[Ffmpeg-devel] GCC 4 Compiler warnings

Kent Williams norman-k-williams
Fri Jul 29 20:45:09 CEST 2005

Hi! I'm new to messing around with ffmpeg, but I have built it and have 
2 questions

1. I've checked out the CVS version, and grabbed the x264 library. I 
built the x264 library, and installed it in a local 'target tree' --
i.e. x264 is configured with 'configure --prefix=/scratch/opt/video.' 

In most autoconf projects, if you define LDFLAGS before the configure 
you can add -L commands, in this case I'd need -L/scratch/opt/video/lib 
added to the ffpmeg link line before -lx264, but the configure/Makefile 
for ffmpeg ignore LDFLAGS.

So the question is WHERE is x264 supposed to live surch that ffmpeg can 
link to it?

2. There are several hundred warnings reported by gcc4.  Most of them 
can be silenced with trivial changes that won't affect the code 
generated.  Does anyone care about these?  Should I try and fix them and 
submit a patch?

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