CET] <Diag> well yeah lol
[19:31:26 CET] <Sypher_IT> Electricity ain't cheap where I live, so ... -(
[19:31:27 CET] <Diag> my computer is ~700 watts
[19:31:49 CET] <Diag> where you from?
[19:31:56 CET] <Sypher_IT> Italy
[19:32:00 CET] <Sypher_IT> 0,21 € per kWh here
[19:32:08 CET] <Diag> waaat
[19:32:28 CET] <Sypher_IT> Wait till you hear how much gasoline costs and how much a normal person makes per month
[19:32:36 CET] <Sypher_IT> :-) you'll be having 'a's to last you a year
[19:32:37 CET] <Diag> no wait wait
[19:32:44 CET] <Diag> my electric bill is
[19:32:52 CET] <Diag> 0.02$/kwh
[19:33:00 CET] <Sypher_IT> Lucky bastard.
[19:33:06 CET] <Sypher_IT> :D
[19:33:07 CET] <Diag> and 0.06$/kwh for "non fuel"
[19:33:13 CET] <Sypher_IT> That's how you can afford a 700 watts computer man
[19:33:15 CET] <Sypher_IT> :-D
[19:33:24 CET] <Diag> well it doesnt take 700 watts all the time
[19:33:30 CET] <Sypher_IT> Yeah, I know, its a joke
[19:33:34 CET] <Sypher_IT> But seriously, here its what I told you
[19:33:36 CET] <Sypher_IT> More or less ...
[19:33:38 CET] <Diag> but jesus, the 6850k is 140 watts itself
[19:33:51 CET] <Sypher_IT> yeah, see why I'm looking for TDP's values? :-d
[19:34:06 CET] <Diag> well thats not overclocked either
[19:34:10 CET] <Diag> mines running at 4.6ghz lol
[19:34:24 CET] <Diag> right now im on my core2quad
[19:34:31 CET] <Diag> q8300 byaaaatch
[19:34:40 CET] <Diag> 4gb of ram
[19:34:43 CET] <Diag> ddr2
[19:34:53 CET] <Sypher_IT> You calling mine 'old' ?
[19:34:57 CET] <Diag> air cooler from a pentium dual core e7600
[19:34:59 CET] <Sypher_IT> And you sporting a CPU that starts with a 'q' ?
[19:35:01 CET] <Sypher_IT> :-)
[19:35:02 CET] <Diag> dude i bet thisd cook you
[19:35:09 CET] <BtbN> Running the 6850k at more than 4 to 4.2 GHz seems too much
[19:35:12 CET] <Diag> its running at a whopping 2.6ghz
[19:35:23 CET] <Diag> BtbN: whys that, im only at 1.25v
[19:35:32 CET] <Sypher_IT> Cook me for sure, but I won't be so dumb to stand on it ;)
[19:35:44 CET] <BtbN> You need some crazy cooling to get rid of that heat when it's actually doing stuff
[19:35:47 CET] <Diag> not really
[19:35:51 CET] <Diag> just a simple liquid cooler
[19:36:00 CET] <Diag> only gets up to ~140
[19:36:01 CET] <BtbN> Yeah, a simple liquid cooler...
[19:36:07 CET] <Diag> ?
[19:36:16 CET] <BtbN> It gets to 140W at factory speeds already
[19:36:19 CET] <Sypher_IT> admittedly I'm old and I have the 'old' idea about liquid cooling (extremely overpriced and extremely rare)
[19:36:26 CET] <Diag> i made a liquid cooling system for socket 775 that had way more cooling capacity than this one i bought
[19:36:32 CET] <Sypher_IT> But I'm pretty sure even nowadays, liquid cooling isn't considered mainstream (hence; not normal)
[19:36:33 CET] <Sypher_IT> :D
[19:36:42 CET] <Diag> well
[19:37:06 CET] <Diag> its dumb to spend 80 bucks on a huge ass heatsink when you could spend 80 bucks and get a liquid cooler that can dissipate >250 watts
[19:37:13 CET] <Sypher_IT> Gosh its still compiling.
