[Ffmpeg-devel] how to handel pts

Patrick Fischer patrick_fischer
Fri Jul 15 17:10:22 CEST 2005

Hello group!

>>pts : 2099007527
>>pts : 2099047527
>>pts : 2099207527
>>pts : 2099127527
>>pts : 2099167527
>>pts : 2099327527
>Those numbers look like timestamps in microseconds, with a 40000 us interval,
>some reordering, and some missing (which is fine).
You are right.
It look like 40000us intervals, but it is not the definition of pts.

>>In most Programms the pts is given in this format:
>That's just formatting.
I know it is a kind of formatting.
either my formatting or my pts interpretation is wrong.
mybe anybody can teel me how to read, formate and print the rigth pts.

Best regards,

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