[Ffmpeg-devel] Image blurs in case of packet loss when using h.263 codec

Zhang Yong z-yong163
Sat Jun 11 15:43:45 CEST 2005


Thank you for your reply.
But I am not familiar with RTP/RTSP very much (it includes a lot of RFC
docs...) I am wondering how it resolves this issue? Using retransmission to
prevent packet loss? I am using the frame rate of 15 frames/sec to capture
the video, is it enough? Please forgive me for this foolish question...

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Zhang Yong wrote:
> Dear all,
> Recently, I am trying to use libavcodec to develop a network video
> application under Windows. Because it is a video conferencing application,
> chose the h.263 codec, and used the UDP transport protocol to transfer the
> encoded data on the network. But since UDP is not a reliable protocol,
> whenever packet loss occurs, there are serious image blurs on the decoded
> image of the receiver.
> The blurred image is *attached*. I don't know whether this is an inherent
> property of the h.263 codec. If so, how can I avoid image blurs in case of
> packet loss? I have been tangled with this issue for about two weeks. It
> will be very appreciated if anybody could help me out. Thanks.

Use rtp/rtsp and make sure you send often enough
keyframes/syncpoints/nameithowyouwant, that may help but not solve the



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