[19:37:18 CET] <BtbN> I just hope the Ryzen 8 core will overclock to at least 4GHz without too crazy heat
[19:37:39 CET] <Diag> lol
[19:37:44 CET] <Diag> good
[19:37:44 CET] <Diag> luck
[19:38:01 CET] <BtbN> Well, it comes at 3.4GHz, with only 95W TDP
[19:38:02 CET] <Diag> amd really has to step their game up
[19:38:07 CET] <BtbN> So 4GHz should be possible
[19:38:11 CET] <Diag> yeah
[19:38:16 CET] <Diag> but you dont know though
[19:38:32 CET] <Diag> it could be one of those games where its like, 95 watts, 100 watts, 105 watts, 200 watts
[19:38:48 CET] <BtbN> I'd actually prefer a higher clocked 6 core over their 8 core.
[19:38:54 CET] <Diag> ehh
[19:39:09 CET] <Diag> on intel you can do that in the bios
[19:39:25 CET] <BtbN> Disabling cores won't help too much with heat
[19:39:27 CET] <Diag> restrict higher freqs to fewer cores, or disable a few cores to get higher freqs
[19:39:40 CET] <Diag> uhh yeah?
[19:40:55 CET] <Sypher_IT> Btbn whats that? Socket?
[19:41:07 CET] <BtbN> hm?
[19:41:15 CET] <Sypher_IT> it comes at 3.4GHz, with only 95W TDP
[19:41:21 CET] <Diag> probably still am3+ :V
[19:41:24 CET] <BtbN> The CPU
[19:41:29 CET] <Sypher_IT> ahhh
[19:41:30 CET] <Sypher_IT> amd
[19:41:32 CET] <BtbN> Ryzen will be running on AM4
[19:41:32 CET] <Sypher_IT> Sorry didn't read
[19:41:44 CET] <Diag> see
[19:41:49 CET] <Diag> im less excited about their cpus
[19:41:52 CET] <BtbN> With native USB 3.1 Gen 2 and everything. Seems pretty solid.
[19:41:52 CET] <Diag> more about their gpus
[19:42:10 CET] <Diag> next gen is reportedly 8/16gb of vram
[19:42:13 CET] <BtbN> Their GPUs, or rather their drivers, are a horrible mess. I don't care about them at all.
[19:42:16 CET] <Sypher_IT> diag, where do you live that you pay so little for current ?
[19:42:24 CET] <Diag> Sypher_IT: take a guess
[19:42:28 CET] <Sypher_IT> Land of the free ?
[19:42:34 CET] <Diag> BtbN: never had an issue
[19:42:45 CET] <Diag> Sypher_IT: and land of the right to own guns
[19:42:58 CET] <Sypher_IT> oh, so sorry about that mate
[19:43:03 CET] <Diag> (and i live in a state where gun laws are pretty loose :) )
[19:43:19 CET] <Diag> in 4 months im applying for concealed carry
[19:43:27 CET] <Sypher_IT> What for >_>
[19:43:28 CET] <Diag> BtbN: i also run 2 7970s in crossfire
[19:43:39 CET] <Diag> so i can carry a fucking firearm to protect myself from fucknuts
[19:43:49 CET] <Sypher_IT> hmmm ...
[19:44:00 CET] <Sypher_IT> well, best of luck with that ^_^
[19:44:03 CET] <Diag> lol
[19:44:11 CET] <Diag> oh one other thing
[19:44:24 CET] <Diag> dt
[19:44:25 CET] <Diag> :)
[19:44:42 CET] <Sypher_IT> Dt?
[19:44:46 CET] <Diag> yes
[19:44:48 CET] <Sypher_IT> whats that
[19:44:53 CET] <Diag> god emperor
[19:44:54 CET] <Sypher_IT> Oh damn, here comes the warnings ... dammit.
