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[06:19:21 CEST] <thebombzen> do any codecs in FFmpeg support gbrapf32le other than rawvideo?
[06:36:40 CEST] <FunkyBob> so ... back again... with my issue of jumping to frame N of a video stream
[06:37:16 CEST] <FunkyBob> it seems the PTS value is... not usable as such :/
[12:34:40 CEST] <Questions> Quick question please anyone. Im trying to use FFmpegInterop within my Universal Windows Project: Does FFmpeg allow users to stream https urls?
[12:35:41 CEST] <Questions> Quick question please anyone. Im trying to use FFmpegInterop within my Universal Windows Project: Does FFmpeg allow users to stream https urls??
[12:55:17 CEST] <cart_man> Morning... Is there some way I can limit the pictures I extract out of a video to 2 or 3 per second?
[13:09:01 CEST] <Nacht> cart_man: You mean, as in taking a screenshot every nth second ?
[13:09:16 CEST] <cart_man> Well I would like it to take 3 shots per 1 second
[13:09:19 CEST] <cart_man> or 2 shots per 1 second
[13:09:44 CEST] <Nacht> I recon something like: "-vf fps=2/1"
[13:23:31 CEST] <bparticle> Hi there ffmpeg user support! I'm trying to encode a series of images to a video and I run into a problem that I can't find anywhere else
[13:24:30 CEST] <bparticle> I have a list of images namef output0001.jpg output0002.jpg etc.
[13:25:56 CEST] <bparticle> Any command I run to make these into images, ffmpeg asks me if I want to overwrite the actual source images. When I comply, then I end up with all the images being overwritten by the first image
[13:27:35 CEST] <Nacht> bparticle: Are you making images->video or video->images. Cause you're saying both now
[13:28:17 CEST] <Nacht> bparticle: Also, what is the command you're running ?
[13:28:38 CEST] <bparticle> I just figured it out..! I swear I tried to make it work for the last two days, now I got it
[13:29:15 CEST] <bparticle> it was my usage of %3d to source the files
[14:49:59 CEST] <pgorley> hi, what does --enable-libdrm do? didn't vaapi already use drm if it was available?
[14:51:25 CEST] <JEEB> configure:kmsgrab_indev_deps="libdrm"
[14:51:32 CEST] <JEEB> it's for the KMS screen capture
[14:51:35 CEST] <JEEB> not vaapi
[14:52:11 CEST] <pgorley> oh, thanks
[14:59:32 CEST] <jkqxz> If you use the libraries then it enables the DRM hwcontext stuff, including DRM-to-VAAPI mapping.  kmsgrab is the only directly visible component, though.
[15:01:11 CEST] <pgorley> how does it compare to xcb screen grab?
[15:04:30 CEST] <jkqxz> It's trickier to use and only works on some hardware/kernel setups.  On the other hand, it doesn't depend on X, so it can capture Wayland and VTs as well (including transitions between them).
[15:05:09 CEST] <jkqxz> Also, in combination with VAAPI mapping it can capture the screen using ~zero CPU.
[15:29:50 CEST] <kerio> can anyone think of a way to make ffmpeg drop exact duplicate frames?
[15:30:24 CEST] <kerio> mpduplicate with a "hi" parameter of 0 kinda does the job but it will not deal with gray16le video
[15:30:36 CEST] <kerio> er, mpdecimate
[15:32:42 CEST] <kerio> alternatively, can I tell the fps filter not to insert duplicate frames?
[15:32:59 CEST] <kerio> all I want is to round the timestamps to a specific frame rate
[15:49:27 CEST] <pgorley> thanks, jkqxz, i'll keep that in mind for later
[19:25:17 CEST] <Ober> are there any good frontends to ffmpeg for less technically inclined mac users?
[19:27:22 CEST] <Mavrik> Handbrake I guess?
[19:34:30 CEST] <Ober> is it free?
[19:36:01 CEST] <Ober> thanks
[22:52:18 CEST] <FishPencil> Does FFmpeg have anything that can detect the amount of noise in a given clip? I have some media with more noise than others, but I'd like to denoise them to roughly the same output
[23:03:44 CEST] <durandal_170> FishPencil: bitplanenoise filter
[23:05:04 CEST] <Ober> nice. are tehre any ml plugins to help identify what is in a video?
[23:15:08 CEST] <FishPencil> How do I actually use bitplanenoise? '-t 60 -vf bitplanenoise -f null -' doesn't give any info
[23:36:33 CEST] <FishPencil> line 190 is telling me it's going to the metadata, but I don't see anything for it when it's done https://github.com/FFmpeg/FFmpeg/blob/master/libavfilter/vf_bitplanenoise.c#L190
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