[Ffmpeg-devel] [PATCH] libavutil - splitting parts from libavcodec

Michael Niedermayer michaelni
Sun Jul 31 13:45:27 CEST 2005


On Sunday 31 July 2005 12:04, Alexander Strasser wrote:
> > > and please remove all the version & build defines from libavutil unless
> > > they are needed for something (didnt notice anything) these can be
> > > added later when we decided what to do with the libavcodec/format
> > > versioning
> >
> >   Ok, they are not yet needed. I removed them. But despite that
> > i left the FFMPEG_VERSION* #defines in avutil.h .
> >   They seem to be common to all av libs. And as libavutil is meant
> > to be independent from the others but the other two depend on it,
> > this common information should be in libavutil.
> >   I mean if it gets changed it is already in the right place and
> > libavutil will need some indentification stuff too at some point.
> > Please correct me if I am wrong.
>   Ok, this was a wrong prediction. I'll update the files/patch as
> soon as i get to it after the commit of the new version&build code.

libavutil/ 	created
integer.{c,h}  	copied from libavcodec to libavutil
rational.{c,h}	copied from libavcodec to libavutil
common.h 	copied from libavcodec to libavutil
bswap.h 	copied from libavcodec to libavutil
eval.c 		copied from libavcodec to libavutil

feel free to cvs commit/cvs remove stuff as needed unless i forgot some 
copiing of course

note, i also copied eval.c which IMHO also belongs to libavutil

PS: maybe i should also move utils.c -> mathematics.c, iam not sure though it 
would preserve a little cvs history but its messy as mathematics.c is only a 
very small part of utils.c


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