[Ffmpeg-devel] Re: Problems encoding H264 with a MP4 / MOV container with ffmpeg

bond b-o-n-d
Thu Jun 16 21:41:52 CEST 2005

> Yes.  It does not create the avcC atom required.  This is 14496-15,
>, AVCDecoderConfigurationRecord.  It's basically got the 1st 3
> bytes of the seq paramaeter set, then all the sequence and parameter
> lists.
> For Quicktime, the seq and parameter sets should not be in the bitstream,
> but only in the avcC.

ffmpeg/libavformat has a lot of problems with producing correct mp4 files,
even with part2

from my point of view i think ffmpeg doesnt include any code really aiming
at supporting part15 of the mpeg-4 standard (avc file format)

the open issues for part2 have been summarized by me here:

there are some very drastic issues among them, and i dont have the feeling
that there is anyone around wanting to fix them (check the date of my bug


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