[Ffmpeg-devel] Parallel mpeg4/h264 decoding in same process

Dario Souza dario
Wed Jun 1 21:50:00 CEST 2005

> As in
> http://clapcrest.free.fr/revol/beos/
> shot_FFDecoders_bad_multithreading.png
> ?

I can't see the original, but I assure mine looks very blurry (similar to
Besides, ffmpeg spits a lot of garbage in stderr, warning about bad parsing,
etc... All I have to do is stop one transmission, and everything is ok.
Moreover, if I save the decoder's streams in disk, I can playback them
properly, one at a time of course. I'll do more tests, though.

> > 2) If I move the static variables that I suspect to be shared among
> > the
> > decoding operations, is there a chance to patch it into repository?
> Yes please.
> Note some static variables are const tables though, those shouldn't
> need to be moved.

Yes, I realize, that's what's difficult about. I am pretty sure I have seen
static arrays being assigned, that *may* be context dependent.
I'll do my best.

> Fran?ois.


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