[Ffmpeg-devel] openh323/h263 patch update/integration cont

Peter Robinson pbrobinson
Thu Jun 16 18:47:57 CEST 2005

Hi All,

In a follow up to Brandon's email of a couple of days ago, I'm looking
to work with him to get the openh323/ffmpeg patch updated to the
currnt codebase with the eventual aim of getting it integrated. I,
like Simon, have only a little C++ but I'm going to start the process.
I have a couple of queries for the maintainers/list.

Firstly there's quite a number of spelling/grammar fixes throughout
the patch. Are you interested in them or should I just drop them? If
you are is it OK to submit all those fixes as a patch on their own
against the current CVS to get them out of the way so they're not
muddling up my diffs?

At first look some of the problems applying the patch are as a result
of code being moved around so that's not so bad but other bits are due
to changes to variables in functions etc. If there's questions that I
can't answer by looking at (18 months or so) cvs changes is the best
spot for queries/feedback on this list?


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