[Ffmpeg-devel] Segfault when encoding MPEG with MMX support

Tobias Grimm listaccount
Sun Jul 10 23:57:51 CEST 2005

Some more information:

For Debian mpegvideo_mmx_template.c is modified for PIC. Maybe the
problem is caused there.

When compiling I get this warning:

i386/mpegvideo_mmx_template.c: In Funktion ?dct_quantize_MMX?:
i386/mpegvideo_mmx_template.c:156: Warnung: use of memory input without
lvalue in asm operand 2 is deprecated

And thats the code in question, starting with line 156. The "#if
defined(PIC)"-Parts are the modifications for the Debian package.

        asm volatile(
            "movd %%"REG_a", %%mm3        \n\t" // last_non_zero_p1
            "pxor %%mm7, %%mm7            \n\t" // 0
            "pxor %%mm4, %%mm4            \n\t" // 0
            "mov $-128, %%"REG_a"        \n\t"
            ".balign 16                \n\t"
            "1:                    \n\t"
            "pxor %%mm1, %%mm1            \n\t" // 0
            "movq (%1, %%"REG_a"), %%mm0    \n\t" // block[i]
            "pcmpgtw %%mm0, %%mm1        \n\t" // block[i] <= 0 ? 0xFF :
            "pxor %%mm1, %%mm0            \n\t"
            "psubw %%mm1, %%mm0            \n\t" // ABS(block[i])
            "movq (%3, %%"REG_a"), %%mm6    \n\t" // bias[0]
            "paddusw %%mm6, %%mm0        \n\t" // ABS(block[i]) + bias[0]
#if defined(PIC) && !defined(ARCH_X86_64)
            "push %%"REG_a"            \n\t"
            "movl %2, %%"REG_a"            \n\t"
            "movq (%%"REG_a", %%"REG_a"), %%mm5    \n\t" // qmat[i]
            "pop %%"REG_a"            \n\t"
            "movq (%2, %%"REG_a"), %%mm5        \n\t" // qmat[i]
            "pmulhw %%mm5, %%mm0        \n\t" // (ABS(block[i])*qmat[0]
+ bias[0]*qmat[0])>>16
            "por %%mm0, %%mm4            \n\t"
            "pxor %%mm1, %%mm0            \n\t"
            "psubw %%mm1, %%mm0            \n\t" //
out=((ABS(block[i])*qmat[0] - bias[0]*qmat[0])>>16)*sign(block[i])
            "movq %%mm0, (%5, %%"REG_a")    \n\t"
            "pcmpeqw %%mm7, %%mm0        \n\t" // out==0 ? 0xFF : 0x00
            "movq (%4, %%"REG_a"), %%mm1        \n\t"
            "movq %%mm7, (%1, %%"REG_a")        \n\t" // 0
            "pandn %%mm1, %%mm0            \n\t"
        PMAXW(%%mm0, %%mm3)
            "add $8, %%"REG_a"            \n\t"
            " js 1b                \n\t"
            "movq %%mm3, %%mm0            \n\t"
            "psrlq $32, %%mm3            \n\t"
        PMAXW(%%mm0, %%mm3)
            "movq %%mm3, %%mm0            \n\t"
            "psrlq $16, %%mm3            \n\t"
        PMAXW(%%mm0, %%mm3)
            "movd %%mm3, %%"REG_a"        \n\t"
            "movzb %%al, %%"REG_a"        \n\t" // last_non_zero_p1
        : "+a" (last_non_zero_p1)
#if defined(PIC) && !defined(ARCH_X86_64)
            : "r" (block+64), "m" (qmat+64), "r" (bias+64),
            : "r" (block+64), "r" (qmat+64), "r" (bias+64),
              "r" (inv_zigzag_direct16+64), "r" (temp_block+64)

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