[19:45:18 CET] <Sypher_IT> I bet we could have a 3 hour long discussion on firearms and right to carry and it would STILL be compiling ffmpeg at the end of it
[19:45:19 CET] <Sypher_IT> Dammit >_>
[19:46:17 CET] <Diag> well
[19:46:23 CET] <Diag> Sypher_IT: my ruling is simple
[19:46:32 CET] <Diag> Drugs are illegal, people still have drugs
[19:46:38 CET] <Diag> if guns are illegal
[19:46:41 CET] <Diag> someone will still have them
[19:46:43 CET] <Diag> so
[19:46:48 CET] <Diag> if someone else out there owns a gun
[19:46:51 CET] <Diag> fuck, i want one too
[19:47:02 CET] <Diag> i take that back
[19:47:05 CET] <Diag> i already own guns
[19:47:10 CET] <Diag> i just cant carry in public
[19:47:10 CET] <Sypher_IT> That's a lot of fallacies for such few lines you wrote man ;)
[19:47:35 CET] <Sypher_IT> Regardless, seriously now, not the time nor the place :-) If its legal there, go for it
[19:47:55 CET] <Diag> hell yeah
[19:49:01 CET] <klaxa> how are you still building x265 btw?
[19:49:12 CET] <klaxa> built for me in 95 seconds
[19:49:21 CET] <Sypher_IT> You serious?
[19:49:25 CET] <klaxa> yes
[19:49:27 CET] <Sypher_IT> Well, its building all the dependencies too
[19:50:38 CET] <klaxa> i just cloned the source built the makefiles and ran make -j9
[19:50:54 CET] <klaxa> ffmpeg also only takes a few minutes for me to compile
[19:51:48 CET] <klaxa> >Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4710MQ CPU @ 2.50GHz
[19:51:52 CET] <klaxa> this is a laptop
[19:52:07 CET] <klaxa> ffmpeg built with libx265 in 340 seconds
[19:52:14 CET] <klaxa> oh wait
[19:52:19 CET] <klaxa> those are userland cpu times lol
[19:52:26 CET] <klaxa> actual time is 71 seconds
[19:52:46 CET] <klaxa> x265 build was actually 27 seconds
[19:55:25 CET] <Sypher_IT> man I don't know what to say
[19:55:40 CET] <Sypher_IT> Its almost done though
[19:55:44 CET] <Sypher_IT> :d
[20:23:22 CET] <Sypher_IT> alright
[20:23:27 CET] <Sypher_IT> Finished compiling!
[20:23:32 CET] <Sypher_IT> Onwards to try it on a file!
[20:23:33 CET] <Sypher_IT> :D
[20:23:42 CET] <Sypher_IT> klaxa, you will be able to make fun of my cpu momentarily ;)
[20:23:52 CET] <klaxa> :)
[20:41:54 CET] <Sypher_IT> klaxa, about 60-70 fps
[20:43:19 CET] <klaxa> what kind of video and what kind of settings?
[20:48:08 CET] <Sypher_IT> Hum
[20:48:11 CET] <Sypher_IT> A LOT
[20:48:14 CET] <Sypher_IT> Interested to see, I can pastern you
[20:48:16 CET] <Sypher_IT> *pastebin
[20:48:37 CET] <Sypher_IT> klaxa, https://i.imgur.com/WSaHYN2.png
[20:48:55 CET] <Sypher_IT> Took that from here: http://forum.doom9.org/showthread.php?t=172458
[20:49:29 CET] <Sypher_IT> oh and no, now  it dropped the fps. I won't tell you by how much cuz I'm ashamed.
[20:54:57 CET] <klaxa> heh
[20:58:42 CET] <klaxa> so in the end we were right about it being slow?
[21:02:29 CET] <Sypher_IT> Yeah
[21:02:30 CET] <Sypher_IT> Wont matter
[21:02:42 CET] <Sypher_IT> 2 fps
[21:07:00 CET] <kerio> but is it good tho
[21:11:11 CET] <Sypher_IT> No idea
[21:11:15 CET] <Sypher_IT> I'll see when it finishes
[21:11:18 CET] <Sypher_IT> I'm doing 2 minutes right now
[21:11:19 CET] <Sypher_IT> So ...
