[Ffmpeg-devel] valgrind error in decoding jpeg files

Luca Ognibene luogni
Mon Jul 4 16:40:45 CEST 2005

Hi! First thanks for all your work!
I've a valgrind error while decoding a single jpeg files. 
I'm using gstreamer but i've reproduced the error with a simple
test case (mainly copied from apiexample.c). 
btw, the image is decoded fine :) 

Test case: www.freedesktop.org/~skaboy/decodejpeg.c
Simple image: http://www.freedesktop.org/~skaboy/simple.jpeg
command used to test: valgrind --num-callers=15 ./apiexample /home/luogni/simple.jpeg

Video decoding
==6303== Conditional jump or move depends on uninitialised value(s)
==6303==    at 0x1BA04B37: decode_block (bitstream.h:577)
==6303==    by 0x1BA0485A: mjpeg_decode_scan (mjpeg.c:1426)
==6303==    by 0x1BA033E2: mjpeg_decode_sos (mjpeg.c:1564)
==6303==    by 0x1BA0206A: mjpeg_decode_frame (mjpeg.c:1948)
==6303==    by 0x1B9D75B4: avcodec_decode_video (utils.c:621)
==6303==    by 0x80496CA: video_decode_example (in
==6303==    by 0x80498F4: main (in

versions used:
i can reproduce it on debian sarge. (gcc 3.3.5, valgrind 2.4.0, 
ffmpeg cvs from 5 minutes ago)

I hope this can be usefull


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