[Ffmpeg-devel] sorenson 3?

Marcus Engene ffmpeg
Mon Jun 13 09:32:53 CEST 2005


I'm sorry if this is a recurring subject.

Sorenson3 seems to be very good but somehow limited to Mac-users. Is 
Sorenson3 being worked on or what is the situation there?

I've been thinking, some companies (forgot all names) provide Wrapper 
Environment for (some typs of) drivers not supported on Linux. Would it 
be any point in introducing support for this in ffmpeg? Eg:

ffmpeg -i someinfile -acodec we:sorenson3 banan.mov

Having some layer providing consistant i/f to ffmpeg (compare with vfs 
layer in linux) and have small adapter code for each driver.

Yes, having OS code all the way is best, but if none is finished, I'd 
rather pay a couple of $ to get it.

Best regards,

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