[21:11:42 CET] <Sypher_IT> frame= 2814 fps=2.0 q=-0.0 size=   65789kB time=00:01:57.93 bitrate=4570.0kbits/s speed=0.0817x    =1445.5kbits/s speed=0.244x
[21:16:55 CET] <Sypher_IT> So, the 2 minutes is 72mb, and the original movie (100 minutes) is 7,9gb ...
[21:17:10 CET] <Sypher_IT> That comes at about half the size at the end, but its unpractically slow
[21:18:40 CET] <DHE> yes, h265 is extremely slow. especially with the Slower preset
[21:22:10 CET] <JEEB> also getting something small isn't something special
[21:22:35 CET] <JEEB> x264 and x265 can both squeeze things small, the question is that at the same size how things compare (at similar settings or speed)
[21:22:40 CET] <Sypher_IT> Well trying now with the ultrafast preset
[21:22:55 CET] <Sypher_IT> frame= 2146 fps=6.6 q=-0.0 size=   49137kB time=00:01:29.95 bitrate=4475.0kbits/s speed=0.279x
[21:23:04 CET] <Sypher_IT> This is with the ultrafast ... well ... ^_^ I give up lol
[21:23:12 CET] <kerio> x265 is pretty new
[21:23:24 CET] <JEEB> Sypher_IT: which CPU
[21:23:32 CET] <Sypher_IT> Xeon 2830 v2
[21:23:39 CET] <Sypher_IT> sorry
[21:23:41 CET] <Sypher_IT> Completely wrong
[21:23:43 CET] <Sypher_IT> Xeon 1280v2
[21:24:00 CET] <JEEB> I mean, from blu-ray to 720p and then 10bit encoding it with x265 placebo is ~0.6fps
[21:24:05 CET] <JEEB> on my 4790K
[21:24:26 CET] <JEEB> so I would expect ultrafast to go... faster than that on many a powerful CPU
[21:25:02 CET] <JEEB> ok, it's ivy but it has 4cores, 8MiB L3
[21:25:30 CET] <Sypher_IT> Hmmm
[21:25:47 CET] <Sypher_IT> well
[21:25:49 CET] <Sypher_IT> This is my line
[21:25:50 CET] <Sypher_IT> https://i.imgur.com/pmXucHW.png
[21:26:10 CET] <kerio> sure is piracy around here
[21:26:17 CET] <JEEB> wat
[21:26:26 CET] <JEEB> well yeah, you're forcing parameters
[21:26:42 CET] <JEEB> so even if it's ultrafast you're then adding a bunch of bullcrap there :D
[21:26:45 CET] <Sypher_IT> ^_^
[21:26:50 CET] <Sypher_IT> I just copy-pasted it from a doom9 post
[21:26:50 CET] <kerio> JEEB: does the order count?
[21:26:56 CET] <faLUCE>  Hello. I need to add an encoding function to a non-blocking main loop of a program. Is x264_encoder_encode() non blocking or does it  block until the frame is complete?
[21:27:04 CET] <Sypher_IT> Any parameter is beyond me, I couldn't conciusly choose one over the other
[21:27:06 CET] <JEEB> kerio: I would guess preset gets applied before manual settings
[21:27:19 CET] <Sypher_IT> JEEB, so you would say, just go with preset ultrafast and see how I like it?
[21:27:21 CET] <JEEB> Sypher_IT: hint - just use x264 for now and esp. do not re-encode already encoded shit
[21:27:33 CET] <kerio> well
[21:27:36 CET] <kerio> unless it's like
[21:27:37 CET] <Sypher_IT> hahahahaha
[21:27:39 CET] <kerio> super high bitrate stuff
[21:27:40 CET] <Sypher_IT> I guess I'll do that
[21:27:41 CET] <Sypher_IT> ;)
[21:27:54 CET] <Sypher_IT> I'll just save for 6 or 8tb disks
[21:27:59 CET] <Sypher_IT> And change all 4 when I've got the money.
