[Ffmpeg-devel] packetized mpeg4 video decode error

mike lee mikelee
Thu Jul 21 13:38:26 CEST 2005

>IIRC rtp_payload_size should be > 0 if rtp_mode != 0
    I just try rtp_payload_size=RTP_MAX_PACKET_LENGTH , but badly it
make things worse. Receiver seems fail to decode all I_TYPE frame and
displaying only P_TYPE frame.
    From the coding, when i set rtp_mode and rtp_payload_size, the
avcodec add video_packet_header before the video packet frame. But,
according to rfc3016, if resync_marker is set we should add the VOP
header in front of the first rtp packet but not VP header. Do i make any
things wrong?
    By the way what is the usage of CODEC_FLAG_PART?

Thanks for helping , Michael


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