[Ffmpeg-devel] feeding ffmpeg on the fly

Marcelo Manzato manzato81
Mon Jun 13 15:36:17 CEST 2005


I want to know if it is possible to feed a ffmpeg
conversion at the time a file is being created by
another program. I mean, I'm working with mp4live,
which is capturing and recording a mp4 video to a
shared folder hosted by another computer. At the same
time, I want to start ffmpeg at this computer to do
some conversions (such as size, bitrate and framerate
adaptations). These conversions must be done in real
time, because the file(s) generated by ffmpeg will be
live-accessed by clients (using Darwin Streaming
Server which accesses these files by previously
generated sdp files).

My goal is to create a live content-based adaptation
mechanism so that clients with less process power can
access video without any problem. Because of this, the
parameters of the conversion will be passed to ffmpeg
as soon as the client requests for some video with a
specific configuration (so, I cannot specify staticaly
a set of configurations to be generated by ffmpeg, it
will have to be done on the fly)  

I have tried once using raw data produced by mp4live,
I started the capturing and recording job, and then, I
started the ffmpeg conversion. But I realized that
ffmpeg seems to be faster then the broadcaster, so it
finishes the conversion without waiting for more data.
Is there a better way to do that without changing the
source code of ffmpeg? 

Any ideas will be apreciated. Thanks very much.

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