[21:28:10 CET] <Sypher_IT> OR buy a BMW with the same amount. That's yet to be decided ... ^_^;
[21:28:28 CET] <JEEB> the problem with x265 is that it doesn't necessarily compress well if you want to keep the details
[21:28:41 CET] <JEEB> if you are OK with blurring it will do the job, but also cost you ~10 times more time
[21:28:55 CET] <Sypher_IT> So for a 4k you would choose h264 over x265?
[21:28:57 CET] <JEEB> and this is with the slowest preset vs slowest preset
[21:29:25 CET] <JEEB> Sypher_IT: for my use case I'd probably go with H.264 unless I needed 10bit, in which case I would say "fuck it" and ask for more CPUs
[21:29:43 CET] <Sypher_IT> alright ...
[21:29:47 CET] <JEEB> and for private shit I'd go for 10bit AVC
[21:29:54 CET] <Sypher_IT> I guess I'll stay on h264 thingies then ^_^
[21:30:25 CET] <Sypher_IT> Thanks! All of you
[21:33:26 CET] <kerio> isn't 10-bit h264 better than 8-bit h264
[21:33:30 CET] <kerio> because dithering or whatever
[21:33:32 CET] <klaxa> define "better"
[21:33:46 CET] <kerio> better at compressing
[21:33:57 CET] <klaxa> according to some paper 10-bit h264 saves storage even on 8-bit content
[21:34:18 CET] <klaxa> because it can encode with less precision in 10-bit which is still good enough for 8-bit displays or so
[21:34:52 CET] <klaxa> but you lose compatibility with a lot of consumer products because there are no hardware decoders using 10-bit registers
[21:35:12 CET] <klaxa> basically with all consumer products, you are stick with software decoding
[21:36:04 CET] <klaxa> *stuck
[21:38:11 CET] <Sypher_IT> klaxa, no tvs that are hardware decoding that?
[21:38:24 CET] <Sypher_IT> but HEVC decoding in 10bit is done by default yeah?
[21:38:51 CET] <klaxa> you'd have to check the decoder specs, but yes HEVC introduced 10-bit in the main profile
[21:39:06 CET] <klaxa> so i would assume there will be hardware decoders supporting 10-bit colors
[21:39:20 CET] <kerio> HDR is the "in" thing
[21:40:08 CET] <Sypher_IT> Yay ^_^
[21:40:15 CET] <Sypher_IT> (I changed my tv 2 times because of HDR)
[21:40:26 CET] <Sypher_IT> As a good ignorant consumer, I did what was expected of me.
[21:40:27 CET] <Sypher_IT> ^_^
[21:40:32 CET] <klaxa> http://www.pcworld.com/article/3113457/components-processors/intels-kaby-lake-chip-is-a-must-have-for-4k-video-fiends.html
[21:40:34 CET] <Sypher_IT> (I just did it for the xbox)
[21:40:55 CET] <klaxa> looks like kaby lake will have 10-bit hardware decoding (and encoding)
[21:41:42 CET] <CFS-MP3> I'm trying to copy the AV streams from a multiprogram ts
[21:41:46 CET] <CFS-MP3> Doing this: /home/captions/ffmpeg_sources/ffmpeg/ffmpeg -i multiprogram_spain.ts -map p:530:v -map p:530:a   -vcodec libx264 -g 60 -vprofile main -vbsf h264_mp4toannexb -strict experimental -preset superfast -threads 1 -deinterlace  tve1_from_multiprogram.ts
[21:42:04 CET] <CFS-MP3> However, the p:530:a is selecting the video stream again
[21:42:19 CET] <CFS-MP3> Stream mapping:
[21:42:19 CET] <CFS-MP3>   Stream #0:21 -> #0:0 (mpeg2video (native) -> h264 (libx264))
[21:42:19 CET] <CFS-MP3>   Stream #0:21 -> #0:1 (mpeg2video (native) -> h264 (libx264))
[21:42:33 CET] <CFS-MP3> Looks like p:530:a doesn't select audio
[21:42:41 CET] <CFS-MP3> Am I doing it incorrectly, or just a bug?
