[Ffmpeg-devel] versions, ABIs and sonames

Michael Niedermayer michaelni
Wed Jul 27 02:59:25 CEST 2005


On Saturday 23 July 2005 01:00, Michael Niedermayer wrote:
> Hi
> would there be some interrest in having nice standard a.b.c versions for
> each lib (libavformat, libavcodec, libpostproc)?
> so that an increase of
> c means no binary compatibility breakage
> b means backward compatibility (added function, ...)
> a means no compatibility (function removial, ...)
> and just to clarify, yes for cvs not the yearly releases, the later would
> be pointless as they always break compatiblity entirely
> if theres some interrest then ill change the meaning of the current
> LIBAV*_BUILD number from integer to aabbcc 3 element version vector or do
> we need more then 100 of each?

proposed patch attached (will be applied if noone objects)
there are 2 maybe controversical changes in it
1. the versions start at 49.0.0, why? thats because insreasing a 0 to 1 or a 1 
to 2 is much harder for some then increasing a 49 to 50 :)
2. the ident strings ("Lavc1.2.3" / "Lavf1.2.3") are not compatible to the 
current ones ("FFmpegCVSb1234" / "FFmpegCVSb4321") why do i suggest such a 
* the current strings are ambiguous as the lavf and lavc are identical except 
the build number
* the ffmpeg version "CVS", "0.4.9pre1", ... really doesnt belong in there not 
to mention that the pre1 and CVS strings broke even our own parser
* i dont see any big problem with changing the ident format, the only thing it 
could break are encoder bug workarounds in some player, but that would mean 
that someone knows about a bug and didnt report it ....

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