[Ffmpeg-devel] cvs regression

Hans Zandbelt Hans.Zandbelt
Thu Jul 21 10:23:43 CEST 2005

> so, I think we should somehow detect that the connection 
> cannot be made 
> via ipv6,
> and try it then in ipv4. I think the current code only tried 
> ipv6, then 
> if that was unsuccessfull,
> then does not try connecting in ipv4.

Yep, as described in rfc1123, section 2.3, it's SHOULD behaviour
and you are right about this; I'll make a patch that
add this behaviour (and I'll ask you to test it).

One could also ask the question wether the DNS entry
for IPv6 is correct if the host doesn't support
IPv6 ;-) (compare it to a false A record)

Note that the SDP file does not specify DNS names, nor any
IPv6 adresses but I guess the localhost address (for binding
the local socket returned first) is an IPv6 one.
So I guess this is something that you can change in your
local /etc/resolv.conf?
Could you please confirm this behaviour so we know that this 
analysis is right?



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