[21:44:07 CET] <klaxa> your command doesn't look wrong on first glance, can you pastebin the complete output?
[21:49:51 CET] <azy> how's best to make a highlight video? for example a birdfeeder video. how could i automatically cut out frames that have nothing happening in them?
[21:54:24 CET] <CFS-MP3> klaxa: http://pastebin.com/VNujnUr2
[21:55:40 CET] <fritsch> azy: dynamic timewarping
[21:57:30 CET] <azy> fritsch, how can i find out more? google doesnt give me any obvious relevance
[21:57:33 CET] <fritsch> azy: or easier, estimate the motion between frames, sum it up and remove those with too low motion
[21:58:27 CET] <klaxa> CFS-MP3: can try using 0:p:530:v and 0:p:530:a instead?
[21:58:41 CET] <klaxa> (at least according to the docs, the first parameter should be the input file, 0 for the first file)
[21:59:33 CET] <fritsch> azy: in general you can search for "optical flow" in google
[21:59:38 CET] <fritsch> that will get you further
[22:01:30 CET] <Silicium> hi there
[22:01:52 CET] <Silicium> how can i configure/build ffmpeg with all en/decoders enabled?
[22:02:29 CET] <CFS-MP3> klaxa same thing
[22:02:30 CET] <CFS-MP3> Stream mapping:
[22:02:30 CET] <CFS-MP3>   Stream #0:21 -> #0:0 (mpeg2video (native) -> h264 (libx264))
[22:02:30 CET] <CFS-MP3>   Stream #0:21 -> #0:1 (mpeg2video (native) -> h264 (libx264))
[22:03:35 CET] <klaxa> that's pretty weird, i would now assume it's bug, however i don't see "p" in the stream specifiers, but maybe i'm looking at the wrong docs
[22:04:04 CET] <klaxa> oh there it is
[22:04:59 CET] <klaxa> https://trac.ffmpeg.org/wiki/Map#Example8
[22:05:04 CET] <klaxa> maybe try the other id thing?
[22:06:12 CET] <klaxa> so in your case i:0x65 and i:0x67 afaict
[22:33:56 CET] <DocMAX> i would like to play a movie... stream the video to another pc, play audio localy. is this possibe?
[22:34:02 CET] <CFS-MP3> klaxa yes, using IDs work OK... it's just the generic selectors that are broken
[22:34:18 CET] <CFS-MP3> well, :v works OK, but both :a and :s return the video too
[22:38:26 CET] <klaxa> looking at the page i linked it doesn't look like the stream specifiers support that many... specifications
[22:40:01 CET] <klaxa> DocMAX: i've been doing that with pulseaudio, it supports audio over network, not sure how else to do it
[22:42:59 CET] <c_14> DocMAX: there's plenty of ways to do it, but maintaining a/v sync is a pain
[22:43:24 CET] <DocMAX> is there oneliner in ffmpeg?
[22:43:50 CET] <c_14> i.e. ffmpeg -i video -f alsa default -c copy -an -f rtp://remotehost:5556
[22:43:57 CET] <DocMAX> ffmpeg video.mkv -v rtp://destination-server:1234 -a localsound?
[22:44:39 CET] <DocMAX> the video should be streamed
[22:44:47 CET] <DocMAX> the audio played localy
[22:44:48 CET] <c_14> yes, that's what the rtp does
[22:45:07 CET] <DocMAX> -f is the audio device?
[22:45:19 CET] <DocMAX> wait
[22:45:27 CET] <c_14> -f specifies the format
[22:45:42 CET] <c_14> -f alsa default, specifies ffmpeg should output audio on the default alsa device
[22:45:47 CET] <c_14> you can also use -f pulse default
[22:45:57 CET] <DocMAX> ah ok
[22:46:37 CET] <DocMAX> -an is?
