[Ffmpeg-devel] mpeg transport streams

Marcus Hunger marcus.hunger
Mon Jun 13 11:13:45 CEST 2005

Am 3 Jun 2005 um 15:25 hat Fabrice Bellard geschrieben:

> Hi,
> I made a patch to generate correct TS with PCRs, but the PCRs are still 
> not accurate (they are accurate enough for my application). I think it 
> is better if I commit it before a better patch from Marcus Hunger goes 
> in, as it is rather non intrusive.

I looked again into my changes of mpegts.h. According to the moving of some structs to 
it I would like you to consider of applying these. The reason I moved them to mpegts.h 
was the existence of a struct MpegTSService in both, mpegts.c and mpegtsenc.c. Not 
being exactly the same, they were quite similar so in my eyes it makes sense to unify 
them and put them into a .h. The other structs followed because of depency issues. But 
again, moving them to a .h doesn't hurt or brake anything.

I agree in removing my changes to the demux. Especially when there's a discussion on 
that issue on another thread.

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