[Ffmpeg-devel] [PATCH] Apple Video Encoder (rpza)

Mike Melanson mike
Sun Jun 5 21:10:03 CEST 2005

Todd Kirby wrote:
> Yeah, that's what my target was. I needed something that could play on
> even the oldest version of Quicktime Player. I used your excellent
> description of the rpza format at...
> http://www.pcisys.net/~melanson/codecs/
> ...as a guide. I notice this document not there anymore. If you've
> moved it, let me know and I'll change my link in the source.

	The document is located @ multimedia.cx. I need to update all of those 
description links. BTW, credit where credit is due: The excellent RPZA 
description was the work of one Roberto T.

	-Mike Melanson

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