[22:47:08 CET] <c_14> just deselects the audio so it sends the audio on the rtp output
[22:47:21 CET] <c_14> you can also do -map 0:v instead
[22:47:37 CET] <DocMAX> i dont need the auto on rtp
[22:47:42 CET] <DocMAX> audio
[22:48:09 CET] <c_14> precisely
[22:48:24 CET] <DocMAX> just deselects the audio so it sends the audio on the rtp output
[22:48:35 CET] <DocMAX> NOT send the audio to rtp
[22:48:37 CET] <c_14> deselects so that it doesn't
[22:48:45 CET] <DocMAX> ok
[22:48:45 CET] <c_14> Forgot the doesn't there
[22:49:13 CET] <kerio> DocMAX: ffmpeg is kinda weird
[22:49:17 CET] <kerio> you should read that as
[22:49:43 CET] <DocMAX> do you know the output device on windows?
[22:49:47 CET] <DocMAX> sdl2?
[22:50:09 CET] <kerio> ffmpeg (-i video.whatever) (-f alsa default) (-c copy -an rtp://whatever)
[22:51:05 CET] <kerio> DocMAX: try ffmpeg -formats
[22:51:30 CET] <DocMAX> you mean ffmpeg -devices?
[22:51:35 CET] <c_14> I'm not sure ffmpeg has a windows audio output device
[22:51:54 CET] <kerio> -f dshow
[22:52:00 CET] <kerio> wait that's input
[22:52:12 CET] <c_14> DocMAX: check ffmpeg -devices
[22:52:18 CET] <DocMAX> sdl,sdl2        SDL2 output device
[22:56:29 CET] <DocMAX> ffmpeg -i "video.mkv" -f sdl2 default -c copy -an -f rtp://game:1234       just opens a video on local machine!
[22:56:46 CET] <DocMAX> i dont want to see video there
[22:57:34 CET] <c_14> try ffmpeg -i video.mkv -vn -f sdl2 default [..]
[22:58:28 CET] <DocMAX> Output file #0 does not contain any stream
[22:59:00 CET] <DocMAX> ffmpeg -i "video.mkv" -vn -f sdl2 default -c copy -an -f rtp://game:1234
[22:59:09 CET] <c_14> yeah, not sure ffmpeg's sdl device supports audio
[23:06:13 CET] <DocMAX> how can i have 2 times -f switch?
[23:06:26 CET] <DocMAX> first is audio second is video?
[23:06:30 CET] <c_14> yes
[23:06:33 CET] <c_14> 2 separate outputs
[23:07:28 CET] <DocMAX> on first -f we disable video and on second -f we disable audio right?
[23:08:02 CET] <c_14> yes
[23:08:37 CET] <_corrupt> yeah i've done it with pulse before too. in linux.
[23:08:48 CET] <_corrupt> i'd think bluetooth would be good too
[23:17:50 CET] <DocMAX> Output #0, sdl,sdl2, to 'default':
[23:17:50 CET] <DocMAX> Output file #0 does not contain any stream
[23:18:17 CET] <DocMAX>  ffmpeg -i video.mkv -vn -f sdl2 default -c copy -f rtp://game:1234
[23:18:26 CET] <DocMAX> i need the sound
[23:18:48 CET] <DocMAX> is "default" the right one?
[23:20:33 CET] <deweydb> hey guys, i've got a strange off by 2 pixel issue i can't figure out. i'm trying to add black bars to a video to force the output to 16:9 aspect ratio.  i'm using: -i input.mp4 -vf pad='ih*16/9:ih:(ow-iw)/2:(oh-ih)/2' output.mp4
[23:20:44 CET] <deweydb> and i'm off by 2 px
[23:20:47 CET] <deweydb> [Parsed_pad_0 @ 0xe73240] Input area 0:0:854:480 not within the padded area 0:0:852:480 or zero-sized
[23:20:47 CET] <deweydb> [Parsed_pad_0 @ 0xe73240] Failed to configure input pad on Parsed_pad_0
[23:21:14 CET] <deweydb> is this just a rounding error? or?
