[Ffmpeg-devel] ffmpeg & postprocess_internal.h (colorspace issue)

Kris A. Wotipka kris
Sat Jul 23 05:10:42 CEST 2005

thanks to all for the responses.  Am I correct to assume that what I
posted about the postprocess_internal file is off base?  It really does
look like this would do or start the ball rolling on what I need to do.

I have kinda sorta done this with transcode using the gamma correction
version.  The problem with that is that it is a very sloppy way to do it
and does not address the problem correctly.

Somewhere that has to be a way to deal with this issue.  Maybe I am just
missing the boat here?  Here are some of the issues I face:

VOB file to Pinnacle Edit suite compatable file (AVI or MPEG).  Pinnacle
wants an interlaced file here.  If the vob was created in a digital
format (ie. commercial DVD) then it looks fine in Pinnacle.  However, if
the DVD was created with an analog source (ie.  NTSC composite input to
a DVD Recorder) then it is very dark.

Likewise all material out of the Pinnacle or vob files have the
potential to be over exposed when played back through the NTSC MPEG2
playback device where the whites are actually 140% above legal limit.
(MPEG2>NTSC composite video).

Thanks for the info on the:

ffmpeg -i <input> -f rawvideo - | ffmpeg -f rawvideo -s <size> -pix_fmt 
yuvj420p -i - -y <out>

I can kind of see where this is going but where the heck did the 
-pix_fmt and yuvj430p come from?  Neither of these are in the docs that 
I have with FFMPEG.  Do I need to update docs?  WHERE can I find this info?

Thanks for the patience.


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