[Ffmpeg-devel] Adaptive Streaming???

Ravi Chandra Nallan ravi.nallan
Fri Jul 29 08:03:39 CEST 2005

I need some knowledge on what comprises of Adaptive Streaming.
I have been hearing this for quite some time, especially in the context of 
network bandwidth adaptation.
I wanted to know if the file would be re-encoded to a different bit rate for 
network adaptation or a portion of it.
coz, if the whole whole is encoded, as for the network congestion, the next 
stream of packets may need to be encoded in a different rate, hence the 
original encoding may not be useful.

Also as one has sent the previous packets ( of the same file) in different 
rate, and the current packet in different rate, will there be a continuity 
Also how can one decide which packet to send when the encoding rates have 
I am confused as how all this fits into place, esp coz all this need to be 
done in real time and the re-encoding process is quite time taking?
I am experimenting with ogg format, and any one has answers specific to this 
Can one re-encode a signle page instead of re-encoding the complete file??


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