[23:21:16 CET] <c_14> DocMAX: Like I said, I'm not sure ffmpeg's sdl device supports audio
[23:24:05 CET] <mosb3rg> on Raspbian on Raspberry Pi 3 is a build of ffmpeg in that repo
[23:26:03 CET] <deweydb> nm i figured it out, kinda, my input video is actually too wide to be padded.
[23:26:04 CET] <DocMAX> if i use ffplay it uses sdl
[23:39:43 CET] <DocMAX> SDL (Simple DirectMedia Layer) output device.
[23:39:43 CET] <DocMAX> This output device allows one to show a video stream in an SDL window. Only one SDL window is allowed per application, so you can have only one instance of this output device in an application.
[23:39:49 CET] <DocMAX> no audio?
[23:40:06 CET] <JEEB> you should not be using that for any real usage
[23:40:15 CET] <JEEB> if you need a player, you use libvlc or libmpv
[23:40:44 CET] <DocMAX> i need to play audio locally and stream the video
[23:40:49 CET] <JEEB> the opengl or sdl things in libavdevice are not really comparable
[23:41:12 CET] <DocMAX> JEEB do you have any idea?
[23:41:25 CET] <DocMAX> i want to stream video but play audio locally
[23:41:38 CET] <JEEB> I would use libvlc or limpv if I needed any sort of real playback around. although libavdevice does have some audio outputs as well
[23:41:56 CET] <DocMAX> JEEB how is the commandline?
[23:41:59 CET] <c_14> JEEB: for windows?
[23:42:14 CET] <DocMAX> i have right now ffmpeg -i "video.mkv" -f sdl2 default -c copy -an -f rtp://game:1234
[23:42:24 CET] <kerio> does it work?
[23:42:45 CET] <JEEB> no idea for windows, but both of those real higher level things should work under windows as well
[23:53:20 CET] <pbos> Hi, I have an .ivf with broken timestamps, can I override timestamp info with ffplay or do I have to rewrite the file?
[23:53:38 CET] <pbos> vpxdec works too, but it's a bit of a pita to use two programs
[23:54:07 CET] <JEEB> just mux it into a container with proper timestamps?
[23:54:09 CET] <DocMAX> JEEB whats libvlc? a command line switch?
[23:54:50 CET] <JEEB> DocMAX: I thought you were developing your own application. libvlc and libmpv are libraries to build your own multimedia application which offer a more high-level interface to what the libraries provided by FFmpeg provide.
[23:55:08 CET] <DocMAX> no i'm using ffmpeg.exe
[23:55:44 CET] <pbos> JEEB: perfectly fine if the answer is "no, ffmpeg won't do it"
[23:56:21 CET] <JEEB> pbos: check if ffplay can use the setpts filter
[23:56:28 CET] <JEEB> video filter that is
[23:56:38 CET] <JEEB> that overrides the timestamps for that specific output
[23:56:45 CET] <pbos> think so, thanks that sounds right
[23:56:56 CET] <JEEB> but I would just mux it into a proper container (for VP8/9 that would be matroska)
[23:57:05 CET] <JEEB> where you could then specify the correct timestamps in that container
[23:57:15 CET] <JEEB> I think IVF has some timestamps but it's not a proper container per se
[23:57:30 CET] <pbos> IVF has timestamps but yamiencode (vaapi sample encoder) doesn't write them
[23:57:42 CET] <pbos> so they're all zero
[23:58:17 CET] <JEEB> hah
[23:58:44 CET] <JEEB> too bad ffmpeg cli doesn't let you set the frame rate when muxing easily
[23:58:50 CET] <JEEB> it has -r before -i but that doesn't work in most cases
[23:59:08 CET] <pbos> what unit is setpts in?
[00:00:00 CET] --- Sat Jan 14 2017

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