[Ffmpeg-devel] H.264 Decode

Stephen Henry Stephen.Henry
Thu Jun 2 12:26:59 CEST 2005

Hi all,

This may seem like a strange request but in any case I was hoping that
somebody out there could help me. I would like to take ffmpeg's h.264
decode code and execute it independently, without going through the
usual initialization procedures in ffmpeg.c etc. I would like to strip
as much functionality from the ffmpeg.exe executable so that it only
decodes h.264 bitstreams. I'm not interested too much in the container
libraries or the output formats available. In essence, what I would like
to achieve would be to have a simple main() function that provides a NAL
stream to decode_frame and receive a AVPicture at the output; a bare
minimum system only capable of transforming a raw NAL stream, like the
output of the reference model and convert it to YUV (effectively
emulating what the H.264 reference model does).

To do this however, I have to initialise the AVCodecContext before it is
passed to the decoder, but it appears to be quite an involved process
and I would rather find a way of achieving my goal without having to
reverse engineer the code in question. Any suggestions?


Stephen Henry

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